Pre-Owned vs Certified: Difference and Comparison

In the world of constant up-gradation and changes, people are confused about which product to buy. Smartphones, TVs, and vehicles are launched annually and updated regularly.

These items may be pre-owned, used, certified, and even refurbished. Pre-owned and certified are two common terms that are used along with these items.

Key Takeaways

  1. Pre-owned refers to a used item sold by an individual or dealership.
  2. Certified refers to a used item inspected and certified by the manufacturer or dealership.
  3. Certified items have a warranty and have undergone a thorough inspection process.

Pre-Owned vs Certified

Pre-owned is any used product that has been previously owned and used by someone else. This is commonly used in the automotive industry to describe used cars. Certified is a specific type of pre-owned product that has undergone a rigorous inspection process to ensure that it meets certain standards.

Pre Owned vs Certified

Generally, a pre-owned item has at least one user in the past. The price of the item may fluctuate depending on the condition, model, and even the manufacturing year. The buyer who is looking to purchase a pre-owned item seeks to purchase a properly maintained item rather than a poorly kept item.

A certified item refers to an item that is available for purchase. It is an accident-free, maintained, and gently used item. It is also under a warranty cover, thus making it more suitable to purchase. It has gone through a strict inspection before it has been put on sale.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonPre-OwnedCertified
DefinitionPre-owned items refer to the items that have been already used by one or more users.Certified items refer to the factory-certified items that have been put up for sale by the dealership of the same brand.
WarrantyPre-owned items do not carry a written warranty along with themselves.Certified items always have a written warranty of specific years.
ConditionThe pre-owned item may or may not be in good state or condition.The certified item is always present in a satisfactory condition.
PriceA buyer who has a limited budget looks towards buying an item of a lower price, pre-owned items are available at low prices.A buyer who has a good budget looks towards buying an item of a higher price, Certifies items are available at comparatively high prices.
OptionsOne of the major benefits of buying a pre-owned item is that a person can get more options and choices.One of the major drawbacks of buying a certified item is that a person does not get more options and choices.
InspectionGenerally, a pre-owned item does not go through a thorough inspection.Generally, a certified item undergoes a thorough inspection.

What is Pre-Owned?

Pre-owned items are second-hand items that lie between the category of refurbished and used. It is in good condition even after being used by one or more users. Normally a pre-owned item is not under warranty, but it may be under a warranty if its age is comparatively young.

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The type and quality of a pre-owned item depend on the life and age of the item, the budget and personal needs of the customer also affect its purchase. The major benefits of purchasing a pre-owned item are:-

  • One of the major benefits of purchasing a pre-owned item is its lower price which gives an incentive for the buyer. It is sometimes even $1000 cheaper than the certified items. Even if you have a good budget, you can look for the one with better features.
  • Another benefit of purchasing a pre-owned item is the range of goods which it offers. It provides many options to buyers with distinct features.

The main drawbacks of Pre-owned items are:-

  • An item that appears to be fine outside may have problems in the interior. Thus the risk of purchasing these items is more.
  • A pre-owned item does not provide any sort of warranty to the buyer.
  • The interest rate may be comparatively higher.
pre owned

What is Certified?

A certified item is a factory-certified item that is available for purchase. Generally, it is accident-free, insured, and in good condition. It is a highly reliable item since it has been properly inspected and surveyed before it has been put on sale.

The major benefits of purchasing certified items are:-

  • Unlike pre-owned items, certified items are under a warranty cover, thereby ensuring the product.
  • It has gone through a detailed inspection which makes it more reliable and trustworthy.
  • The quality of the certified items is much better when compared to the pre-owned items.

The major drawbacks of purchasing certified items are:-

  • The price of the certified items is much higher when compared to the pre-owned items due to their better quality.
  • One of the major drawbacks of purchasing certified items is that the choices available to the buyers are very limited.

Main Differences Between Pre-Owned and Certified

  1. The pre-owned items have already been used by one or more users, whereas the certified items are those that have been put on sale by the dealership of the same brand.
  2. Pre-owned items do not carry a warranty along with them, whereas certified items always carry a warranty.
  3. The pre-owned items may or may not be in a good state, whereas certified items are in a good state.
  4. The price of pre-owned items is low, whereas the price of certified items is comparatively higher.
  5. The pre-owned items do not go through a thorough inspection, whereas certified items always go through a proper inspection.
  6. A person gets more choices in the case of pre-owned items, whereas an individual does not get more choices in the case of certified items.
Difference Between Pre Owned and Certified
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Last Updated : 07 August, 2023

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