Difference Between Disney World and Disney Land

In today’s world, the lives of people have become so monotonous that they seek adventure and entertainment in the tiniest things possible. Keeping this factor of entertainment in mind, some people have created fantasy lands and amusement parks, etc., to bring some amount to entertainment to people. In this order, Disney World and Disney Land are two fantasy lands created with certain characteristics in them at different places. But due to the similarity in the name, many people confuse between these two.  

Disney World vs Disney Land 

The main difference between Disney World and Disney Land is that although both of these represent two respective amusement parks and fantasy lands that have been created to make people feel the world of Disney in front of them, they differ in the matter of places where these are situated and the services these offers.  

Disney World and Disney Land

Disney World is a very known and pursues tourist location that offers a real-life experience to people visiting about the characters of Disney. This entertainment place was opened in the year 1971 in Florida, and since then, it has emerged as a very reputed and followed location in terms of amusement and entertainment.  

On the other hand, Disney Land is also a park or complex offering entertainment related to Disney characters to visitors but on a relatively larger scale. The park not only makes people familiar with the characters of Disney but also offers certain other activities to its visitors. It was opened during the 1950s and thus happens to be the oldest one in the row. 

Comparison Table Between Disney World and Disney Land 

Parameters of Comparison Disney World Disney Land 
Definition  Also known as the Walt Disney World, this particular amusement area offers reality to the fictional Disney characters. Known as Disney Land, this area brings life to the characters of Disney. 
Situated at This place is located in Orlando, Florida. This place is located in Anaheim, California in America.  
Contents of the place It has a total of four theme parks and a total of twenty-three resorts.  It has a total of two themed parks and a total of three resorts. 
Size of the park This place covers a relatively large area and looks like a big city in itself. This place covers relatively less area. 
Opened in It was opened in the year 1971 It was opened in the year 1955. 
Best known for This area is known for the variety of facilities offered by this place. This area is known for its historical value.  

What is Disney World? 

After the establishment of Disneyland in Florida, Walt Disney was of the view that another amusement area portraying the characters of Disney is needed in other parts of the world as well. This very thought became a reason behind the establishment of Disney World, also known as Walt Disney World, in Anaheim, California. 

It was opened for the very first time on 1st October 1971, and since then, it has been a major attraction for people who are looking for places that make the Disney characters come alive in real life. This place has fulfilled this particular responsibility at its best and has offered world-class services to people who have visited it till now. 

The place has a total of four theme parks along with 23 themed resorts. In terms of size, experts believe that if one is to fit a certain number of Disneyland in the area of one Disney World, there would be almost 50 Disneyland at that place. Apart from these facilities, there are a number of rides available in this area that has become a major attraction for people. 

What is Disney Land? 

In the year 1955, Walt Disney came up with the idea of establishing a place that portrays the character of Disney in real life. The objective was to make sure that people visiting that place feel that Disney is not just fiction, but a real-life thing, and this very objective was achieved with the establishment of Disneyland in Orlando, Florida. 

This is the very first such place of its own kind and therefore offers a distinct vibe of nostalgia to people who visit this place. However, as compared to its other counterparts, this place is comparatively smaller in the area and offers fewer facilities as well. For example, there are just two theme parks and three themed resorts situated in this place.  

But on the brighter side, in the matter of cost, it can be a really affordable deal for people who are looking to visit places that not only create Disney in real-life but also keep in mind their budget as well. It is important to note that this place has a very rich historical value because it was created before the eyes of Walt Disney itself. 

Main Differences Between Disney World and Disney Land 

  1. Disney World refers to an amusement area that is situated in Orlando, Florida, but on the other hand, Disney Land refers to another amusement area portraying the characters of Disney but situated in a different place that is Anaheim, California. 
  2. In the matter of size, Disney World is of a size that can fit almost 50 Disneyland in it. Thus Disney World is comparatively larger in size. 
  3. While Disney World is known for its world-class facilities, Disneyland is most known for the feeling of nostalgia it offers. 
  4. Disney World was opened in the year 1971, but on the other hand, Disneyland was opened way before in the year 1955. 
  5. Disneyland offers just a handful of parks and resorts, but on the other hand, Disney World offers more than two dozen themed resorts. 
Difference Between Disney World and Disney Land


Many people all across the world prefer visiting amusement parks and entertainment complexes because of the variety of activities that are offered in these places. Due to this very fact, the popularity of such places has increased so much in the past 30 to 40 years. Disney World and Disney Land are two such places that are visited by millions of people every year. These places are not like any other ordinary amusement park or entertainment complex but offer a real-life experience in the life of Disney characters.  

Because of this particular fact, both of these places have gained so much popularity over the course of the past few years. However, due to a major similarity in the name of these two places, it can be really confusing for some people to distinguish between them. But in reality, these two places are completely different from one another even after offering almost similar services, and a giant line of difference can be easily marked between them after looking at them carefully. 


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