Nanoleaf Shapes vs Light Panels: Difference and Comparison

New technology is the main trend in today’s world. Nanoleaf has a part to play in this. It is a brand that has introduced a brilliant way of lighting spaces. Nanoleaf panels combine the best technology and design into one sleek RGB package.


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Nanoleaf Shapes and Light Panels allow one to light the room above the standard light bulbs. They can be used as a light source or to create customisable designs.

They are customisable in patterns as well as lighting. With the support of around 16.7 million colours, the panels can be set to a wide range of shades and hues.

These products are controlled through the Nanoleaf App on iOS or Android smartphones. The app has every possible customisation feature that offers users many options. Also, new colour palettes can be easily downloaded and tried for free within the app.

Moreover, the panels provide the user with an easy installation and set-up. The circuit created can be powered by simply plugging the control box into the mains.

Beginning with just the triangular Light Panels, Nanoleaf has come a long way to include the Canvas squares and the highly awaited Shape Hexagons. The products are so appropriately designed that one won’t regret having them at least once.

Key Takeaways

  1. Nanoleaf Shapes are a newer product line that includes hexagon and triangle-shaped panels, while Light Panels are the original square-shaped panels.
  2. Shapes and Light Panels are compatible with each other, but Shapes have a higher resolution and can display more complex designs and animations.
  3. Shapes also have touch capabilities, allowing for interactive control of the panels, while Light Panels require a separate controller or app for control.

Nanoleaf Shapes vs Light Panels

Nanoleaf shapes are hexagonal light panels that customers can interact with through touch. The starter kit comes with seven panels where customisations like shapes, light and design can be done through the Nanoleaf App. The Nanoleaf light panels are triangular panels that do not come with a touch experience. The starter kit comes with nine panels with a voice control feature.

Nanoleaf Shapes vs Light Panels

Comparison Table

Parameter of ComparisonShapesLight Panels
Starter kitThe starter kit consists of seven panels. The starter kit consists of nine panels.
ShapeThese are mainly hexagonal. Whereas these are triangular.
Touch Experience The Touch experience is available. There is no such feature available in Light Panels.
Mounting PlateShape Hexagons come with an additional Mounting Plate that remains behind the actual panel. While the Light Panels are mounted straight to the wall using the given double-sided Mounting Tape.
Maximum SupportThe maximum panel support can go up to 500. The maximum panel support here is up to 30 panels only.
Connect Technology Shapes use Connect+ technology, which allows for connecting different shapes. These cannot be connected to any other shapes.

What are Nanoleaf Shapes?

The box of Nanoleaf Shapes resembles a toy set but when one glance at the inside, it surely gives a thrilling experience.

The Shapes are Hexagonal and can be connected to create various customised designs to light up a room. They can transform a dull wall into an eye-catching thing within seconds.

The starter kit comes with seven panels, a jigsaw puzzle of personalised design. A huge set of customisations is available in the Nanoleaf App, which helps decide the panels’ pattern, design, colour and shades. All of it can just be done through a smartphone!

Easy installation and set-up add a bit to the attractive appearance of the shapes. They also come with Mounting Plate that makes their fixing on the wall even easier, and the plate remains hidden behind the panels, unlike the Light panels, which have double-sided Mounting Tape that shows.

In addition, the Touch experience acts as a cherry on the cake. One can easily interact with the panels through the palm, create visual colour effects, play touch games, and even control the panels.

Also, the panels have a Rhythm feature which can make the light dance according to the music played. This feature has low to high settings that can be adjusted according to preference.

What is Nanoleaf Light Panels?

Formerly known as Nanoleaf Aurora light panels, the Nanoleaf Light Panels have been in the market for a while now.

These are triangular and can be connected to form various patterns through several customisations. The result gives a sudden lift to a room and makes it even more attractive.

The panels can be connected on any side to create various patterns of different shapes and sizes. The installation and set-up can be easily done by using cardboard-like “linkers”, which are used to create a circuit.

The starter kit comprises nine panels that can be expanded through multiple packs. All panels use the Screen Mirror feature that is available on the app. This feature acts as a mirror showcasing the colours of the screen onto the panels.

Like the Nanoleaf Shapes, the Light Panels also have the Rhythm feature. Also, there is a voice control option available. Coming to the physical controls, a basic controller provides the ON/OFF options, brightness control and the option to change scenes.

nanoleaf light panels

Main Differences Between Nanoleaf Shapes and Light Panels

  1. Shapes are hexagonal, while Light Panels are triangular.
  2. The Touch experience is only available in the Shapes.
  3. There is a difference in the number of panels in the starter kit.
  4. Shapes have a Mounting Plate, whereas Light Panels have regular Mounting Tape.
  5. Only the Shapes can be connected to other different shapes.
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