Difference Between IFTTT and Hootsuite

With the rapid advancement of technology and automation of gadgets and tasks like never before. There are now various tools in the market to help the average person automate their tasks, manage their social media, and even control their home/office devices in a customized manner with the click of a few buttons or rather touches on their smartphones.


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Key Takeaways

IFTTT vs Hootsuite

The difference between IFTTT and Hootsuite is their area of service. IFTTT strives to make its users life easier by helping them automating tasks and just navigate through everyday life effortlessly. While Hootsuite helps the user to maintain their social media platforms help them, increase their reach or perfect their socials for the consumer base.

IFTTT vs Hootsuite

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IFTT(If This, Then That) is a web-based application that allows the user to connect to all different applications and devices and then create a “trigger” (This) which in turn allows for an “action”(That). It is compatible with most internet services from social media, lifestyle applications, educational applications, and many more.

Hootsuite on the other hand is mostly focused on social media and social media management, from posts to responses on the same.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonIFTTTHootsuite
What it offersLet’s the user create applets/recipes with which they can automate tasks. It works as a bridge between two apps, for example saving receipts to Evernote or to be notified via a text message about the changing weather conditions.The official website of Hootsuite states that they allow their users to create and publish, engage, monitor, advertise, and analyze all their social media platforms.
BenefitsFor the everyday user, it’s a huge library of applets, both customized and predetermined makes the tasks more engaging and futuristic. For businesses, the sheer volume of apps, voice services, and even Bots are a blessing.The user can keep track of their or their brand’s performance, get notified about the number of clicks, top referrals, most popular links. It provides plans for professionals(freelancers), teams, and businesses.
PriceIt is free. Though there is a Pro version newly launched, which comes at an affordable price range.Hootsuite does have a free plan, but it’s very limiting, with only 3 social channels, and 30 scheduled posts, and can only have 1 user. But there are different tiers of plans to choose from depending on the need.
Customers Small businesses and freelancers.It provides plans for professionals(freelancers), teams, and businesses.
PerformanceIt may take some time between applets, and it may be a tad bit difficult for some to create new recipes if they are not well versed with the interface.The connection between Hootsuite and social media platforms may drop at times, which causes the app to lag. The interface is not the best, it is neither user friendly nor most modern. Some times the predetermined posts may seem unformatted or the pictures less perfect.

What is IFTTT?

This web-based service seems right out of a sci-fi novel. When it entered the physical world via the integration of Belkin Wemo devices with the Internet of Things, with its vast array of application integration, applets both customizable and in-built, and many other similar features, it is the perfect cloud service for the 21st century.

It even allows a person to run or create a simple program with its API without having to write any computer code.

A few of the most popular applets include making simultaneous posts on social media, use Alexa to control lights or other electrical appliances around the house, automatically make a spreadsheet of the contacts on your phone on google, syn any health app from Fitbit or Nike to the iOS health app.

With the simplicity of usage comes a few disadvantages, there is no multi-step support, that is to say, one trigger will allow only one response.

However, with IFTTT pro launched this year, they are looking to change that and also reduce the response time. Also, the inbuilt applets may malfunction sometimes though there are alternatives to most.


What is Hootsuite?

This application acts both as a social media analyzer and a posting Bot. The publish feature allows the user to see beforehand how the post will look once it goes up on different social media platforms.

It enables the user to create traffic-rich content via real-time audience insights and feedback from the customers. It also helps the user to interact with their consumer base by timing their interactions and responses.

The user can analyze their performance and improve based on their goal. Hootsuite also provides graphs and charts of performance, consumer base, and summarizes the result for the user.

The different tiers provide various categories of services, for example, the business plan helps the user to assign user roles, view team statics, and audit trail few things which are not available for the Team tier.

The major con seems to be the pricing of the different tiers. Few of its services are even better on other free platforms and that seems to be a major drawback.


Main Differences Between IFTTT and Hootsuite

  1. The main difference between the two is their area of service. While Hootsuite is exclusive to just the social media platforms, IFTTT is broader and just offers much more in terms of services.
  2. IFTTT has a lot of third-party app integration compared to Hootsuite.
  3. Hootsuite is available on Android, iPhone/iPad, Windows Mobile, and Web-based versions whereas IFTTT offers all this and more which includes MAC, windows, and Linux.
  4. The consumer base supported by Hootsuite is larger than IFTTT, they are capable of serving large enterprises and medium businesses, whereas for the latter it is best suited for micro-businesses and freelancers.
  5. The consumer base supported by Hootsuite is larger than IFTTT, they are capable of serving large enterprises and medium businesses, whereas for the latter it is best suited for micro-businesses and freelancers.
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