Toyota Matrix vs Pontiac Vibe: Difference and Comparison

The term ‘automobile’ refers to passenger vehicles with tires ranging from four to eight. This industry is constantly growing, resulting in cars now becoming more of an essential than a necessity.

Toyota Matrix and Pontiac Vibe are two cars with approximately the same features. Thus, it becomes even more important to know the differences before making a choice.

Key Takeaways

  1. Both vehicles were developed under a joint venture between Toyota and General Motors, sharing the same platform and mechanical components.
  2. The Toyota Matrix is considered more reliable due to Toyota’s reputation for dependability.
  3. Styling and branding are the primary differences between the two vehicles, with the Pontiac Vibe having a more aggressive design.

Toyota Matrix vs Pontiac Vibe

The difference between Toyota Matrix and Pontiac Vibe is that the resale value of Toyota Matrix is more compared to Pontiac Vibe. This is because the rate of depreciation of Toyota Matrix’s parts is much less compared to Pontiac Vibe. Additionally, Toyota’s brand name is an important factor.

Toyota Matrix vs Pontiac Vibe

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Toyota Matrix is a 5-door hatchback car made by Toyota Motor Manufacturing Canada. With foldable seats, it is a spacious car along with a high roof.

It comes with a 27-mpg engine and all-wheel drive. It also offers an optional AWD system. However, the stability control hasn’t been quite good and needs working on. Moreover, the interior provides a cheap look to the car.

Pontiac Vibe is also a 5-door hatchback manufactured by General Motors in partnership with Toyota in Freemont, California. Its engine and parts are the same as Toyota Matrix.

It has the characteristics of a crossover SUV with unrestrained interior access and an improved driving position. However, the driving position is not that good and the engine makes a lot of noise while driving.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonToyota MatrixPontiac Vibe
ManufacturerToyotaGeneral Motors in partnership with Toyota
Country of OriginCanadaCalifornia
SuccessorToyota Corolla iMIt has several successors such as Toyota Auris, Buick Encore
Rate of depreciationLessMore
Occasional Maintenance costsIts maintenance cost is much less when compared to Pontiac VibeMore
WarrantyIt offers a warranty of 5-year per 100,000 kmIt offers a warranty of 5-years per 160,000 km
Safety equipmentLess compared to Pontiac VibeMore abundant compared to Toyota Matrix

What is Toyota Matrix?

Toyota Matrix is a compact hatchback car that had been on the market from 2003 to 2013. It is a fuel-efficient, reliable, and functional car. The all-drive version of the Toyota Matrix portrayed an area, now increasing rapidly i.e. the crossover hatchback.

The first generation of the car introduced in 2003, offered a 1.8-liter engine and produces 130 horsepower. Minor changes were made to the versions introduced till 2005.

An XRS model was also introduced which provided 180 horsepower with the same engine used in earlier models.

The XRS model was replaced by the 2007 model. The most distinguishing addition made to this model was the Matrix M-theory package along with 17-inch wheels, making it perfect to replace the earlier models.

It even had a sports-turned suspension with a paint scheme of Speedway Blue.

The second generation of the car, introduced in 2009, offered higher power, a new exterior design, and many more safety features.

In contrast to the base model offering 132 horsepower on a 1.8-liter engine, the XRS and S versions produce 158 horsepower on a 2.4-liter engine. The specifications remained almost similar in all the later versions.

The last version was 2013 one, with the last additions being standard Bluetooth and iPod connection. Overall, this car was a great one for a small family offering ample space and many other features.


What is Pontiac Vibe?

Pontiac Vibe is also a compact car sold by Pontiac and developed by General Motors in partnership with Toyota from 2002 to 2010. It succeeded Prizm and was even sold in the Japanese market for a brief period as Toyota Voltz.

It’s a twin of the car, Toyota Matrix, which remained in the market for 3 years more than Pontiac Vibe.

This is a practical car with optimum loading capacity. Various models are available for this car at a pretty reasonable price.

The first generation of the car was one of the most efficient vehicles at the time in terms of fuel efficiency producing 126 horsepower with a 416 valve engine. Very few changes were introduced over the years.

The version of cars during the years 2008-2010 was larger and taller compared to the original models. It had a 2.4-liter engine offering 158 horsepower and the option of a 5-speed automatic and speed manual transmission.

Storage space could be increased by folding the seats. An optional sunroof was also available.

The last version of the car was introduced in 2010 with limited changes. With the bankruptcy of General Motors and excessive losses in the factory creating Pontiac Vibe, it was finally laid off along with the Pontiac.

Overall, this car is comparable to Matrix in many aspects and serves wonderfully for the small needs of a family.

pontiac vibe

Main Differences Between Toyota Matrix and Pontiac Vibe

  1. Toyota Matrix was developed by the manufacturers of Toyota while Pontiac Vibe is made by General Motors in partnership with Toyota.
  2. The country of origin of Toyota Matrix is Canada while that of Pontiac Vibe is California.
  3. The rate of depreciation, cost, and maintenance cost of Toyota Matrix are less than that of Pontiac Vibe.
  4. The warranty of the Toyota Matrix is less than that of Pontiac Vibe. Matrix offers 5-year per 100,000 km while Pontiac Vibe offers 5-years per 160,000 km.
  5. Safety equipment of Toyota Matrix is much less compared to Pontiac Vibe which offers more abundant options.

Last Updated : 13 July, 2023

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