Difference Between Ivory and Champagne

Both ivory and champagne are known to be very classy, romantic, and subtle colors. Brides and Bridegrooms prefer of these colors over white color. Not only that they add a royal and romantic touch to the wedding ceremonies, but also impart a classic tone to them.

Ivory vs Champagne

The main difference in the colors ivory and champagne is that their undertones are a bit different from each other. Ivory is mainly off-white with only a bit of yellowish undertone whereas champagne not only has a yellow undertone but also pink, and orange in it along with white.

Ivory vs Champagne

One can get ivory by mixing a little bit of yellow along with white. This shade is generally denoted as off-white and has its name from the tusks of the elephants that were used in the 1300s and are used to date. The warmth of the added yellow in white evokes a feeling of calmness and tranquillity.

The blend of the colors yellow, orange, pink, and white together form the Champagne color. The shade is mainly of a warmer undertone but has a close relation to beige. Champagne color mostly imparts a very positive vibe evoking an extreme feeling of joy. It gets its name from the very popular alcoholic beverage called champagne.

Comparison Table Between Ivory And Champagne

Parameters of Comparison

Relation to colors
The ivory color is off-white.
Champagne color has a little yellowish tone.
Less elegant compared to champagne.
More elegant compared to ivory.
Meanings denoted by the colors
The ivory color stands for denoting sureness and grace of purity.
Champagne color mainly denotes a vintage feel.
Derivation of names
Ivory color gets its name from the tusk of the elephants.
Champagne color gets its name from the beverage Champagne itself.
The ivory color is considered to be more dramatic.
Champagne is considered to be a conservative color.
Preference of the brides and bridegrooms
Ivory is mostly preferred by couples.
People marrying for the second time usually choose champagne.
Wedding seasons
Ivory is chosen for weddings which take place mostly during spring or fall.
The champagne color is mostly preferred for weddings during winter.

What is Ivory?

Ivory is mainly an off-white color that can be obtained by mixing a touch of yellow with white. It is a shade of white that has a tint of yellow, some even say peach or cream. Thus all of these can be used as a synonym for the color “ivory”. The color gets its name from the tusks of the elephants which have been used since the late 1300s. Ivory color depicts a seasonal taste and therefore fives a more dramatic look during the weddings.

Due to this the brides and bridegrooms prefer ivory for their wedding dresses. The color is known to impart a feeling of pureness, tranquillity, grace, and class. People who plan to get married during the spring or fall mostly prefer ivory for their wedding dress. The color also goes well with redheads and blondes. Comparatively, ivory is a little less elegant than champagne. Ivory is also one of the most preferred and common shades of white which is used while interior decoration. People choose this color to impart a feeling of a clean, calming, and soothing environment. Ivory is such a shade of white color which has a great versatility. Ivory was used as a color for the first time in 1987 in English.

What is Champagne?

Champagne is a color that can be formed by blending yellow, orange, pink, and white. The color gets its name from the popular and bubbling alcoholic beverage called champagne. Due to its more elegant touch, some women prefer it over ivory as they also feel wearing ivory would make them look sallow. Champagne is a type of beige color just like ivory. Champagne goes best with winter weddings and is also preferred more by people marrying for the second time.

Champagne, being a traditional color has a conservative taste. The champagne color goes well with most colors and is a better match than ivory. The color is best suited for interior decoration when one has to highlight colors like orange and yellow. The champagne color brings to one’s mind the effervescence of the bubbling drink as it is usually drunk on happy occasions like the New Year and Christmas. Therefore the color automatically implants a lot of joy in the hearts of the people, although the visual appearance of raw champagne drink can never coincide with the flat color. The color might have certain variations like dark champagne, deep champagne, and medium champagne. Champagne was used color for the first time in the year 1915 English.

Main Differences Between Ivory and Champagne

  1. While ivory color is mainly off-white, champagne has a touch of yellow in it.
  2. The color ivory gets its name from the tusk of the elephants whereas champagne gets its name from the beverage itself.
  3. Brides and Bridegrooms prefer ivory over champagne because of its dramatic look. Although, people marrying for the second time choose champagne to be their color of the wedding dress.
  4. Ivory is mostly preferred for weddings during spring or fall whereas it is winter in the case of champagne.
  5. Ivory colour is less elegant compared to champagne.
  6. Ivory is more dramatic in nature compared to champagne which is mainly of a conservative nature.


Both Ivory and Champagne are very known and popular colors and a popular choice among the brides and the bridegrooms. Both the colors are known to mix with the other colors well but champagne is likely to match more than ivory. Some women prefer champagne more because of its elegant touch than ivory as they feel it would make them look more sallow. But couples prefer ivory color for their wedding because of its sense of purity and grace and is a reflection of the seasonal taste. Also ivory does god with blonde-haired people and redheads.


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