Hotjar vs Lucky Orange: Difference and Comparison

User analytics is an essential yet understated component of running a business online. Analyzing the statistics created with every visit of a new customer to a website can help understand its wants.

This understanding helps to increase sales and boost revenue in an unprecedented way. Two platforms that provide this service are Hotjar and Lucky Orange. 

Key Takeaways

  1. Hotjar and Lucky Orange are web analytics tools that provide insights into user behavior on a website.
  2. Hotjar offers heatmaps, surveys, and session recordings to help analyze user behavior, while Lucky Orange offers similar features and live chat functionality.
  3. Hotjar is geared towards UX designers and marketers, while Lucky Orange focuses more on business conversion rate optimization.

Hotjar vs Lucky Orange

Hotjar is a comprehensive suite of website optimization tools that includes heatmaps, visitor recordings, conversion funnels, form analysis, and more. Lucky Orange is focused more on real-time analytics and live chat functionality, providing visitor recordings, heatmaps, and conversion funnels.

Hotjar vs Lucky Orange

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Comparison Between

Parameters of ComparisonHotjarLucky Orange
Representation of Data collectedHotjar employs heat maps and graphs to represent the traffic that comes into a website.Lucky orange also uses the same features.
Collection of DataData collection on the user experience is collected at specific intervals and displayed. It may not be an accurate representation.Lucky Orange is striking because it instantly collects data and displays it as a heat map. It is an accurate description of the statistics collected.
Support teamThe support team provided by Hotjar is said to be lacking the options which customers can use to reach out to them and can improve on that.Lucky Orange does provide quality support.
InterfaceThe interface for Hotjar is one of the best for its intuitiveness, and it is easy to navigate.Lucky Orange has a formidable interface design but is not in the same league as Hotjar. 
Effects on the WebsiteA major problem regarding the usage of Hotjar is that it can significantly slow down the web page loading. This can hinder future visits from previous visitors.Lucky Orange is better at this issue as it does not affect the webpage.

What is Hotjar?

As a business owner, if you want to increase your turnover, then Hotjar is the tool you seek. It is attributed to the fact that Hotjar collects information about the experience of an individual visiting a site.

Hotjar is an online platform that can be used as an extension to create different forms of representation, such as heat ma and ps, which will show the pages on which most visitors are found. The red in the heat map will represent the page receiving the longest visits.

It can collect massive amounts of data regarding visitor behaviour. It also allows the website owner to view recordings of the visit paid by an individual. This will help the website owner understand the exact behaviour of a visitor.

It can also run surveys while the visitor is still on the website. These short questions can lead to a visitor providing constructive criticism to the website’s owner.

Hotjar compiles the data into lucid forms and can be registered by anybody. There is no need for prior knowledge of different terms or jargon.

Although it is said that Hotjar can slow down the loading of web pages, it is effortless to set up without any hassle.


What is Lucky Orange?

Lucky Orange is an online analytic tool that is unique in how it displays data. This is because Lucky Orange can release analysis in real-time. The best part is that it does not slow down the server much while still giving relevant information.

It can track a visitor’s journey to the website from the beginning to the end. They also denote the analysis using Heat maps.

It overlays user source, device network, and browser metrics to increase the heat maps’ accuracy. This tool is a perfect fit for businesses that want information regarding each user’s experience on the site and feedback.

Lucky Orange allows the business website owner to view recordings of the screen of individuals needing it. However, it does not offer the “chat” option to help customers interact and receive the required support.

lucky orange

Main Differences Between Hotjar and Lucky Orange

  1. Data is collected over a stipulated interval of time by Hotjar. Data collection and analysis happen in real-time.
  2. The interface created by Hotjar is very streamlined, and information can be accessed easily. Lucky Orange will have to improve its interface to make it easier.
  3. The information and analysis are not fresh and may not be current. Lucky Orange will provide up-to-date analysis.
  4. Although Hotjar does have several features and can display data using different methods, it can increase the time it takes for a web page to load. Lucky orange has lesser features and hence, is not too heavy.
  5. Hotjar analyzes the overall visitor experience. Lucky Orange can be used to understand individual users and their journey through the website.
  6.  Hotjar allows single-question surveys to be carried out. Lucky Orange has polls.

Last Updated : 11 June, 2023

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