Difference Between Affect and Effect

Affect and Effect are two very tricky words that sound pretty similar. Both the homophones are being used by people repeatedly in different contexts.

The first syllable of the two words sound differently, and that is what differentiates them from each other.

Affect vs Effect

The main difference between Affect vs Effect is that Affect is pronounced with more laziness i.e. it has a “uh-ffect” while Effect is a bit stronger with “uh” effect. In basic English language, the term Affect is a verb while the word Effect is a noun. Affect is generally a verb and implies to change or impact something. An Effect is generally a noun and it is a result of a change.

Affect vs Effect

Affect and Effect mix up well and thus people need to know the general phrases and situations where rules for these words change. Now I hope you all will be able to answer the following question easily;

Is it Affect or Effect? Since you all of learned the basic difference between Affect and Effect, now it is time for you to learn the implications and usage of both the terms.


Comparison Table Between Affect and Effect (in Tabular Form)

Parameter of ComparisonAffectEffect
MeaningAn Affect means to change or make an impact on somebody.An Effect refers to the consequence of the impact on somebody.
Noun UsageAffect term can be used to show human emotions as a noun.Effect term can be used as a noun to depict emotions or feelings after something happened.
Verb UsageAffect term can be used to depict to make an impact or change in someone when used as a verb.Effect term can be used to depict realization as an aftermath of the affect.
ImitatesAs a result of something feeling or emotion.Just the result i.e. the final output once something has happened.
Latin HistoryAffect is derivative from the Latin language afficere.The effect is consequent from the Latin term efficere.
Example of UsageThe TV Show drama has greatly affected me.The TV show drama had a great effect on me.


What is Affect?

Affect means to produce or influence a change in something or someone. It is usually used as a verb but can be used both as a noun and a verb.

Let us understand different situations where you can use the term affect;

1. To express your feelings or emotions especially in the medical field or domain.

  • Rajesh’s mood is very badly affected after his mother scolded him.
  • Vijay’s mood is greatly affected after he won the prize for his bravery.

2. To express the emotions or feelings to someone else.

  • Atal’s dance was so good, that Riya was badly affected.
  • Jaya sang so well, that Ram was deeply affected.

3. To impact or affect someone or somebody.

  • The chronic disease affected everyone in India.
  • Due to heavy rains in Mumbai, complete road transportation is heavily affected.

Let us understand the concept with a few examples one by one;

  1. The shrinkage in the Diesel price will slightly affect the purchasing power of people in Delhi.
  2. Demonetization has affected India’s economy.

Thus, we must not forget that affect can also be used as a noun where it implies to observable expressions of various feelings or emotions such as gestures, postures and facial expressions.


What is Effect?

Effect is the noun and it implies the result of a change on something or somebody. So, if a situation affects your life expectancy, you will unquestionably feel its effect.

It indicated the change that has resulted from either an action or an event in place.

Let us understand different situations where you can use the term effect;

1. To show person feelings to someone special.

  • The trust has donated all the personal effects of the dead.

2. To dent an imprint on someone special.

  • Yoga lesson has an inspirational effect on all of us.

3. To express the scenes of a movie or play such as a sound or a noise etc.

  • All the special effects of the movie are just phenomenal.

4. To express that influencing someone can help achieve the desired results.

  • The painkiller tablets have no effect on me.
  • The speech against the criminals had a positive effect on people.

The effect, when used as a verb, means to bring out something or somebody. It shows nouns like change or solution to something out in place.

Let us understand the concept with a few examples one by one;

  1. Physical exerting has physical and mental effects.
  2. The new government policy will come in effect from 1st November 2020.

Main Differences Between Affect and Effect

Although both are words are being used interchangeably by people, there exists a lot of difference between Affect and Effect when it comes parts of speech and grammar.

  1. Affect when used as a verb means to influence or encourage someone whereas the term Effect means to bring out something out of someone.
  2. The term Effect is derived from the Latin language that depicts a change occurring as a result of some event or action. But the term Affect which is also of Latin origin means to encourage or to influence someone.
  3. The effect usually represents a consequence of something on the other hand Effect represents consequently.
  4. Affect as a noun is used as a technical term many times. However, the term effect is used as a result of something.
Difference Between Affect and Effect



Both the words i.e. Affect and Effect are being used interchangeably by people. However, are both of them are significantly different when it comes to grammar and ways of speech.

In order to remember the difference between Affect and Effect, one can memorize the following term i.e. RAVEN which expands to Remember Affect as Verb and effect as a noun.

Also, the term Affect starts with the alphabet “A” therefore indicates action whereas the word Effect starts with the alphabet “E” therefore depicts the end outcome.  

But all in all both Affect and Effect terms are great ways for communication between two or more parties and are really helpful modes of language.

Key Differences Between Affect and Effect (PDF Format)

Download the key differences in .PDF format, to read or print them later:

Difference Between Affect and Effect



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