Difference Between 3G and Wifi PS Vita

Sony has upgraded their portable gaming platform to many upgraded and featured versions, the best being the portable PlayStation. This is commonly known as PSP. The latest version of this series is PS Vita.


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This portable PlayStation comes in two different variants. One is 3G PS Vita, and the other is WiFi PS Vita. As the name suggests, the main distinction between the two is in the data network they connect to. But there are other significant differences as well.

Key Takeaways

  1. 3G and WiFi are different network technologies used in the PS Vita gaming console.
  2. While 3G offers cellular connectivity and allows gamers to play online games on the go, it comes with additional costs and limited coverage.
  3. In contrast, WiFi offers faster and more reliable internet speeds but requires access to a wireless network.

3G vs Wifi PS Vita

The difference between 3G PS Vita and WiFi PS Vita is that 3G PS Vita connects via mobile cellular data and wifi. WiFi PS Vita can only connect through wifi. Both have their advantage over the other.

3G vs Wifi PS Vita

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3G PS Vita is the PlayStation by Sony that connects to the internet via wifi and cellular network. One can play turn-based games through 3G Vita. It has an advantage over WiFi PS Vita, which can be used in any location or region.

WiFi PS Vita is the PlayStation by Sony that only connects to the internet via wifi. It is advantageous to use WiFi PS Vita over 3G PS Vita in an area with many wifi hotspots. It also has unlimited data streaming and can download larger game files.

Comparison Table

Parameters of Comparison3G PS VitaWiFi PS Vita
NetworkThis model of PlayStation connects to the internet via a cellular network and wifi.This PS Vita only connects to the internet via Wifi.
GamingThe 3G connection does not allow most multiplayer games to be played through this connection. This is because of poor latency.There is no such problem with the wifi connection. All multiplayer games are supported in this connection.
DataIt provides limited data of up to 20MB only. So it cannot be used for downloading or streaming games that have a larger size than 20 MBIt provides unlimited bandwidth and speed. So it is mainly used for downloading and streaming games, as most require a wifi connection.
CostConnecting to 3g is not free. It often requires a pre-decided data streaming plan to use the connection. You need to have a 3g plan with the carrier.One need not have a data plan to use wifi connection. It is also much cheaper since a wifi signal can be obtained anywhere with a wifi connection.
AccessibilityIf the area you live in has few wifi connections, then it is better to use 3g as it can also connect to a cellular network.It is best to have the wifi version if you have a lot of wifi hotspots in and around the area where you live.

What is 3G PS Vita?

3G PS Vita is the latest model of portable PlayStation introduced by Sony in the PS Vita series. It was introduced such that they can connect via wifi and the cellular network provided by their smartphones.

So 3G Vita can be used in any region, with or without a wifi connection, as it also depends on the cellular network. But to use a 3g cellular network, one must have a data plan with a barrier.

3G PS Vita also allows social media like Near, Party and group messaging. It also supports other social apps like Facebook and Netflix.

Also, this does not allow multiplayer games as they have poor latency. So it is recommended to play turn-based games through these portable PlayStations.

3g ps vita

What is WiFi PS Vita?

WiFi PS Vita is also a model of portable PlayStation introduced by Sony in the PS Vita series. As the name suggests, this PlayStation only connects to available wifi hotspots for gaming.

So to use a Wifi Vita, it is necessary to have a nearby and available wifi connection or hotspot in your area. One does not require any data plan like 3G PS Vita because it does not cause an additional cost.

This PlayStation does not support social media platforms or social applications like Netflix. So, if one needs to use such media, opting for 3G PS Vita is better.

Due to unlimited data streaming and bandwidth, all large files of games can be downloaded and played regardless of whether they are multiplayer or single player

wifi ps vita

Main Differences Between 3G PS Vita and WiFi PS Vita

  1. 3G PS Vita is the model of PlayStation that connects to the internet via wifi and cellular network. This is not possible for WiFi PS Vita. This is because this model only connects to wifi hotspots available in the area. So the major distinction between the two is the network that they can connect to.
  2. Due to poor latency, 3G Vita is incompatible with most multiplayer games. They support games with turns for the players; even gamers prefer this version. In the case of Wifi Vita, there is no such problem. They are compatible with all the kinds of games that PlayStation offers.
  3. The data plans provided by the two models are also different. 3G Vita provides a maximum of 20 MB of limited data. So only the game files that are 20 MB or lesser can be downloaded through 3g. On the other hand, Wifi Vita provides unlimited bandwidth and speed. It also does not have limited data, and most games require a wifi connection to download.
  4. Connecting the two plans is also different in terms of cost. Wifi Vista does not require a plan and is much cheaper than 3G Vita. It is also because a wifi signal can be received from any hotspot available in the area. This is not the case for 3G Vita. For using 3G Vita, one must have a data plan with a carrier that can cost a non-negligible amount for most.
  5. If you live in an area with very few wifi hotspots or open connections, it is better to opt for 3G Vita as one can also rely on the cellular network provided by their smartphones. But if you live in a locality with many strong wifi hotspots in and around the area, using Wifi Vita would be more advantageous.
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