RedWeek vs Vrbo: Difference and Comparison

Timesharing rentals have been getting popular over the last few years. For people looking to spend holidays independently with their families globally, rental homes are thoughtful.

Homes and resorts and timesharing recreational vehicles and private jets are also possible. There are marketplaces online for such deals. Two such timeshare sources are RedWeek and Vrbo.

Key Takeaways

  1. RedWeek is a timeshare rental website offering owners a platform to rent out their timeshare units. At the same time, VRBO is a vacation rental marketplace that provides access to private vacation homes and condos.
  2. RedWeek charges a membership fee to access its services, while VRBO charges a commission fee for each booking made through its platform.
  3. RedWeek specializes in timeshare rentals, while VRBO offers a wider range of vacation rental options.

RedWeek vs Vrbo

RedWeek is a website that focuses exclusively on timeshare rentals and resales. It allows owners of timeshare properties to list their units for rent or sale. VRBO  is a broader vacation rental platform that allows property owners to list a wide range of properties for rent, including apartments, houses, and villas.

RedWeek vs Vrbo

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RedWeek is an online timeshare marketplace where guests can have timeshare homeownership, or the owners can post their properties for resale.

RedWeek was founded in 2002 and has a huge audience of 2.6 million globally with an A+ rating by Better Business Bureau.

Vrbo is an American vacation rental online marketplace originally known as VRBO. Vrbo stands for Vacation Rentals by Owner.

Vrbo started out as a home rental source where an annual fee allowed homeowners to list their condo, beach house, cabin, or any other property on their website.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonRedWeekVrbo
OriginFounded by Randy Conrads in 2002.Founded by David Clouse in 1995.
HeadquartersRenton, Washington, USA.Austin, Texas, United States.
BBB Rating A perfect A+ rating by BBB.Not accredited by BBB.
Property ManagementIt provides flexible property management to homeowners.Doesn’t provide property management to homeowners.
Deals and OffersLimited deals and offers.Wide range of deals and offers.

What is RedWeek?

Randy Conrads founded RedWeek in 2002. Randy recognized the need for a reputable timeshare rental and a resale marketplace for operation on a personal level.

He, in search of such an operation, himself founded in 2002. The headquarters of RedWeek is in Renton, Washington, USA.

RedWeek has an audience of more than 2.6 million worldwide, which is a pretty good number in terms of today’s standards.

RedWeek is known to be one of the world’s largest and most reputable online rental and resale marketplaces. On top of that, RedWeek has been accredited with a perfect A+ by Better Business Bureau (BBB).

RedWeek deals in many accommodations, including homes, beach houses, cottages, resorts, etc., for timeshare and resales.

RedWeek works in accordance with the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), providing the protection and privacy that a customer needs.

Moreover, RedWeek uses Transport Layer Security (TLS) for the customer’s data security.

RedWeek’s customer service has also been very competitive and offers 24-hour interactive support to its users.

RedWeek gives homeowners booking support, performance-oriented marketing, and the flexibility of choosing their partners to greet the guests and clean the property.

Hence, the user reviews for RedWeek have also been excellent throughout the years.

What is Vrbo?

Vrbo stands for Vacation Rentals by Owner. Vrbo was created as a website by David Clouse in 1995 in Aurora, Colorado, in order to rent his own condo.

It was a new idea; hence, the website became a source for owners to list their properties for short-term rentals.

Before the rise of the internet, these rental services were mostly available via offline offices, telephones, and management services, etc.

Initially, Vrbo was an independent website, but HomeAway acquired it in 2006. In July 2020, HomeAway and Vrbo became one website by the latter’s name.

Vrbo provides rental houses, beach houses, cabins, and resorts, etc., in over 190 countries through their website called

Even the owners can list their properties on the website for rent. Vrbo even has a dedicated app for its users to access from smartphones.

Regarding the safety of financial transfers, Vrbo offers various tools and resources that protect the privacy and trust of guests and owners who may not know each other personally.

Vrbo gives its users access to 24-hour service in more than a dozen languages for clear interaction.

Furthermore, Vrbo offers its customers five types of cancellation policies according to their listings, including Relaxed, Moderate, Firm, Strict, and No Refund.

Main Differences Between RedWeek and Vrbo

  1. RedWeek provides its services to everyone, whereas Vrbo gives preference to families and older people.
  2. RedWeek offers limited deals and offers, whereas Vrbo has a wider range of them.
  3. RedWeek offers no mobile apps, while Vrbo offers a dedicated mobile app to its customers.
  4. While RedWeek offers property management to the homeowner, Vrbo doesn’t provide such services, and the homeowners are themselves responsible for the property.
  5. RedWeek uses safer Transfer Layer Security for the data protection of customers, whereas Vrbo has its own privacy protection schemes.

Last Updated : 13 July, 2023

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