Difference Between Mangools and SEMrush

Digitalization has increased the online competition to a level where every second person in the country wants to on top nowadays. There are few new things introduced which help the companies or business to maintain a good level in the competition. Among these tools, the most used one is the SEO tool. To understand the tools, firstly, it should be clear what SEO stands for. SEO or Search Engine 


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Optimization is defined as a process of improving the quantity of traffic to a website of the company or business from a search engine. Therefore SEO tools are the tools that help in accomplishing this process. Mangools and Semrush are two SEO tools.

Key Takeaways

  1. Mangools is more affordable than SEMrush and offers more flexible pricing plans.
  2. SEMrush is more established and offers a wider range of features, including social media tracking and content marketing tools.
  3. Both tools provide keyword research, SERP analysis, and backlink tracking, but SEMrush offers more in-depth analysis.

Mangools vs SEMrush

The difference between Mangools and SEMrush is that Mangools is cheaper than the SEMrush and has fewer features in comparison to SEMRush. Semrush has a lead in Key Word Suggestion, Competitor Keyword, and Tracked Keyword Daily, etc., and also comes with a free trial for a month but using Mangools is much easy and simpler in comparison.

Mangools vs SEMrush

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Mangools is a Search Engine Optimization tool that helps in finding the relevant keywords. It has limited features but can be understood easily in a day. This comes with a free trial of 10 days. It has chrome and Firefox browser extension and a very good customer care support system.

Semrush is also a Search Engine Optimization tools, which has some extraordinary feature, which is lack by the Mangools. It offers unlimited keyword search and also comes with a free trial of a month which is quite enough to understand how it operates.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonMangoolsSEMrush
Free TrialFor 10 daysFor 1 month
AffordabilityMore affordableLess affordable
Key word Suggestion200 or 700Unlimited
Competitor Keyword25Unlimited
Tracked Keyword Daily200500

What is Mangools?

It is an SEO tool best known for its easy use and design. This is made up of five major tools:

  1. KW Finder: this feature is the first that occurs on the software. It is like any other keyword tool and pretty much similar to use. It generated different pairs of keywords, which can be very beneficial for the business. Although the number of results is limited in comparison to other competitor software.
  2. SERP Checker: it has an option called SERP feature Impact. In this, it finds out the traffic on the Google page. You can also compare a page from your site with what is already on the google page. This will help in knowing the position where the business stands.
  3. SERP Watcher: this feature works similarly to any other software. It is a means to watch the keyword rankings. Only lists of keywords are entered, and it will check the ranking of the search engine. People can also categorise important and useful keywords.
  4. Link Miner: it is a backlink checker. It does not have its link index. The reason could be that making its link is quite expensive. Therefore, it uses the Majestic SEO API. The link data obtained from this is very trustworthy. The one feature which distinguishes it from others is the ‘Website Preview’ feature.  
  5. Site Profiler: this feature gives the pre-integrated data in other features of the Mangools.

What is SEMrush?

It also an SEO tool launched in 2008 available and used all over the world. It has the following features:

  1. Keyword Research: it offers billion of keywords that mean the most time-consuming part of this software is the keyword research. There are so many keywords that it takes time to choose the important and useful ones from the list.
  2. Backline Analysis: earlier, this feature of the Semrush was the worse and was a disadvantage for the software, but later in 2019, with all the changes, this feature has improves so much. It enables the user to check and analyze the backline for any website.
  3. Position Targeting: this tool enables the user to monitor desktop as well as mobile rankings for a selected set of keywords. To arrange the position tracking, an active project running in Semrush is required.

If compared to any other software, Semrush is much better. It offers reports and graphs to make the person understand the obtained data more clearly. The only disadvantage it has, which cannot be overlooked, is that it is quite difficult to use, and a certain time is needed by a user to completely understand how it works.

Therefore a beginner may find it very difficult to work with this kind of advanced software.

Main Differences Between Mangools and SEMrush

  1. When it comes to free trials, Mangools offers free trials for a very short period of 10 days, whereas the period for a free trial of Semrush is much longer in comparison to that is of one month.
  2. Mangools is not very expensive and can be purchased easily, making it more affordable, whereas Semrush has a more advanced feature. It is more pricey, making it less affordable.
  3. When it comes to keyword suggestion, Mangools is at a disadvantage as it has only 200 or 700 results (depending on the plan), whereas Semrsuh is much ahead of it. There are unlimited results of keyword suggestions.
  4. In Backlink features, earlier Semrush was a disappointment, but with all the changes and update, it has become the best choice for this feature, whereas Mangools does not offer much in this feature as well.
  5. In the case of User Interface and Accessibility, Mangools have the upper hand as it is simple and easy, whereas Semrush is not.  
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