Toyota Innova vs Tata Harrier: Difference and Comparison

The Tata Harrier, which debuted nearly one year earlier, has remained one of the finest Tata vehicles in India, with respectable monthly overall sales.

The Toyota Innova, which debuted in 2016, has documented a good sales number ever since, despite its significantly higher price than the outgoing model.

The Tata Harrier and Toyota Innova are indeed top-selling SUVs in their respective segments, with solid sales figures since their introduction.

Read on for an analysis of the Tata Harrier vs Toyota Innova to see which one performs better in the car market.

Key Takeaways

  1. The Toyota Innova, a multipurpose vehicle (MPV), offers more spacious interiors and seating capacity for up to eight passengers. In contrast, the Tata Harrier, a sport utility vehicle (SUV), provides seating for five.
  2. The Tata Harrier delivers better off-road capabilities and a more rugged design than the Toyota Innova, focusing on comfort and practicality for urban and highway driving.
  3. Toyota Innova owners enjoy a reputation for reliability and low maintenance costs, whereas Tata Harrier owners appreciate its modern features and stylish appearance.

Toyota Innova vs Tata Harrier

The Toyota Innova is an MPV designed for practicality and versatility, while the Tata Harrier is an SUV designed for style and performance. The Innova has a larger interior and can accommodate more passengers, while the Harrier has a more modern design and a more powerful engine.

Toyota Innova vs Tata Harrier

Toyota Kirloskar Motor (TKM) initiated the launch of the Innova SUV in 2005 as the very first concept MUV vehicle, including a hybrid SUV, as a successor to the all-conquering Qualis,

and much more than 8,80,000 units have been sold over the last 14 years, with three lakh components from of the Innova tried to introduce as the 2nd gen in 2016.

However, much has changed, and the Innova has evolved into an upscale MPV, with several competitors vying to be the most efficient and elegant car.

Tata’s flagship five-seat SUV is indeed the Harrier. It is the industry’s first automobile based on a Range Rover chassis, but it is also quite distinctive among big Tata SUVs for this front configuration and unibody structure.

The Harrier range has increased with the advent of a diesel-auto variant, which was previously only available in the diesel-manual configuration.

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The horsepower of the Harrier’s 2.0-litre diesel engine has been increased to 170hp, and a petrol engine variant seems to be in the works as well.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonToyota InnovaTata Harrier
First LaunchThe first Toyota Innova was launched worldwide in the year 2005.The gen-1 Harrier was launched on 23 January 2019.
Horsepower110 – 122 KW120 – 125 kW
Fuel and Engine Type2694 cc, 4 Cylinders Inline, 4 Valves/Cylinder, DOHC with petrol type fuel.1956 cc, 4 Cylinders Inline, 4 Valves/Cylinder, DOHC with petrol and diesel fuel type.
Mileage14 Kmpl in latest versions whereas 10 kmpl in older generations.17 Kmpl is the average mileage of Tata Harrier.
Fuel TankThe fuel tank capacity of Innova is 65 litres.The fuel tank capacity of Harrier is 50 litres.

What is Toyota Innova?

The Toyota Innova is an MPV with something like a striking design. A huge grille with charcoal slats plus two chrome strips is located in the bottom half with the front.

The front is accompanied by two large wavy headlights that are merged with LED flashing lamps and projector modules.

The 17-inch wheel arches, the rearmost glass windows, and the flaring wheel arches are also what make this vehicle’s flanks more appealing. The inverted L-shaped lighting is one of the most noticeable elements at the back.

The first-generation Innova was available in seven- or 8 configurations and had equipment like handlebar-mounted airbags, Brake assist, automatic temperature control, steerable controls, and so on.

Toyota introduced the AN40 series Innova, known as the Kijang Innova in Indonesia, on September 1, 2004. This followed the 2003 release of the Avanza, which served as a substitute for reduced Kijangs.

As a result, the Innova is much more elegant and costly than the Kijang.

The Innova was popular in India (in which it is called a MUV), in which it largely served the tourist taxi sector and the fleet operations of big technology business process automation organizations.

It also has significant markets in Taiwan, Malaysia, and the Philippines. In the Philippines, it supplanted the Spin, Kijang’s previous moniker in that region.

toyota innova scaled

What is Tata Harrier?

The Tata Harrier, becoming the first Tata vehicle to incorporate Tata Motors’ Impact Design 2.0 concept, is likely to catch anyone else’s eye with its eye-catching design.

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The SUV’s crowded front will frustrate some automobile buyers, but it will still win greater fans than detractors.

The car has a dual headlamp technology, which has become increasingly popular in India and has already been adopted by the Hyundai Venue and even the MG Hector’s latest versions.

A large grille is surrounded by a strip of high-set LEDs that serve as the DRLs and turn signal lights. A standard scuff mark is present on the front’s bottom half.

The SUV’s stride has been raised thanks to the application of body cladding.

With large, lumbosacral front cushions, the Tata Harrier interior provides a pleasant ride. However, a dead pedal is provided, tucking your left leg may cause your knees to brush against the dashboard, which is uncomfortably close.

The back seats are sturdy and comfortable, with ample legroom and little to worry about.

The Tata Harrier consumes less gasoline than the Toyota Innova. The Tata Harrier also has plenty of storage space, including spacious door compartments, rear shelves, and a large cool glove compartment.

Furthermore, the big 425-litre cargo area, which can be increased to 810 litres on top-spec models, provides plenty of storage capacity.

tata harrier

Main Differences Between Toyota Innova and Tata Harrier.

  1. The first version of Innova was launched in 2005, whereas the first Harrier was launched in 2019.
  2. The latest Toyota Innova has a starting price of 17 lakhs INR, whereas the latest version of Harrier starts from approximately 14 Lakhs INR.
  3. A 2694cc petrol pump-top engine powers the Innova, while a 1956cc diesel top engine powers the Harrier.
  4. The Innova has a boot space of 300 litres, whereas the Harrier has a boot space of 425 litres.
  5. The Innova has a mileage of 14 kmpl whereas the average mileage of the Harrier starts from 17 kmpl.

Last Updated : 13 July, 2023

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