Youtube Partner vs Monetization: Difference and Comparison

Content creation has become one of the most popular sources of income. With regard to this trend, Youtube has become a major source of income for many content creators.

The Youtube Partner and Youtube Monetization are two such programs introduced by Youtbe to assist the content creators in generating revenue.

While the two may seem similar, they have considerable differences. 

Key Takeaways

  1. The YouTube Partner Program (YPP) is the overarching program that allows eligible creators to monetize their content, while monetization refers to the specific methods of earning revenue.
  2. YPP offers multiple revenue streams, including ads, channel memberships, and merchandise, while monetization methods depend on meeting specific eligibility requirements.
  3. YPP requires creators to adhere to YouTube’s community guidelines and copyright policies, while monetization options require individual compliance.

Youtube Partner vs Monetization 

The difference between youtube partner and monetization is that while Youtube Partner involves strict screening procedures before approval and selection as a member, Youtube Monetization is easy to enroll in. A member of the Youtube Partner Program can promote his video via Adwords while a monetization member can not. 

Youtube Partner vs Monetization

Youtube Partner is a program that allows content creators to promote their own videos via Adwords. In this manner, a particular content creator’s videos are shown to users who view similar content or fit a demographic the creator is targeting.

This in turn allows the creators to increase their views, revenues, and build their following. 

Youtube Monetization refers to the medium of generating revenue from youtube via content creation. To turn on monetization on youtube, the creator must be at least 18 years old and have more than 1000 subscribers.

Earning money on youtube is a great way to be rewarded for good. However, any violation of youtube monetization norms may result in the suspension of the account. 

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonYoutube Partner Youtube Monetization 
LevelYoutube Partner Program is an advanced program of earning revenue with custom features. Youtube Monetization is a basic method to earn revenue on Youtube. 
Complexity It is relatively harder to qualify for the Partner program.It is easier to generate revenue via monetization. 
Application Procedure You can apply to be a Youtube Partner. Monetization can be availed only via invitation. 
Video Promotion The youtube program allows creators to promote their videos. The monetization program does not provide the promotion feature. 
Features The Youtube Partner program offers more features and opportunities than the monetization program.The monetization feature offers fewer opportunities than the Youtube Partner Program. 

What is a Youtube Partner?

The Youtube Partner is a program that enables content creators in youtube to monetize their content. It gives youtube creators access to various youtube resources and features like direct access to the Creator Support Team.

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In addition, the Youtube Partner program enables the creators to receive a revenue for the ads played on their content. 

The Youtube Partner program provides access to the Copyright Match Tool and Monetization features. To join the Youtube Partner program, the creator must agree to follow all the Youtube channel monetization policies and live in an area where the Program is available.

In addition, the creator must not have any active community guideline strikes on his channel. 

The creator must have a minimum of 4000 watch hours in the last 12 hours and more than 1000 subscribers. Lastly, the creator must have a linked AdSense Account.

The checklist for the Youtube Partner program involves several steps. Firstly, the creator must ensure the 2-step google verification is turned on their account.

The next step is to ensure the channel follows the community guidelines. 

After meeting the requirements of the Youtube Partner program, the creator must sign the YPP terms and get reviewed. Once the application is reviewed and approved, it is essential to ensure consistency of content to make money.

Although content creators can earn money without being a part of the Youtube Partner program, it makes the process more convenient. 

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What is Youtube Monetization?

Youtube Monetization refers to the practice of earning money from your youtube clips. If a content creator is monetizing on Youtube, it’s pivotal for his channel to follow Youtube Monetization Policies.

The Youtube Monetization Policies include Youtube’s Terms of Service, Google AdSense Program policies, Copyright, and Community Guidelines.  

A content creator who wishes to monetize videos with ads must also meet the Advertiser-Friendly content guidelines. It is relatively easy to join the Monetization program of Youtube.

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Even if a creator has a very popular video, he can start earning via impressions. Consequently, the Monetization program eliminates the need to undergo any strict screening procedure. 

The minimum age requirement to be enlisted as a youtube monetizer is 18 years. It is possible to monetize a youtube video of any length.

There are several ways to monetize on Youtube. These include ads, premium, super chat, super stickers, super thanks, memberships, merch, ticketing, BrandConnect, and funds.

Ads form the core of any content creator’s revenue. 

Youtube Monetization policies involve the review of the theme, most viewed videos, newest videos, watch time, and video metadata on the creator’s channel.

If there is a violation of any of the youtube’s monetization policies, it may result in repercussions. It may result in the turn off of ads from your account or the suspension or termination of your youtube channel. 

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Main Differences Between Youtube Partner and Monetization

  1. Being a part of the Youtube Partner Program offers opportunities other than just generating revenue that is provided by the Monetization program. 
  2. A member of the Youtube Partner Program gets longer videos than a monetization program member does. 
  3. An individual can apply to join the Youtube Partner Program. However, Monetization is invitation only. 
  4. The Youtube Partner Program allows a creator to monetize his entire channel whereas Monetization may allow a creator to monetize only one popular video. 
  5. Youtube Partner Program provides faster customer support than Monetization does. 

Last Updated : 13 July, 2023

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