Difference Between Poke Bowl and Burrito Bowl

There is a variety of cuisine all around the world. People love and enjoy trying out new cuisine, and sometimes foreign cuisines become really popular in a specific region.


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Some of the foreign cuisine dishes popular all around the world are sushi, pasta, pizza, burgers, tiramisu, Greek yogurt, Manchurian, tacos, burrito, macarons, kimchi, curry, etc. The flavors and typical ingredients of the cuisines show the varieties and richness of food served over the globe.

Some of the recently popular dishes include the poke bowl, sushi bowl, and burrito bowl. They all are served as a complete meal platter. 

Key Takeaways

  1. A poke bowl is a Hawaiian dish consisting of raw fish, rice, and vegetables, while a Burrito bowl is a Mexican dish typically consisting of rice, beans, meat, and vegetables.
  2. The poke bowl is often served with soy sauce and other Asian-inspired seasonings, while the Burrito bowl is typically served with salsa and other Mexican-inspired seasonings.
  3. A poke bowl is often lighter and healthier than a Burrito bowl, which can be more filling and higher in calories.

Poke Bowl vs Burrito Bowl

The difference between Poke bowl and burrito bowl is that poke bowl originates from Hawaiian cuisine and burrito bowl is a part of Tex-Mex cuisine. Poke bowl has raw fish as its major ingredient. The Burrito bowl has meat and beans as its key ingredients. Both of them have the same vegetable serves but different flavors.

Poke Bowl vs Burrito Bowl

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A poke bowl is a dish containing raw fish as its key ingredients. Raw fish, usually yellowfin tuna, is cut and served cold with seasonings.

The dish also contains seaweed, sesame oil, and soy sauce, along with a hot base. The base is usually rice or noodles served with raw fish and other ingredients.

A Burrito bowl is a dish containing a base (rice, nachos), vegetables, meat, and seasonings served in a bowl instead of being wrapped in a tortilla. It is popular in Mexico and America.

The dish can be served hot or at room temperature. The dish can be customized according to the calorie intake required by the person.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonPoke BowlBurrito Bowl
MeaningPoke bowl has sliced or cut fish, usual tuna along with rice, vegetables, sauces, and seasonings.Burrito bowl has rice, vegetables, beans, lentils, sauces, and extra topping served in a bowl.
Origin of dishHawaiian cuisineTex-Mex cuisine (Texas- Mexico)
Consists ofBase, fish, vegetables, seasonings, and sauces.Base, vegetables, sauces, and extras.
CourseAppetizerBreakfast, lunch, and dinner
Serving temperatureBase (rice or noodles) is hot while the fish is served cold.Hot or room temperature

What is Poke Bowl?

Poke bowl is a traditional Hawaiian dish that contains sliced or cut fish, usual tuna, along with rice, vegetables, sauces, and seasonings. In Hawaiian, poke means ‘to cut or to slice.’

Hence the name of the dish comes from how the fish is cut and added into the dish. Some chefs also refer to the poke bowl as ‘newly modified easy-to-eat sushi.’

The poke bowl is completely customizable with respect to the vegetables, seasoning, and the types of sauces one prefers. In Hawaii, a poke bowl can be found everywhere, from small shops to gas stations to roadside vendors.

One can pick the type of poke bowl they want and get it packed for themselves.

The classic poke bowl contains:

  • Rice: Usually, jasmine rice or bamboo rice is used. The rice is supposed to be hot to go well with the cold fish. The point is to have a healthy base. Sometimes rice is substituted by kelp salad and zucchini salad.
  • Fish: Usually, raw tuna is used for the serving. Apart from tuna, snapper and salmon can also be used. One can go for crabs or tofu if raw fish isn’t of your taste.
  • Vegetables: Seaweed, onion, garlic, and avocado are typical toppings.
  • Dressing: Soy sauce, spicy black bean paste, ponzu, lemon juice, or shoyu are used.
  • Seasoning: Sesame seeds, scallions, and pink sea salt are used for seasoning.
  • Hot sauce: Wasabi or Togarashi (Japanese red chili) are often used to spice up the poke bowl.
poke bowl

What is Burrito Bowl?

Burrito bowl is a typical Tex-Mex cuisine having rice, vegetables, beans, lentils, sauces, and extra topping served in a bowl. In a typical burrito, all of the same ingredients are used and are wrapped in a tortilla.

But in a burrito bowl, they are served in a bowl instead of being wrapped in a tortilla. The burrito bowls are totally customizable according to the dietary needs of the person.

The burrito bowl is considered as a much healthy option over the traditional burrito as it avoids the consumption of tortilla which is rich in carbohydrate and gluten. Burrito bowls can be made at home or can be purchased at restaurants and food shops.

It is a simple, easy to make, and healthy food for consumption.

A classic burrito bowl contains:

  • Base: One or more bases can be added. The typical base for a burrito bowl can include brown rice, white rice, quinoa, cauliflower rice, or nachos.
  • Filling: Fillings of a burrito bowl contain back beans or kidney beans, cherry tomatoes, any type of lentils, grilled vegetables (zucchini, bell peppers, mushrooms, corns, onions, carrots). Vegetables are customized according to the preference of the person.
  • Sauce: One can choose the type of sauce they want, whether they want a single sauce or a mixture of different sauces. The typical sauces used are sour cream, Greek yogurt, taco sauce, crème Fraiche, soy yogurt, guacamole, cottage cheese, chipotle sauce, or Pico de Gallo de Mango.
  • Extras: These are the customized ingredients one wants for their bowls. It includes grated cheese, jalapenos, olives, crispy salad, and avocado sliced and sprinkled with salt and lemon juice.
burrito bowl

Main Differences Between Poke Bowl and Burrito Bowl

  1. Poke bowl is a Hawaiian cuisine, while burrito bowl is a Tex-Mex cuisine.
  2. Poke bowl has fish while burrito bowl contains meat.
  3. Poke bowl doesn’t have the different choices for cheese or yogurt while burrito bowl has.
  4. Poke bowl is considered to be eaten as an appetizer, while a burrito bowl can be eaten for breakfast, lunch as well as dinner.
  5. Classic ingredient of poke bowl is rice, fish, seaweed, soy sauce, and sesame oil. Ingredients in the burrito bowl are meat, beans, lentils, vegetables, and sauces.
Difference Between Poke Bowl and Burrito Bowl
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