Difference Between Constant Contact and Sendinblue

Marketing companies are evolving at a rapid pace and it is high time for businesses to take over in these modern times. The business flow needs to be smooth starting from the industrial point to the customers.

Therefore, business organizations has adapted to modern techniques of marketing. Marketing through social media, email marketing, and other digital marketing techniques are now the latest trend for marketers to market their product or services.

Companies like Constant Contact and Sendinblue helps you do that where you can perform email marketing with your customers. However, there is some difference between these two companies and the services they offer.

Constant Contact vs Sendinblue

The difference between Constant Contact and Sendinblue is the number of contacts that one can store. Constant Contact charges some amount when you are contacting more than 500 people whereas, on the other hand, Sendinblue allows the marketers to pick a plan depending on the number of emails you send each month.

Constant Contact vs Sendinblue

Sendinblue also differs from Constant Contact because here in Sendinblue one can an store unlimited number of contacts free of charge.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonConstant ContactSendinblue
Number of Users1-491-1000+
Rating4.4/5 stars4.3/5 stars
Ease of Use4.4/5 stars4.3/5 stars
Customer Support4.4/5 stars4.2/5 stars
Features and Functionality4.3/5 stars4.1/5 stars
Value For Money4.5/5 stars4/5 stars
TrainingDocumentation TrainingLive Online, Webinars, Documentations training.

What is Constant Contact?

Constant Contact is an online marketing company that was founded by Randy Parker back in 1995. The headquarters is based in the United States, Brooklyn. The company is now a part of Endurance International Group since 2015.

Constant Contact serves its customers with marketing tools. These tools help and are great benefit for small businesses to perform their marketing. The company has a customer base of more than 5 million businesses which includes the non-profit organizations, and individual businesses too.

Constant Contact helps its users or say customers market their product or services through email (email marketing), through social media (twitter, Facebook, Instagram), SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and other forms of online marketing.

Wondering how does the marketing tools work at Constant Contact? Small businesses or individuals can proceed with permission-based emails list, and use templates which are kind of very professional.

The emails which are sent through these marketing tools have a sole purpose to market one’s product or service to you. It is to bring the product to your attention so that you will know such a product or service exists.

Start-ups who want an online marketing tool must use the service of Constant Contact. The company offers several ways to help you get your marketing in line. Customers or rather say marketers can have guiding sessions either online or directly from other Marketing advisors too.

constant contact

What is Sendinblue?

Sendinblue is a software company that is also into relationship marketing. The company was founded back in 2007 to provide and help tools that will guide marketers to perform email marketing and other stuff.

Sendinblue is a direct competitor to Constant Contact and this software company will not fail to impress you with its unique services. This company too was created with the sole purpose of the growing marketers of our society.

The marketers need the ideal tools to bring in a large number of customers. Many businesses fail just because their marketing is not done right. Here, Sendinblue comes into effect and gives some relief right from small businesses to the large ones.

The user experience of the software is excellent according to some of the reviews on the internet. Handling and maintaining Sendinblue is very easy and smooth for the users. Sendinblue boasts when it comes to smooth and fast services.

Sendinblue also offers free email sending options to the marketers which makes the best strategy for Sendinblue to attract large number of customers. Despite giving free email services and other services its customer support and the service quality is one thing that you cannot complain about.

The email service becomes limited when you cross about 10,000 emails in a month. However, there is no other option you will look upon when it comes to email marketing rather than Sendinblue.


Main Differences Between Constant Contact and Sendinblue

  1. Constant Contact and Sendinblue are two great online marketing companies but Constant Contact charges some amount when you cross more than 500 contacts whereas Sendinblue doesn’t.
  2. The service quality of Sendinblue is slightly better than Constant Contact. Constant Contact lacks a little when you talk about their service quality.
  3. Sendinblue is the perfect choice for small sized businesses and medium too but the tools provided by them is a bit old whereas Constant Contact offers third-party integrations and email automation.
  4. Constant Contact and Sendinblue are handy for beginners. Sendinblue comes with an Enterprise plan for its users so that they can scale-up accordingly.
  5. When it comes to deliverability then Constant Contact is ahead of Sendinblue because Sendinblue uses an outdated interface which makes it kind of a lower quality service.


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