Lululemon Yoga Mat vs Manduka Pro: Difference and Comparison

Yoga mats are made of specific fabric solely dedicated to yoga and other exercises. They are soft and provide a comfortable feel to the person doing yoga on them.

There are countless companies in the market selling their yoga mats. Lululemon Yoga Mat and Manduka Pro are two renowned yoga mats brands.

Key Takeaways

  1. Lululemon Yoga Mats feature a non-slip surface and natural rubber construction for an eco-friendly option.
  2. Manduka Pro Mats are denser and more durable, offering superior cushioning and support for a longer lifespan.
  3. Although both mats are high-quality options, Lululemon Yoga Mats are lighter and more portable than Manduka Pro Mats.

Lululemon Yoga Mat vs Manduka Pro

Lululemon Yoga Mats are a premium model with a polyurethane top layer and a natural rubber base that provides excellent grip and traction. Manduka Pro Yoga Mats, a high-quality brand, is made from a high-density raw rubber material that offers exceptional durability and support.

Lululemon Yoga Mat vs Manduka Pro

Lululemon is a brand that manufactures and markets various types of yoga mats. Depending on the need, one can choose the most suitable Yoga mat from the wide range of Lululemon.

Some types of Yoga mats sold by Lululemon are The Arise Mat 5mm, Reversible Mat in 3mm, 5mm, 1mm, Carry Onwards Travel Mat, and many more.

Manduka Pro is a brand of Yoga mats that are marketed as ‘Extra Large Yoga Mat’. Manduka Pro is considered a PVC mat with high-quality features.

Manduka Pro mats are extremely expensive and should be purchased with a commitment to long-term Yoga practice. Because spending so many bucks for a bit of time comfort wouldn’t be a sagacious decision.

Comparison Table

Parameters Of ComparisonLululemon Yoga MatManduka Pro
CompanyThe usual weight of a Lululemon Yoga Mat is around 5.24 pounds, which is almost 2.37 kg. Manduka, LLC is a company serving in a similar field that was established in the year 1997.
WeightThe weight of Manduka Pro Yoga Mats is around 7.5 pounds, which is almost 3.40 kg. The material used to make Lululemon Yoga mats is natural rubber, which is very soft and comfortable.
WarrantyLululemon Reversible yoga mats do not offer a lifetime warranty to the buyer. Manduka Pro Yoga mats come with a lifetime warranty but with some clearly explained exceptions.
MaterialManduka Pro mats are made of artificial leather, known as PVC. The surface of the Lululemon Yoga Mat is covered with Polyurethane layers to provide a better grip.
SurfaceThe surface of Manduka Pro mats is made of closed-cell, which is very helpful to prevent bacteria and dust. The surface of Manduka Pro mats is made of closed-cell which is very helpful to prevent bacteria and dust.

What is Lululemon Yoga Mat?

Yoga mats are one of the significant needs when a person decides to start Yoga or some other kind of exercise at home. Lululemon is a well-known brand that sells very comfortable and best-in-priced Yoga Mats across many countries.

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Lululemon Yoga Mat is a reversible Yoga mat stuffed with almost 3 mm of cushioning to prevent the stiffness of the floor.

This cushioning feature is also helpful in providing stability and support for the person. These Yoga mats are considered to be all-rounder since they are used for performing multiple tasks.

Lululemon also sells 3D Yoga mats with stunning images printed to give a touch of nature.

Some people might say that Lululemon Yoga mats are expensive, but the features they provide are worth the price. A sweat-absorbent layer attached to Lululemon Yoga mats to facilitate the person in better gripping.

One of the thickest models of Yoga mat sold by Lululemon is known to be the Reversible Mat 5mm.

It is springy and offers more support for joint exercises. These Yoga mats are very beneficial for those who sweat a lot during training as well as any person wanting to start doing Yoga.

What is Manduka Pro?

Manduka Pro yoga mats are costly yet so convenient that people don’t hesitate to buy them. The quality these Yoga mats offer to its users is impeccable.

The construction of Manduka Yoga mats is based on a closed-cell contribution that prevents dust particles from getting stuck and remaining clean for an extended period.

But because of such construction, these Yoga mats can be slippery. Manduka Pro Yoga mats are pretty cushiony, which becomes an advantageous fact for maintaining different types of poses.

Due to their pricing ranges, people call them the Taj Mahal of Yoga mats. Manduka Pro Yoga mats are considered to be pro in providing the highest stability, but they lack a bit in their comfort zone.

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The mats are thick and dense. Manduka Pro Yoga mats are suggested for poses involving heavy joint pressure. Due to their design and structure, Manduka Pro Yoga mats are more serious than an ordinary Yoga mats.

If a person wants to carry them around running odd work, he must consider keeping these mats somewhere to avoid unnecessary weight.

As their size increases, the same goes for their weight. The manufacturer of Manduka Pro Yoga mats suggests users wipe it with a damp cloth and avoid heavy use of water.

manduka pro

Main Differences Between Lululemon Yoga Mat and Manduka Pro

  1. The price range of Lululemon Yoga Mat is as normal as other Yoga mats available in the market. At the same time, Manduka Pro Yoga Mats can cost a person twice as expensive as Lululemon Yoga Mat.
  2. The dimension of the Lululemon Yoga Mat is normally 71 x 26 inches. On the other hand, Manduka Pro Yoga mats come with a dimension of 72 x 26 inches.
  3. The normal thickness of a Lululemon Yoga Mat can be 5 mm. On the other hand, Manduka Pro Yoga mats have 6mm of thickness.
  4. Talking about the durability of a mat, Lululemon Yoga Mat provides an adequate amount of durability, while Manduka Pro Yoga mats are the best yoga mat in durability features.
  5. Lululemon Yoga Mats are lightweight and very easy to carry around. Manduka Pro Yoga mats, on the other hand, are very heavy.

Last Updated : 31 August, 2023

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