Difference Between Toyota Vanguard and Harrier

While buying a car, we want to be thorough with our research so that we do not end up with the wrong model that is unable to fulfil our needs and preferences. Before buying a car, we should keep in mind many factors. Both models Vanguard and Harrier, are manufactured by Toyota. They share many differences, and you should choose the one which fulfils your needs completely.


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Toyota Vanguard vs Toyota Harrier

The difference between Toyota Vanguard and Toyota Harrier is that Toyota Vanguard is a bigger car than Toyota Harrier. Vanguard is a car with 7 seats, whereas Harrier is a car with 5 seats. So if you have a big family, then Toyota Vanguard got your back to accommodate all the members.

Toyota Vanguard vs Toyota Harrier

Toyota Vanguard can be classified as a luxury SUV. It is very spacious, and big families will enjoy this car. Child seats can easily get fixed in this model of the car. Its safety features are upmarket, and it also consumes less fuel to reach your destination.

Toyota Harrier is a mid-sized SUV that is quite popular for its up to date features and looks. Its features are extremely attractive, and the space is compact. Toyota’s first-ever digital inner mirror is available in this model, which offers you a whole new level of safety measures.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonToyota VanguardToyota Harrier
Capacity Toyota Vanguard is a 7 seater car.Toyota Harrier is a 5 seater car.
EngineToyota Vanguard has a 2362 – 3,456cc engine.Toyota Harrier has a 2,362 – 2,990cc engine.
Fuel ConsumptionToyota Vanguard consumes 7.94-litre fuel per 100km. 1-litre fuel lets you travel 12.6 kmToyota Harrier consumes 11-litre fuel per 100km. That is with 1 litre you can travel 9.1 km.
Cargo spaceToyota Vanguard has bigger cargo space.Comparatively, Toyota Harrier has smaller cargo space.
Maximus power 170 ps – 280 ps140 – 280ps
GearboxThe gearbox of Toyota Vanguard is an automatic CVT.The gearbox of the Toyota Harrier is 4-speed automatic.

What is Toyota Vanguard?

Vanguard is long wheel Rav4 of the Japanese market. In Toyota, it is known as Real-Time 4WD. It alternates between front and all-wheel automatically while driving. It enhances traction, and also the fuel consumption stays within the limit. The cargo space of the car is ample as well. It has lower floors for more room, and the structure is well constructed. You can go keyless with this car as it offers keyless entry and a push-button to start the car. Heated seats and child seat anchor points are implanted in the model.

It is a spacious SUV consisting of 7 seats. The headroom and legroom are ample even though seating positions is higher than other cars. The wide-opening door gives chances to have an easy entry and exit. The driver’s comfort also has been taken consider to in this model. You can adjust the height of the driver’s seat until you find the ideal position for comfortable driving. This adjustability also helps in the visibility of the road. All these facilities made Vanguard remarkably popular in the sphere of luxury RV/SUVs. Finance Insurance products also come in the package with this car.

What is Toyota Harrier?

The Toyota Harrier is a fine car consisting of 5 passengers seat. Toyota is a great fashionista model that changes its features with the touch of modernity. The interior of the car is designed with black and chocolate brown premium leather. It also has a panoramic sunroof that is electro-chromatic. It is a mid-size upmarket SUV that is widely popular among people. It includes Toyota Safety Sense that offers a pre-collision safety system. It can detect pedestrians during the day as well as at night.

If your heart has set in this model, then you can get it in many colour options. It has seven colour options to choose from. The exceptional feature of the digital inner mirror is implanted in this Toyota car for the first time. With this feature, while driving, you can record the image of the front as well as the rear. Its parking support brakes reduces the chance of collisions.

Main Differences Between Toyota Vanguard and Harrier

  1. Toyota Vanguard is a bigger car with 7 seats and 4 doors, whereas Toyota Harrier model cars are comparatively smaller with 5 seats and 4 doors. So if you are looking for a more spacious car, then you should choose Toyota Vanguard.
  2. Toyota Vanguard has a more capable engine with 2362 – 3,456cc, and Toyota Harrier has a 2,362 – 2,990cc engine.
  3. Just like the whole car, the cargo space is also bigger in size. While the car is small, its cargo space is small as well.
  4. Toyota Vanguard consumes less fuel per km. On one litre of fuel, you can ride 12.6km. Per 100km road, 7.94-litre fuel will get consumed. On the other hand, Toyota Harrier consumes more fuel comparatively. For one litre of gasoline, the car can be driven for 9.1km. For every 100km road, 11-litre fuel is needed.
  5. Toyota Vanguard uses automatic CVT as its gearbox and Toyota Vanguard, on the other hand, uses a 4-speed automatic for its gearbox.


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