Difference Between Mangools and Ahrefs (With Table)

The biggest tool of internet marketing strategy is Search Engine Optimization, also known as SEO. The function of SEO is to improve the quality and quantity of a website. In simpler terms, SEO directs the traffic of a website to a web page through search engines. It works on how and what a user search on the webpage. Two tools that are known for providing the best SEO tools are Mangools and Ahrefs.

Mangools vs Ahrefs

The difference between Mangools and Ahrefs is that Mangools is suited for SEO Beginners, Professionals, Bloggers, business owners etc. Whereas Ahrefs is suited for in-house marketing teams, Website owners, marketers, enterprises etc. A unique feature of Ahrefs is that it shows Audit Management, whereas this feature is not available in Mangools.

Mangools is a Search Engine Optimization company that was started in the year 2014. It is located in Slovakia. It gives a free trial of 10 days. With Mangools, you can see SERP for any location, find the right keywords, check your competitor’s website etc. Mangools are very easy to use, good user interface and have beautiful designs. Their plans can be taken on a monthly and yearly basis.

Ahrefs is also a Search Engine Optimization tool that was started in the year 2010. It is located in Singapore. It offers free learning materials on how to use SEO tools. It doesn’t offer you a free trial. But with just a nominal fee for a week, you can take the trial. It includes site explorer, keyword explorer, Rank Tracker etc. It also has some extra features like word count, email alerts, Link Intersects etc. It offers 4 monthly and annual plans: Lite, Advanced, Standard and Agency.

Comparison Table Between Mangools and Ahrefs

Parameters of ComparisonMangoolsAhrefs
PlansIt offers 3 plans monthly and annually.It offers 4 plans monthly and annually.
TrialIt gives a free trial of 10 days.It charges a nominal fee for a week.
Best forIt is best suited for 1 to 1000 users.It is best suited for 1000+ users.
SEO ToolsIt contains SERP Checker and watcher, KW Finder etc.It contains SEO Toolbar, Rank checker, Backlink Checker etc.
Founder and CEOPeter Hrbáčik is the founder and CEO of Mangools.Dmitry Gerasimenko is the founder and SEO of Ahrefs.

What is Mangools?

Mangools was started in the year 2014 by Peter Hrbáčik in Slovakia. In the beginning, the first version of KW Finder was launched. In 2015 Mangools became a team of 7 people. In 2016 another version of KW Finder, i.e. 2.0, came. SERP Checker and new tools were added. Then in the year 2016, mangools became a brand and became digital. 

In 2018 Site Profiler, SEO Browser Extension and Backlink Tool were added. More people were hired in the company. It has free SEO tools Browser extension, SERP volatility checker and SERP simulator. Tools of Mangools include LinkMiner, Site Profiler, SERP Checker and Watcher and KW Finder. It offers 3 plans: Basic, Premium and Agency monthly and annually. It also offers a 40% discount annually.

It is very easy to use and has a great user interface. It has the best value for money and support with SEO skills. It offers free learning tools. It is trusted by the companies like Adidas, Airbnb, Skyscanner, Alexa etc. It has beautiful designs. Its tagline is “Juicy SEO Tools you will love”. Its logo includes the symbol of Mango.

What is Ahrefs?

Ahrefs is a multinational company that has its headquarter in Singapore. It was started in the year 2010 by Dmitry Gerasimenko, who is also CEO of the company. Backlink index became the foundation of Ahrefs. When Ahrefs was launched, it gave tough competition to the SEO tool providers. Soon, it became the world’s best Backlink Analysis tool. Now in current, they update backlinks every 15 minutes.

Ahrefs include almost 8 billion pages. It helps millions of websites owners to get traffic into their websites. They do not offer any free trials. It takes a nominal fee for a week. They never offer any discounts. There are no hidden charges, setup fees and contracts. It offers 4 plans monthly and annually: Lite, Standard, Advanced and Agency. If an annual plan is purchased, then it will give two months free.

Ahrefs offers free tools like Keyword Generator, Broken Link Checker, SERP Checker, SEO Toolbar. Website Authority Checker, Bing, Amazon and Youtube Keyword Tool etc. It has extra features and tools such as Word Count, SEO Checker, Traffic Checker, Batch Analysis, Content Gap, Email Alerts etc. It is available in different languages English, Spanish, French, Chinese, Turkish etc.

Main Differences Between Mangools and Ahrefs

  1. Mangools offers 3 plans (Basic, Premium, Agency) monthly and annually. Ahrefs offers 4 plans (Lite, Standard, Advanced, Agency) monthly and annually.
  2. Mangools gives a free trial of 10 days, and it also offers a 40% discount on an annual plan. Ahrefs charges a very nominal fee for a week and learning materials, and it gives two months free on annual plans.
  3. Mangools is best suited for 1 to 1000 users and can be used by SEO beginners, affiliate marketers, business owners, SEO and digital marketing agencies etc. Ahrefs is best suited for 1000+ users and can be used by Website owners, SEOs, in-house marketing teams, enterprise, marketers, agencies etc.
  4. Mangools contains SERP Checker and watcher, KW Finder, LinkMiner, Site Profiler, etc. Ahrefs contains SEO Toolbar, Rank checker, Backlink Checker etc. and has extra tools and features.
  5. Peter Hrbáčik is the founder and CEO of Mangools and has a team of 7. Dmitry Gerasimenko is the founder and SEO of Ahrefs and has a large team.


Both Mangools and Ahrefs are good in their domains. Both help websites with their SEO tools to draw the traffic of the website. Ahrefs has more tools in comparison with Mangools. Mangools has a separate tool for each user according to their needs. Data provided by Mangools is highly accurate and reliable. Whereas Ahrefs uses a good strategy process for analyzing SEO Maths. It gives appropriate results for Keyword research. Mangools are developing newer tools with each passing days.


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