Ivory vs Champagne: Difference and Comparison

Both ivory and champagne are known to be very classy, romantic, and subtle colors. Brides and Bridegrooms prefer of these colors over white color.

Key Takeaways

  1. Ivory is a pale, creamy shade of white with yellow undertones, whereas champagne is a light golden hue with hints of beige or pink.
  2. Ivory is associated with elegance and sophistication, while champagne exudes warmth and luxury.
  3. Both colors are popular for weddings, with ivory being a more traditional choice for bridal gowns and champagne being a popular option for bridesmaid dresses and wedding decor.

Ivory vs Champagne

Ivory is a pale creamy white color, and the term “Ivory” is also used to describe the ivory tusks of elephants. Champagne is a light beige color with a slight tint of a yellow and brown earthy tone.

Ivory vs Champagne

This shade is denoted as off-white and has its name from the tusks of the elephants used in the 1300s and used to date. The warmth of the added yellow-in-white evokes a feeling of calmness and tranquillity.

Champagne color mostly imparts a very positive vibe evoking an extreme feeling of joy. It gets its name from the very popular alcoholic beverage called champagne.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonIvoryChampagne
Relation to colors
The ivory color is off-white.
Champagne color has a little yellowish tone.
Less elegant compared to champagne.
More elegant compared to ivory.
Meanings denoted by the colors
The ivory color stands for denoting sureness and grace of purity.
Champagne color mainly denotes a vintage feel.
Derivation of names
Ivory color gets its name from the tusk of the elephants.
Champagne color gets its name from the beverage Champagne itself.
The ivory color is considered to be more dramatic.
Champagne is considered to be a conservative color.
Preference of the brides and bridegrooms
Ivory is mostly preferred by couples.
People marrying for the second time choose champagne.
Wedding seasons
Ivory is chosen for weddings which take place mostly during spring or fall.
The champagne color is mostly preferred for weddings during winter.

What is Ivory?

Ivory is mainly an off-white color that can be obtained by mixing a touch of yellow with white. It is a white shade with a tint of yellow, and some even say peach or cream.

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Ivory is such a shade of white color which has great versatility. Ivory was used as a color in English for the first time in 1987.

ivory color

What is Champagne?

Champagne is a color that can be formed by blending yellow, orange, pink, and white. The color gets its name from the popular and bubbling alcoholic beverage called champagne.

Champagne, being a traditional color has a conservative taste. The champagne color brings to one’s mind the effervescence of the bubbling drink as it is drunk on happy occasions like the New Year and Christmas.

Main Differences Between Ivory and Champagne

  1. The ivory colour is less elegant compared to champagne.
  2. Ivory is more dramatic in nature compared to champagne which is mainly of a conservative nature.
Difference Between Ivory and Champagne
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Last Updated : 21 June, 2023

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  1. The distinction between ivory and champagne is exaggerated in this post. It is difficult to make such attributions to colors. Really strange.

  2. I was already aware of some of the advantages of ivory and champagne, but I learned some new and interesting things from this post. Now I will be able to better understand the psychology of the colors and I can use it in my next visual arts project.

    • Great post, beautiful work to understand every aspect of these colors. These colors represent a great deal to people. Very good.

    • I also believe that ivory and champagne are really classy colors, and the information here has helped me understand better why they are chosen by brides and bridegrooms. Very interesting

  3. I didn’t know ivory and champagne had so many meanings and were used for different purposes. I learned a lot from this post. It’s fascinating.

  4. It seems to me that the description of the colors is not entirely accurate. I believe that ivory is more elegant compared to champagne; it’s not less elegant.


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