Ivory vs Cream: Difference and Comparison

Dressing up is important for everyone. We would like to dress up for important occasions with utmost care. Our looks speak more than we do, and people will judge us based on that.


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Choosing the perfect color for our skin type will better help us in portraying our looks. Ivory and Cream are both colors and go well with different skin types.

Key Takeaways

  1. Ivory is a pale yellow color with a slight tint of brown, while cream is a light yellow color with a slight shade of white.
  2. Ivory is often associated with luxury and elegance, while cream is associated with warmth and comfort.
  3. Ivory is commonly used in wedding dresses and formal wear, while the cream is used in interior design and home decor.

Ivory vs Cream

Ivory is a pale, yellowish-white colour that closely resembles the natural colour of elephant ivory. It is commonly used to describe a range of shades that fall between white and cream. The cream is a yellow-white colour that is reminiscent of the colour of fresh cream. It is a warm and neutral colour.

Ivory vs Cream

Ivory is a color that comes with a yellow tone. It works well with both warm and cool people. The reason why it is called ivory is that it resembles the trunk of elephants. More people consider Ivory color has more charming and attractive, and they are moving forward to it.

The cream is a color that is closer to white. They are not used by many people as it is dull and won’t enhance your look much when compared with other colors. When you buy fresh milk and boil it for more time, it will form into a kind of cream. That is where the cream color comes from. 

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonIvoryCream
Hex Triplet#FFFFF0#FFFDD0
Source NameIvory itselfCream itself
Embroidery LooksEnhances more in IvoryLooks dull in Cream
RGB255, 255, 240255, 253, 208
HSV60 degrees, 6%, 100%57 degrees, 18%, 100%

What is Ivory?

Ivory is one of the most used colors in the fashion industry, especially in making women’s garments. It comes from the orange family, as it contains a slight yellow tone.

The main reason for its name is that it contains the same shade of elephant’s tusks. It is also used to describe the birds’ appearance, such as ivory gull, ivory-billed woodcreeper, ivory-billed woodpecker, and ivory-breasted pitta.

The first ivory color was recorded in the name of English. It was during the period of 1385. Its source comes from pale yellow-green. It is a warm yellowish tint white. Many people think that white is used only as white.

But like black color where black is differentiated into different types, white can also be classified into many colors. Like that ivory color came into existence.

We can also call ivory half-white. Because it mostly resembles white color except for that slight yellow tone. When you look at some old piano keys, you can easily find they are made of ivory.

Because real ivory is made of elephant tusks, pianos back then used ivory to make. It also used animal teeth as well. Ivory will be difficult to pair up with light grey colors, yellow, cream, and beige, as they are their family colors. It can’t go with them.  


What is Cream?

In simple words, everybody knows cream is a dairy product. It is very rich in taste. It gives taste to all the food. It comes from cow’s milk. It is light in color. It is a lighter shade.

It would look good only when you pair it up with some darker colors. It can’t go well with white, ivory, and beige. It goes well with both maroon and black dresses.

You could have seen many fashion brands blending these two colors for women’s garments. Men used to prefer either cream or white sherwani in Indian Weddings.

But now, that tradition has been changing since ivory became their primary color. It also goes well with the bridegroom’s wedding dress also enhances their look further. 

It also depends upon the kind of shade you use. Before you wear something, look at the tone and identify whether it is warm or cool. It looks good with darker complexion skin because the light color goes well with these types of people.

It will enhance their body structure when compared with darker colors. Darker colors will dull their looks. The main thing is identifying the tone and dressing it according to that. It will make you look more elegant and stylish at parties. 

cream 2

Main Differences Between Ivory and Cream

  1. When you are planning to prep your home and sort of decorate, then you should go with the ivory color as it will enhance your home. The cream color will give a dull effect to your home.
  2. When you take a closer look at the real ivory, you can easily spot the yellow tone, but the cream color will never change and will always be like that.
  3. Ivory color fabrics will enhance your look and gives a bold effect. On the other hand, the cream color will suit for dark skin people.
  4. Ivory and cream colors are very difficult to pair up with. Since ivory is yellow, pairing it with cream will be of no use as it will again remain the same.
  5. Both ivory and cream are closer to white as they can go with that easily and will light up the look. 
Difference Between Ivory and Cream
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