Difference Between Torah Bible and Quran

There are over five holy books related to the Islamic religion on their holy Gods. Quran, Torah, Zabur, and Injil are the most important holy books among prophets.

In that case, Quran and Torah bible are the most notable ones, cognizant of Muhammad, and Moses respectively.

Meanwhile, Quran is the center of religious text among Islamics and also inferred that Torah was given to Moses.

Torah Bible vs Quran

The main difference between Torah Bible and Quran is that the Torah Bible is for Jews and Christians about Moses. On the other hand, Quran is about the God Allah, aka Muhammad, and is for Muslims.

Torah Bible vs Quran

The Torah Bible is also known as Hebrew Bible, is full of laws, teachings, and instructions about the insights of Moses. It plays a crucial role among the Jews. Torah conveys the ideology of the world created by God, and the development of Abraham and Sarah’s family in the land of Canaan, and the creation of Israel.

On the other hand, Quran is the cynosure of the religious texts in Islam. Muslims suppose that the holy book Quran is about the oration of God through the angel Jibril to the final prophet, Muhammad. Fascinatingly, during the month of Ramzan, Muslims tend to finish off their recitation of the whole Quran in one go.

Comparison Table Between Torah Bible and Quran

Parameters of ComparisonTorah Bible Quran
DefinitionTorah bible is a Jewish Bible, which consists of guidelines, instruction, and teaching the law of God (HaShem), that has been already mentioned in the first five books of Hebrew manuscripts. Quran is a religious text script of Islam, which tells the life of Muhammad (Prophet and Founder of Islamic) that subsumes his portentous, Divine message and covers books of Torah, Adam, Zabur Injil. 
Language Written in Tiberian Hebrew(Judaism), considered to be Jewish oldest languageInitially, Quran was developed in Classical Arabic, later translated into 47 languages all over the world. 
Number of verses 58526346
PrologueThe Torah Bible was believed to be written before the materialistic world was created by God and culminated when people moved to Canaan, at the same time Moses’s death occurred. Quran is said to be believed that it is God(Allah)’s ultimate revelation to Humanity and Muhammad’s messages to recite the Quran every day and forming a group of Islamic and following the guidelines of Angel Gabriel. The Quran implies the duties and responsibilities of God to the world.
PublishedIt is assumed that the Torah Bible was published in the 6th BCE, which was credulous when sources are identified. Quran was finally disclosed in the 18th century in the year 10 A.H.after the Death of Muhammad in 632 when the prophet handed over the recitation at Ghadir Khumm. 
Revision The Torah Bible did its revision in the 5th Century BCE and ultimately completed by 6th BCE. Quran translation was a strenuous task to the scholars, which was difficult to decode the meaning. Revision started in the month of Ramadan. 

What is Torah Bible?

It is the first book among the twenty-four books in the Hebrew Bible. The Torah bible is for Jewish and Christians about the pedagogy given by God to Moses around 3300 years ago at Mount Sinai.

It consists of five books as Old Testament for non-Jews, which are Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy. Similarly, Torah is also known as the five books of Moses.

The Torah Bible conveys the message of Israel to mankind in the world and is used as a blueprint to create the world, written by Moses.

As of now, there have been over 70 versions of the Torah Bible around the globe. It is said that the Torah Bibles are read by the believers at the beginning of the Jewish New year.

Originally, the Torah bible emerged to Jews around 1250 BCE.

The Torah Bible starts its teachings from God’s creation of the world, about the people of Israel and Egypt, and ends with the death of Moses.

Subsequently, each episode is divided into Genesis(The Beginning), Exodus(Shemot-the names of the people in Israel and Egypt), Leviticus(Vayikra- the history of the Jewish people), Numbers(Bamidbar- Israelites journey to the land of milk and honey, Canaan) and Deuteronomy(D’varim- the instructions of God).

It is also the oral Torah of God given to Moses at Mount Sinai in 1312 BCE about Judaism and completed in the 6th or 7th century.

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What is Quran?

Quran is the most famous and important holy book among the Islam religion. Quran had a total of 114 chapters; 86 chapters about the prophet Muhammad’s life in Makkah, and the other 28 is about the prophet’s migration to Madinah.

The holy book is about the teachings of God(Allah) to the prophet Muhammad through the angel Jibril.

The recitation of the Quran to Muhammad began when he was 40 years old and continued till his death, which is after 632 years.

Quran is a book of guidance for Muslims, a sign of the prophethood of Muhammad and the significance of the religion.

Quran is written in the month of Ramzan by the prophet Muhammed as per the instructions of God. Presently, the Quran has been translated into over 100 languages in the world.

Having said that, the Quran word appears over seventy times in the Quran, with different meanings.

Initially, the Quran is revealed to the last prophet of Allah around 1400 years ago to give an account of humankind’s purpose.

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Main Differences Between Torah Bible and Quran

  1. The main difference between Torah Bible and Quran is the religious text they have- where Torah is about Jewish and Christ, on the other hand, Quran is an Islam script. 
  2. The Torah Bible was created primarily before Quran; that is the reason where Quran subsumes the Torah as a part of it. Torah Bible incipient before the creation of the world by God till the Death of Moses in 6th BCE. Albeit Quran came up after the Death of Muhammad in 632. 
  3. Torah is considered to be the Holiest book in Judaism among the five books of Moses, which represents the outlined laws for Jews to perpetrate. Quran solely focuses on the God Allah’s saying in the form of His messenger Muhammad. 
  4. Torah and Quran slightly have similarities, but Torah was the first text revealed to the world, and Quran was revealed as the final prophet-Muhammad to the Muslims.
  5. The Torah Bible has 187 chapters with 5852 verses on it, and Quran has 114 chapters and 6346 verses.
  6. Torah was published in the 6th BCE, whereas Quran was found after the death of His messager Muhammad in the 18th Century 10 A.H. in 632. 
Difference Between Torah Bible and Quran


Quran is ultimately for the Islamic and Torah generally comprise the laws and rituals of Christians and Jewish.

Torah begins from the creation of the world to the death of Moses, which was given at the Biblical Mount Sinai, and Quran was submitted at Ghadir Khumm after Muhammad died and his follower Abu Bakr arrogated the belief to the Muslims.

Quran was renown all over the world- following the verses of The God Allah in their daily lives and translated around 47 languages.

Torah is said to be the holiest book in the history of the five-book of Hebrew that was originally scripted in the Judaism language.


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