Difference Between Roku XS and XD

Roku is a side-chain business unit that comes under the umbrella branch of an American company Roku Inc.


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It is a major manufacturing company of digital media equipment such as Roku XS, XD, 2XS, HD, etc.

Their products range from live steamers that could be connected via HDMI to game controllers.

Roku XS vs XD

The difference between Roku XS and XD is that while Roku XS comes with a remote unit that is of its own and has multiple features to support an up-gradation from the older versions, Roku XD has a remote that offers no new features to compete with the XS.

Roku XS vs XD

Roku XS is a streaming device that also has an inbuilt game system that could come in handy for gamers.

It has a memory expansion option due to the micro SD card slot, but given the fact that in the older version the SD card might not have a slot; older files could be deleted to clear space.

Roku XD is also a streaming device that falls in the second generation of the Roku streaming devices. Even though it is a newer version of the Roku streamers, it has a few new upgraded features that the Roku series follows.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonRoku XSRoku XD
In-built GamesPresentAbsent
Bluetooth Game RemoteAvailable with the XSNot available, but could be purchased separately
Wireless or notIs not wireless and has USB portsHas both a wired connection and wireless ones
FeaturesHas more advanced featuresFewer latest features available
Remote flexibilityCould be used by any remoteNeeds the specific remote to work

What is Roku XS?

Roku XS is a streaming device released by the American digital media manufacturing company, Roku Inc.

Roku XS comes equipped with a remote-controlled unit that is incorporated with multiple features upgraded for the new series.

Even though the remote has multiple features, it is still compatible with many other devices.

This compatibility with multiple devices gives the user no limitation if he/she decides to upgrade to another streaming device, be it Roku or other manufacturers.

Roku XS comes with a group of games that are freely uploaded onto the streamer thus giving it a multipurpose use and helping users who are gamers too.

It has the highest price when compared to all of the Roku streamers available even though there are better ones available.

Roku XS can be connected to Wi-Fi giving the streaming option a wide collection. It offers a 10/100 base T Ethernet which is available only in Roku XS.

It has a 1080 pixel HD viewing capacity.

It also comes along with a Bluetooth game remote which is accompanied by a motion sensor that helps the user to get a simulator experience.

It is not wireless and therefore has USB ports thus, unable to satisfy the wireless up gradation in the new world.

The XS type has not much great size difference when compares to the others in the same series. The dimensions of the XS prototype are 84mm x 84mm and with a height of 23mm.

A micro SD card slot is also present in the XS type thereby giving the user ample data storage space. This comes into use when a gamer needs additional space to store downloaded games.

What is Roku XD? 

Roku XD is another streaming device that is manufactured and released by the American manufacturer Roku Inc.

Even though it came a bit later as compared to the other device types, it lacks a few features upgraded onto the older versions.

The remote that comes along with the Roku XD type lacks many added features even though it is expected to have newer upgraded ones.

It has got no games that are already uploaded onto the system controls giving it a major drawback when used by gamers. And gamers are the most common purchasers of the Roku series.

It has both USB ports and also a manual wire connection portal, thus giving it a major attractive factor enabling both options.

The Roku XD the type comes along with a lower price element when in comparison to many others in the series.

It has a streaming quality of 1080 pixels and also an HD capacity streaming capability.

Bluetooth remote controller can always be bought separately to be attached to the Roku XD and used as a regular Bluetooth game remote.

A micro SD card can be inserted into the XD type owing to the slots provided and therefore enhances the storage capacity.

Again a major attractive element for gamers and other users is to store non pre-uploaded games.

Main Differences Between Roku XS and XD

  1. While Roku XS comes with a remote that has a greater feature up-gradation when compared to the Roku XD type that has barely any new up-gradation feature installed into the remote.
  2. The Roku XD type is more pocket-friendly due to its lower price value whereas Roku XS is one of the most expensive streamers available in the second generation series.
  3. Roku XS streamer could be used with any remote irrespective of the device and hence is not limited whereas the Roku XD streamer is restricted to its own remote, not accepting other remote devices.
  4. While the Roku XS type has a few numbers of already uploaded games available, the Roku XD the type comes with no uploaded games.
  5. The Roku XD has no Bluetooth game remote accompanying the package set while that of the Roku XS has a Bluetooth game remote simulation set.


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