Toyota Vanguard vs RAV4: Difference and Comparison

Cars have always been a subject of fascination and attraction. Especially with the frequent introduction of new models with new features, it can lead to confusion.

One such confusion is the two cars produced by Toyota- the magnificent Japanese car manufacturing company, the Toyota Vanguard and RAV4. Although both these cars are SUVs and appear strikingly similar, they are fundamentally different.   

Key Takeaways

  1. The Toyota Vanguard is a larger and more luxurious version of the RAV4.
  2. Both models are SUVs, but the Vanguard offers a seven-seater option, while the RAV4 is a five-seater.
  3. The Vanguard is available primarily in Japan, whereas the RAV4 has a more global market presence.

Toyota Vanguard vs RAV4 

The difference between Toyota Vanguard and RAV4 is that Toyota Vanguard was launched on 30th August 2007 in Japan as a crossover SUV (Sports Utility Vehicle), and it carries a seating capacity of more than 7 seats, on the other hand, RAV4 debuted in 1994 in Japan as the first compact crossover SUV. RAV4 has a capacity of 5 seats.  

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Toyota Vanguard is a long-wheelbase version of the Toyota SUVs.

Just like any other Japanese automobile, Toyota Vanguard bears various high-tech gadgets like Satellite navigation, Keyless Entry, Steering-assisted stability control, High-level security, etc.

The seating capacity of Toyota Vanguard is considered as one of the highest of all SUVs- the 7-seater vehicle has a three-row seating system.   

On the other hand, RAV4 was introduced in Japan and Europe in the year 1994 and was launched in North America in January 1996.

It is to date considered as a compact crossover SUV with a seating capacity of 5 seats. Although the seating capacity is less as compared to other SUVs, the RAV4 carries a huge cargo capacity.   

Comparison Table   

Parameters of Comparison    Toyota Vanguard    RAV4  
Launched in    2007    1994 
Power Performance    270 Horsepower    170 Horsepower    
Engine Capacity    2400-3500cc  2400cc 
Fuel Consumption    12km/litre  13km/litre  
Seating Capacity    Minimum 6-7 with 3-row seating systemMinimum 4-5  
Perks Seating Capacity    Cargo Capacity    

What is Toyota Vanguard?  

Aforementioned, Toyota Vanguard is one of the finest SUVs in the world that was first introduced in 2007 and is called the longer-wheelbase version of all the Toyota SUVs.

It was peculiarly designed for the seating capacity, which was a major issue in all the other SUVs.   

The Toyota Vanguard has an excellent power performance- 270 Horsepower- making it the best SUV available. Toyota Vanguard shares similarities with the Toyota Hilux Surf.

The engine capacity of Vanguard is exceptionally good with about 2400-3500cc (16 valves, four cylinders) thus, you can switch between all-wheel drive (4WD-Automatic) or front-wheel drive as per your preference. 

Similarly, the fuel economy of this particular SUV is just 12km/liter, thus guaranteeing the long run. Toyota Vanguard has one of the best safety systems in the world of SUVs, with steering-assisted stability control, keyless entry, passcode protection, etc.

The interior of Toyota Vanguard comes in various aesthetic colors like black, beige, dark grey, etc.   

The Toyota Vanguard’s seating capacity is one of this SUV’s major perks. With a 7-seater capacity, Toyota Vanguard turns out to be the best family vehicle used outdoors and is referred to as the most spacious car of Toyota.

Toyota Vanguard focuses on driving and seating comfort, along with providing a luxurious driving experience.  

Toyota Vanguard is referred to as the longer version of all the past Toyota SUVs merely because of its capacity and interior. The safety, luxury, comfort, and high-tech facilities transform Toyota Vanguard’s dominance over all the SUVs around the world.   

toyota vanguard 1

What is RAV4?  

The aforementioned, RAV4 or popularly known as Toyota RAV4, is one of the finest compact crossover SUVs designed by Toyota.

Launched in 1994, this car has come a long way and is modified into various latest models, the latest being the fifth-generation RAV4 XA50 designed and launched in 2018.   

This vehicle was peculiarly designed so that the driver can experience all the benefits of an SUV but compactly for example, Spacious cargo rooms, full-time automatic 4WD-Four Wheel Drive, Higher visibility, etc.

Thus, in Japan, Toyota RAV4 is referred to as the RV- Recreational Vehicle, while some refer to it as the perfect Sports vehicle/SUV.   

Toyota RAV4 comes in both short and long-wheelbase versions, and the long version is sold in North America and Australia, while the short one is sold in Europe and Japan.

Toyota RAV4 is widely welcomed in the world as the company launched 5 versions of them within a few years between each version.  

Toyota RAV4 has exceptional engine performance with up to 2400cc (16 valves, four cylinders), along with this, it has enough cargo room for all equipment and tools with limited seating capacity, which makes it a perfect vehicle for adventure, family outdoors, and trekking purposes.   

Thus, the RAV4 has all the qualities of an SUV but with minimalistic fuel losses and compact features, and it is a perfect sports car. 

toyota rav4

Main Differences Between Toyota Vanguard and RAV4     

  1. Toyota Vanguard is an SUV with a 7-seater capacity, on the other hand, RAV4 is an SUV with a maximum 5-seater capacity.  
  2. Toyota Vanguard has less cargo capacity as compared to RAV4.  
  3. Toyota Vanguard has a maximum engine capacity of 3500cc, in contrast, RAV4 has a maximum capacity of 2400cc.  
  4. Toyota Vanguard can be operated in Front Wheel Drive or All-Wheel Drive, whereas RAV4 can be operated in All-Wheel Drive.   
  5. Toyota Vanguard carries more powerful performance and is more stable than RAV4.   
  6. Toyota Vanguard is a luxurious family vehicle, on the other hand, RAV4 is designed to perform as a sports and trekking vehicle.   

Last Updated : 13 July, 2023

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