Disney Plus Error Code 39: Quick Solutions for Error 39

What is Disney Plus Error Code 39

Disney Plus

Disney Plus Error Code 39 is a rights management code that occurs when the streaming service requires a secure connection, but your streaming setup cannot provide it. This error arises when the requested content is temporarily inaccessible due to issues like a non-functioning or unsupported HDMI connection (HDCP), accessing Disney+ from an unsupported device or configuration, or unstable internet connection or Wi-Fi signal.

As you stream movies or TV shows on Disney Plus, error codes may appear on your device, and one such error is Code 39. This error is temporary in nature, and fixing it involves addressing the root cause leading to the issue.

Possible causes for this error code include a weak Wi-Fi signal, violation of Digital Rights Management, many specific video content requests, and HDMI interface issues. To resolve this error, you can try general fixes such as restarting the Disney Plus app or your device entirely. Make sure to completely force-stop the app or browser before attempting to restart.

Remember to check your HDMI connections, ensure your device is supported by Disney Plus, and maintain a strong and stable internet connection to avoid encountering Error Code 39. In case the issue persists, it’s advisable to contact Disney+ customer support for further assistance.

Reasons for Disney Plus Error Code 39

Disney Plus Error

Internet Connectivity Issues

One of the reasons behind the Disney Plus Error Code 39 could be unstable internet connectivity or Wi-Fi signal. To resolve this issue, ensure your device is connected to a stable, high-speed internet connection. You may need to move closer to your Wi-Fi router or perform a router reset to improve your connection quality.

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Device Compatibility Problems

Another common reason for facing the error code 39 is accessing Disney Plus from an unsupported device or configuration. Double-check if your device is compatible with Disney Plus streaming services and software requirements. If you are using a PC, Xbox streaming app, or connecting with an HDMI cable, verify that the connections function properly and use supported configurations. Changing the HDMI port, replacing the cable, or updating your device’s firmware may be necessary to ensure compatibility and resolve error code 39.

Last Updated : 05 June, 2024

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