Dell G7 vs Lenovo Y740: Difference and Comparison

When it comes to gaming, the laptop is the best in terms of CPU, Ram, storage, graphics card, display, etc.

Looking at the two well-known gaming laptops, Dell G7 and Lenovo Y740, which one is better for gaming? They share many similar features but also vary on the basis of many parameters.

Key Takeaways

  1. Dell G7 has a more understated design, while the Lenovo Y740 features a more aggressive, gaming-centric look.
  2. Lenovo Y740 offers better performance and a higher refresh rate display than the Dell G7.
  3. Dell G7 is more budget-friendly, whereas the Lenovo Y740 is priced higher due to its advanced features.

Dell G7 vs Lenovo Y740

The Dell G7 has a sleeker design and a longer battery life, making it ideal for gamers who prefer portability, and it also has a lower starting price. The Lenovo Y740 has a more powerful graphics card and a higher refresh rate display, making it ideal for gamers who prioritize performance.

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The product Dell G7 was launched in 2019. The Dell G7 has a thin, polished design and gives an astonishing finish.

It has powerful processing, Intel® Core™ i7 processors, which provide us with a powerful experience of gaming and streaming videos, etc., without any interruption.

In addition to this, they are built with powerful CPUs and graphic cards to boost our gaming experience.

The product Lenovo Y740 was also launched in 2019. It is built with upgraded features and styles and gives a modern finish to the product.

The highlighting feature of Lenovo Y740, which differentiates it from other gaming laptops, is the feature of a dual-channel thermal system. Furthermore, the keyboard of the laptop is waterproof.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonDell G7Lenovo Y740
ProcessorDell G7 uses the processor, Intel Core i7-8750HQ.Lenovo Y740 has an Intel Core i7 (More advanced version) processor.
Graphics cardThe Graphics card of the Dell G7 is NVIDIA RTX 2060. The Graphics card of the Lenovo Y740 is RTX 2060.
PriceDell G7 is quite cheaper in comparison to Lenovo Y740.Lenovo Y740 is quite expensive in comparison to Dell G7.
Sound systemThe sound system of Dell G7 is Waves MaxxAudio Pro and has stereo speakers.The sound system of Lenovo Y740 is Smart AMP and has dual speakers.
Memory slotsDell G7 has two memory slots.Lenovo Y740 has one memory slot.

What is Dell G7?

The well-known brand for laptops, Dell has launched a product called Dell G7 in 2019. The product has a thin, modernized design and gives a civilized finish.

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Dell G7 was well-built with a powerful processor, Intel® Core™ i7, and hence, it provides us with a wild experience of gaming, streaming videos and songs without any interruption.

Further, the Dell G7 product is well-finished with advanced graphic cards for a powerful gaming experience. Dell G7 has a wider density of display screen and has stereo speakers.

They have two memory slots with a memory capacity of 16GB with an expandable capacity of up to 32 GB. Hence, it provides more space for all high-level graphics games.

They have an inbuilt microphone with stereo speakers and work under the sound technology of Waves MaxxAudio Pro. In addition to this, they also have a webcam and video recording with 720p Hd.

Hence, making it more fun to connect with your friends and experience gaming together.

Even with all these outstanding features, Dell G7 only weighs about 3.3kgs, which is really light-weighted, easy to carry and travel around, and still continues with gaming whenever you need a break. Hence, Dell G7 is one of the suitable laptops for a wild gaming experience.

dell g7

What is Lenovo Y740?

The well-known brand for laptops, Lenovo had also launched a product called Lenovo Y740 in 2019.

It is well-built with upgraded and advanced features as well as style, giving the product a modern finish. The differentiating feature of Lenovo Y740 is the feature of dual-channel thermal system.

Games and other applications run better and faster with this feature of dual-channel thermal than a single memory channel.

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With dual-channel, it is easy for applications to download faster and works quickly with high quality. Hence, having a dual-channel than a single-channel thermal system is better.

Furthermore, the keyboard of the Lenovo Y740 is waterproof. Although the display screen is big, the density of the screen is a little narrow as compared to other gaming laptops.

They have a display size of 17.3 inches and a pixel density of 127 PPI.

They have a memory capacity of 16 GB with expandable memory of another 16 GB. They have one memory slot with a ram speed of 2666 Mhz.

In addition to this, they are built with a webcam and dual speakers. Hence, Lenovo Y740 is one of the best suitable laptops for gaming, streaming videos, etc.

Main Differences Between Dell G7 and Lenovo Y740

  1. Dell G7 has two memory slots, while Lenovo Y740 has only memory slots.
  2. Both products, Dell G7 and Lenovo Y740, share the same size of display screen with the same pixels, but they vary in density. Dell G7 has a wider density in comparison to Lenovo Y740.
  3. Lenovo Y740 has a dual-channel thermal system, while Dell G7 has a single-thermal system.
  4. Dell G7 is quite cheaper and also less weighted when compared to Lenovo Y740.
  5. Lenovo Y740 is a little more advanced and upgraded version, while Dell G7 is slightly outdated in comparison to Lenovo Y740.



Last Updated : 26 June, 2023

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  1. I am not convinced that Lenovo Y740’s more aggressive look is an advantage. A sleeker design like the Dell G7 is more appealing to me.

    • I disagree, the aggressive look of the Lenovo Y740 signals its high performance capabilities, which is more important for avid gamers.

  2. The thorough comparison between Dell G7 and Lenovo Y740 offers me a clearer picture of the features and price difference. This has been very helpful.

  3. I’m delighted to learn about the differences between Dell G7 and Lenovo Y740. Now I can make a more informed decision about which laptop to buy.

  4. I appreciate the detailed comparison. However, the Dell G7’s expandable memory makes it a more flexible option for future upgrades.

  5. Lenovo Y740’s dual-channel thermal system is a game-changer. The faster application performance justifies its higher price.

  6. The fact that Dell G7 is budget-friendly while providing excellent gaming experience makes it the clear choice for me.


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