Difference Between Jade Yoga Mat And Lululemon

Yogic practices originated in India and spread like a forest fire in the whole world. All this happened within the last two decades.


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Since yoga has now become the new normal for improving health and fitness, the equipment used during the process has also been incorporated by various fitness brands.

Jade Yoga Mat vs Lululemon

The difference between Jade Yoga Mat And Lululemon Yoga Mat is that the former is made up of unaltered rubber while the latter is made of materials like PVC, PER, TPE, EVA. These mats are made for different yogic purposes and thus the structure is completely different (irrespective of stickiness).

Jade Yoga Mat vs Lululemon

Jade Yoga Mat is a multi-purpose mat with adequate cushioning. It stays put and does not slide with each movement.

It is highly portable and the person doing yoga can easily clean it after every session, without stressing about the durability. The contours of the body are thus managed appropriately.

Lululemon Yoga Mat is a heavy one, incorporated to support people who take up yoga to lose weight. It is made in such a way that the body’s positioning is not affected by slippage.

The floor is not felt at all because it is made thick in the right places.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonJade Yoga MatLululemon Yoga Mat
Features Enhancing SpecialtyJade Yoga Mat is special due to its double sheet formulation and lightweight nature. Lululemon Yoga Mat (also abbreviated as Lulu mat) is special due to its optimum padding and thickness.
CompositionIt is made up of natural rubber, with no fabrics combined.It is made up of synthetic rubbers.
Scope of SustainabilityJade Yoga Mat can be decomposed easily as per the “Trees for The Future” campaign.Lululemon Yoga Mat might prove to be an environmental threat in the long run
Most Revered SubcategoryThe Jade Harmony mat is the best piece in this range.The most popular piece is Lulu May.
Preferred Body TypeFor tall people, Jade Yoga Mat is a savior as it stretches over time.Lululemon Yoga Mat suits people with a sturdy built, owing to its thickness.

What is Jade Yoga Mat?

Jade Yoga Mat is designed to provide optimum grip and a secure yoga experience. This makes it the purest and most durable yoga mat present in the market to date.

These mats are manufactured in America.

Jade Yoga Mat stands sturdy irrespective of the foul smell and slipperiness caused by human sweat. It is best for people living in hilly areas as it is lightweight and does not crumble easily.

This feature helps people who join a yoga class uphill and carrying the mat does not become tiresome (unlike the bulky Lulu mat). The average duration for normal usage is two years, subject to occasional wear and tear.

Jade Yoga Mat is also widely popular for the exceptional customer service provided, in case a yoga practitioner’s mat does not meet the required expectations (irrespective of the pre-decided warranty period).

It can be washed easily and does not lose its stickiness. In case of extremely sweaty conditions, it absorbs the wetness. This astounding feature cuts down the need of spreading out yoga towels on top of the mat.

Thus, chances of injuries are considerably reduced.

Yogic practices involving leg grip can be done quite smoothly thanks to the stringent rubber grip.

What is Lululemon Yoga Mat?

Lululemon Yoga Mat is best known for the dominance of stickiness over slipperiness.

It is a big name in the fitness industry because it adequately fits the bill – thick towards the feet to provide a balance and high adjustability near the hands to allow optimum movement.

Lululemon Yoga Mat ages with time, meaning the sticky nature fades away with rigorous use. This makes the mat much disappointing to use for years at a stretch.

The weight of this range is more than that of yoga mats. Despite these facts, the thick composition makes it a good choice for yogic practices that require hand-leg coordination.

It also cuts down on the need for any kind of knee padding.

Lululemon Yoga Mat was not held in high spirits in the past due to weird remarks made by the founder, that is, Chip Wilson.

The company’s reputation of not considering negative feedback had a detrimental effect on the sale of these mats.

Now, the controversy is done away with and this product has lived up to the expectations in the best possible way.

Less stress, more sweat – the tagline is aptly brought to life by the yoga mats as well.

Main Differences Between Jade Yoga Mat And Lululemon Yoga Mat

  1. Jade Yoga Mat is lightweight and cushioned while Lululemon Yoga Mat is bulky to offer greater support.
  2. Jate makes biodegradable mats while the Lulu mats are hard to do away with.
  3. 100% natual rubber is used to make Jade mats while Lulu mats are made up of synthetic fibres.
  4. Jade Harmony is a highly revered subcategory while Lulu mats are graded by the May type.
  5. Jade mats were made to facilitate yoga for tall people (due to high elasticity) while Lulu mats help in weight management (thanks to appropriate padding and layering).
Difference Between Jade Yoga Mat And Lululemon


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