Vrbo vs YapStone: Difference and Comparison

In the 21st century, the very particular thing that has gained popularity is going on vacations and renting stays or vehicles there to enjoy the vacation in fact.

Due to this particular fact, many companies have grown in the consumer market in this field to provide the desired services to their customers.  

Vrbo and YapStone are two such companies in the global market when one talks about the area of vacations and rentals. While both create confusion for the general public, they are still distinguishable from each other in many aspects.

And for the fact that these two companies provide great services to customers, so it is important to understand them in their own sphere. 

Key Takeaways

  1. VRBO is a vacation rental platform, while Yapstone is a payment processor that VRBO uses.
  2. VRBO charges a commission fee for each booking, while Yapstone charges a transaction fee for each payment.
  3. VRBO allows guests to book and pay for their stay directly through the platform, while Yapstone handles the payment processing and security for these transactions.

Vrbo vs YapStone 

VRBO is an online marketplace where property owners can showcase their rental properties, set rental rates, manage reservations and payments, and communicate with guests. Travelers can search and book rental properties. Yapstone is a company that provides online payment solutions for businesses.

Vrbo vs YapStone

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Vrbo is a term that stands for vacation rentals by owners. The term represents an American company that works in the field of providing rental services to people who are on vacation.

In other words, this company basically works like a bridge between the consumers and the service providers and connects the people who are looking for accommodation with people who have a home.

This service provider is very popular all across the world due to its reliable and consumer-friendly services.  

On the other hand, YapStone is also an American company working in the field of the rental but from the perspective of financial solutions.

The company has been in the market for more than 20 years and has earned a prestigious name for itself among consumers due to its reliability and trustworthiness.

The main service of the company is to make it easier for consumers and landlords to receive and make payments. The company works with many rental service providers to ensure hassle-free payment for the services in question.  

Comparison Table

Parameters of Comparison Vrbo  YapStone 
Company  A company owned by Expedia Group No such parent company. 
Founded by Founded by David Clouse in 1995. founded by Chairman Tom Villante and CEO Matt Golis. 
Founded in The company was founded in the year 1995. The company was founded in the year 1999. 
Headquarters  Austin, Texas, united states Walnut Creek, Santa Monica, Dublin, and Ireland 
Regions of operation  Almost 190 countries. Almost 45 countries. 
Service provided The company works as a connector between service providers and consumers. The company works as a tool for the service providers to ease their payment gateway so that consumers can make payments in multiple ways without any complexity 
Charges  The company does not charge its visitors on its websites the company levies a nominal fee on its visitors when they register themselves on the website. 

What is Vrbo? 

Based in Texas, VRBO is a company owned by the Expedia Group. In the year 1995, the then-CEO of the company David Clouse founded Vrbo as an emerging company in the field of rental properties.

The company basically works as a connector between the people who have rental properties and the people who are looking for rental properties.  

In other words, people having rental properties can list their properties on the website of VRBO, and from there, people looking for accommodation can choose their favourite rental property.

In this manner, the company connects the consumers and the service providers by becoming a bridge between them.  

The company’s scale of operation can easily be understood by the fact that it operates in more than 190 countries, and a person looking for rental properties can easily find one by visiting this particular website.

When a customer makes any booking related to a rental property through this website, VRBO charges him a certain percentage out of the whole amount. 

What is YapStone? 

Founded in the year 1999 by Chairman Tom Villante and CEO Matt Golis, YapStone is a service provider of its own kind. With the emergence of multiple technologies, online payment has become an easy yet complex tool for many people.

In such a case, the company provides easy payment options and gateways to the consumers as well as the service providers.  

The company is basically an online platform that eases the process of payment receiving and making by the end of both service providers and consumers.

It not only allows the consumers to make payments in credit and debit but also allows them to make payments in installments and late fees.  

By providing this feature, the company ensures that every service provider gets their due payment within the stipulated timeframe, and this is the reason behind the wide popularity of this particular company.

Roughly the company operates in almost 45 prominent countries and allows the users residing in those particular companies to avail of its unique services. 

Main Differences Between Vrbo and YapStone 

  1. While the Expedia group owns Vrbo, YapStone is not owned by any other company. 
  2. Vrbo was founded in the year 1995, while YapStone was founded in the year 1999. 
  3. Vrbo was founded by then-CEO David Clouse, while on the other hand, YapStone was founded by its then-chairman Tom Villante and CEO Matt Golis. 
  4. Vrbo has operations in more than 190 countries; thus, it covers the whole globe, while YapStone functions roughly in 45 countries. 
  5. Vrbo is a company that provides rental services, while YapStone provides services related to payment gateways. 


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Last Updated : 13 July, 2023

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