Rock vs Cydia: Difference and Comparison

Jailbreaking is a method used to allow 3rd party software installers or operating systems to be used on any mobile device.

It allows you to get full access to the device’s operating system and gain full access to the features available. Two great 3rd party software installers are Rock and Cydia.

Key Takeaways

  1. Rock is a digital platform for purchasing and downloading third-party apps on jailbroken iOS devices, while Cydia is a package manager and app store for the same purpose.
  2. Rock provides a faster and more streamlined user interface than Cydia, which offers a broader range of customizations and tweaks.
  3. Rock was acquired by Cydia’s parent company in 2010, leading to the discontinuation of the Rock platform and the merging of their app inventories.

Rock vs Cydia

Rock is a new jailbreak application for iPhones and iPod touches It allows its users to download, browse, and load various applications at an exceptionally fast rate. Cydia is a 3rd party software for iPhone that lets its users browse and download applications on any jailbroken iPhone.

Rock vs Cydia 1

Rock is a fairly new 3rd party installer, but it is already one of the most impressive. Its installation process offers various pop-up menus for installation.

It has the fastest loading time, and the repository is up to date. It also updates the applications automatically.

Cydia is a very reliable installer that is Linux-based, which makes it highly desirable. It also comes with many improvements.

It is fairly stable, which means that it has very little to no bugs or crashes. It is also very precise and has faster access to the repository.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonRockCydia
StabilityNot very stable or bug-freeVery stable
Loading TimeExtremely fast loading timeTakes a very long time to load
PurchasesPayPal and credit cardsPayPal and Amazon Payments
Trial PeriodIt has a 10-day trial periodHas no trial period.
InterfaceIt doesn’t allow the ability to interface with the iPhone using a computer.Allows interfacing computers with the use of iPod technology.

What is Rock?

Rock, also known as Rock Your Phone, is a very new jailbreak application that is available for iPhones and iPod touch.

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It allows its users to download, browse, and load various applications at an exceptionally fast rate, practically twice as fast as that of Cydia.

It is one of the fastest repositories up to date. It integrates a rich desktop client (an application with similar characteristics to a desktop) with several types of web and mobile devices.

The rock contains a lot of different and unique features. Some of these are a What’s a new tab that is similar to the App Store, A What’s hot section, and different categories, and a search tab.

The installation process is also fairly unique, offering several pop-up menus for various installation settings.

Rock controls all the different repositories you can download to your device while also limiting your selection of different applications or themes that are available to download.

It has a very easy Graphic User Interface, which makes it user-friendly.

It also offers a 10-day trial period for its new users on premium applications. It also has the ability to automatically update your applications for you, which makes it very convenient.

What is Cydia?

Cydia is a 3rd party software for iPhone that lets its users browse and download various applications on any jailbroken iPhone. These applications are free of cost.

It also has an App Store, so you can purchase any application you want there as well.

It was developed a long time ago, which means it has gone through many tweaks, which is why it has many features. It is Linus based, which makes it very reliable and desirable.

It offers an easier package installation than most other 3rd party installers.

It contains a lot of various themes ranging from new icons to full springboard overhauls to slider graphics and so much more.

It also has faster and more precise access to its repository. It is the most stable installer up to date and has been the default installer.

A major drawback of Cydia is that it has a very long loading time and a memory footprint. It also has many useless apps and themes in its default repositories which may take up your storage.

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It has a little more developer-orientated installation process, which makes it a little harder for beginners to access. It also offers no trial period whatsoever.

However, it has a very easy-to-navigate graphic user interface. It also has the ability to resume downloads if they have been interrupted by anything.

It has very informative download and installation information, which lets the users know the size of the files, the space they occupy, and all of the other detailed installation data.


Main Differences Between Rock and Cydia

  1. The difference between Rock and Cydia is that Rock is not a very stable software and might contain several bugs. On the other hand, Cydia is a very stable software with almost no bugs or crashes.
  2. Rock has an extremely fast installation and loading time, whereas Cydia has a very slow loading time.
  3. To make purchases, Rock allows you to use PayPal and credit cards, and Cydia allows you to use PayPal and Amazon Payments.
  4. Rock offers a 10-day trial period to every new user, whereas Cydia offers no trial period whatsoever.
  5. Rock is a software that allows its user to interface with their computers using iPod/ iPhone technology. On the other hand, Cydia has developed long ago, so it doesn’t allow its users to interface their iPhones through their computers.

Last Updated : 11 June, 2023

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