Difference Between Truecaller and Truecaller Premium

We all get calls and messages from an unknown number. But, now we can identify the unknown caller ID via Truecaller.

Truecaller is an application that helps us to reach out the unknown numbers name and places as well.

Only that person has to be registered under the Truecaller. It is a Swedish company that launched its application in the year 2009.

And from then there are about 300 million users worldwide.

Truecaller vs Truecaller Premium

The main difference between Truecaller and Truecaller Premium is that Truecaller is the version, where we can find lots of advertisements and we can not skip them. On the other hand, the Truecaller Premium is hassle-free to use, as there are no advertisements.

Truecaller vs Truecaller Premium

Truecaller is an application that gives us the opportunity of identifying the unknown caller.

It is a free application and can be used by anyone.

Generally, this version of Truecaller is mostly used by people as it is free and fulfills the basic requirements of the users.

On the other hand, the next advanced version of Truecaller is the Truecaller Premium. In this version, the users get more advanced advantages.

In this version, the users need to take the subscription pack with minimalistic fees.

Comparison Table Between Truecaller and Truecaller Premium

Parameters of ComparisonTruecallerTruecaller Premium
FeatureThere are limited to two to three features in Truecaller. Truecaller Premium allows the users to have numerous features.
Incognito ModeIn Truecaller the users can not use the incognito mode. Truecaller Premium comes with incognito features and further, it enables the users to check their profiles.
Mostly Used VersionPeople mostly used this version of Truecaller.Only a few percent of people use this Premium version.
SubscriptionThe general Truecaller application is free of cost. The users need to pay a minimalistic subscription fee for Truecaller Premium.
Advertisement The users can not skip or disable any form of advertisement in Truecaller. Truecaller Premium offers an advertisement-free service.

What is Truecaller?

Truecaller is a creation of a Swedish company that allows the user to identify the unknown caller or message.

Truecaller is set with some limited yet amazing features. It not only allows the user to identify the caller but to block or spam them permanently.

It is free of cost and can be used by anyone by simply downloading it from the play store or apple store, as it supports both Android as well as iOS.

After the completion of downloading, the user needs to punch their details like phone number, name, photo (optional), etc.

Nowadays, almost every person uses Truecaller.

The only issue faced by the users is that if the opposite unknown person is not registered via Truecaller then they won’t be able to identify the caller.

In Truecaller, the users get a notification when someone from their respective contacts tries to call them, this feature is absent when an unknown calls them.

Also, we all know how borings are the advertisements, and here in this application, the users get to see a lot without even skipping.

Also, one can type the number on the search bar and then find their name but they won’t get any other details from their profile.

The spammers can easily be blocked or unblocked at the same time. If you are looking for such features then you should feel free to download Truecaller.

What is Truecaller Premium?

Truecaller Premium is the more advanced and updated version of Truecaller.

By the term Premium, we can already assume that it allows us to have some premium loyalties from the application.

Therefore, there are many features in it which are quite fascinating.

Truecaller Premium does the same identification job, but with some other updated features.

You only need to take a monthly or yearly subscription to join this version. It allows the user to use a special feature and that is the incognito mode.

Even when a known or unknown person tries to view some premium user’s profile, then it directly notifies the user.

And further, if they feel unsafe or threatened they can block that profile immediately. It is an advertisement-free version.

The user can skip as many advertisements. Also, Truecaller Premium user is allowed to both discover and hide profiles. It helps them to stay secure.

Since we know this is a premium version. Therefore, to make the user feel special and superior it adds a badge to the profile.

We can understand that the company has taken a lot of steps to comfort the user.

Also one more cool feature is that this version automatically alerts or blocks the top spammers. As a whole, it has more features for protection.

And last but not the least, through a More Contact Feature the user can become friends with the other co-existing Truecaller Premium user.

This is totally optional and works according to the user.

Main Differences Between Truecaller and Truecaller Premium

  1. In Truecaller, the users are availed of some limited features. On the other hand, comparatively, there are more features in Truecaller Premium.
  2. The incognito mode is not present in Truecaller. On the other hand, the Truecaller Premium users get the chance of using the incognito mode.
  3. Since Truecaller is the basic application for the identification of the unknown caller and hence people sticks to this version. On the other hand, the Truecaller Premium is comparatively the least used.
  4. The users of Truecaller do not require to pay any sum for usage. On the other hand, to use the Truecaller Premium the user is bound to subscribe to it with an average fee.
  5. In Truecaller, the users have to see every advertisement. On the other hand, the users are free from the advertisements in Truecaller Premium.


From the above-mentioned data, we can say that Truecaller and Truecaller Premium are the same concepts of identifying unknown callers but in different versions.

Truecaller is the initial version and on the other side, Truecaller Premium is the more advanced version than the Truecaller.

If you need to choose any of these then you can briefly go through the differences and then proceed with your choice.


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