Difference Between Rolled Oats and Overnight Oats

To start a day in a healthy way is to have an appropriate breakfast with balanced quantity as well as quality, while reading this line itself clearly making us to think about Oats.


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So, having Oats in the morning really feels filling for a ravenous person as well as perfect for those who are extremely health conscious.

There are different ilk of Oats, but here we are stating the crucial differences between Rolled Oats and Overnight Oats, their similarities, meaning and which is best among the two Oats.

Rolled Oats vs Overnight Oats

The difference between Rolled oats and Overnight oats is that processing of rolled oats is quite quick as well as easy too, on the other hand, preparing Overnight oats takes an entire night to be ready for the next day. When it comes to health criteria- people think that Overnight Oats are good for a person as it is not difficult to digest like Rolled oats and also the flavour is so preferable according to the person. Both the oats texture is totally disparate- where Rolled Oats give a soft-texture, whereas Overnight oats are semi-solid formation.

Rolled Oats vs Overnight Oats

Rolled oats are normally a traditional breakfast used in Scotland, that is served uncooked. They are toasted and stirred in a pan to make it partially cooked. The food results in a soft texture but taste tempered as neither sweet nor syrup is added to it. In some cases, Rolled Oats take time to digest as the grains used are tough to masticate and an enzyme that leads the oats uncooked. They are also known as porridge in the olden days.

Overnight Oats are so good to have in the morning after keeping the oats soaked in milk or yoghurt for a night. Overnight oats taste so good, where you can add extra like-syrup, almonds, cherry or blueberries. They may not be filling for a ravenous person, but it is considered a healthy breakfast as it reduces weight as well as keeps a person under control because of its rich content in it.

Comparison Table

Parameters Of ComparisonRolled OatsOvernight Oats
MeaningRolled Oats are archaic oats that are processed through steam and flattening.They have a soft texture which is partially cooked,Overnight Oats are raw oats that are kept soaked in liquid, adding- coconut milk, Yogurt or hemp milk. The Overnight Oats absorb the liquid substance and give a semi-solid texture. 
HealthyRolled Oats are uncooked which may give you stomach ache due to indigestion because they are made of 8.5 grams of resistant starch.Overnight Oats are good for health, which has been kept overnight adding liquid substance to make the oats easy to digest in the morning.
Benefits Rolled Oats are low in cholesterol and also helps to control blood pressure. They have tempered flavour which keeps diabetes patients under control. Overnight Oats looks so appetising, and also beneficial for those who want to lose weights, good for heart ailments,
How to make Rolled Oats are way easy to make, which hardly take 2-5 minutes. Pour 1 cup of water into a pan, add a tinge of salt to it. Later add two cups of Oats to the pan. Stir in medium heat until the Oats turn brownish. Overnight Oats are made by adding liquid substances such as almond milk, Yogurt or coconut milk or syrup into the bowl of Oats. Rest the Oats for a night, next morning the oats would be in softening texture and also can add fruits to it. 
Taste As the Rolled Oats don’t taste sweet either bitter. They have a mild taste which has a creamy and smooth consistency, that too feels so filling for a ravenous person.Overnight Oats tastes sweet according to the preference you want, if it is sweet then add more syrup to it. 

What are Rolled Oats?

Rolled oats are classified into two groups- thick-rolled oats which are large whole flakes and thin-rolled oats are smaller, fragmented flakes. Rolled oats look like cereals- having it with milk. 

If we have Rolled oats, then it contains various nutrients such as- Carbohydrates, a high amount of vitamin B– Thiamine and Pantothenic acid, manganese, dietary minerals and phosphorus.

Rolled Oats carry 6% fats, 13% proteins and 68% carbohydrates. 

rolled oats

What are Overnight Oats?

OatsOvernight oats are raw oats that are soaked in any liquid substance to make them absorbed and softened.

The process of making Overnight oats takes 5 minutes to add the essential ingredients but the outcome completes only after leaving the food for a whole night.

It has great nutrition value- contains Vitamin D, manganese, selenium, copper, Phosphorous, Riboflavin, Vitamin A and Vitamin B. Overnight oats carries 33% carbohydrates, 5%fat and 9%protein. 

overnight oats 1

Main Differences Between Rolled Oats and Overnight Oats

  1. Rolled Oats are typically light-weighted which is made of Whole-grain food. Rolled Oats was prepared in the Olden Days, which is also stated as Traditional breakfast- where people dehusk and steam the oats before being rolled into flat flakes. Later toasted or stirred lightly. Overnight Oats are raw oats, which rested overnight that form a semi-solid texture the next day.
  2. Rolled Oats are an instant breakfast that can be done within 5 minutes. On the other hand, Overnight Oats are kept for 12 hours to absorb the liquid element overnight.
  3. Overnight Oats are rich in fibre and protein content which helps to curtail the weight. Whereas, Rolled Oats contains avenanthramides which help to pacify blood pressure and cholesterol level. To say so, Overnight Oats are healthy compared to Rolled Oats’s contents.
  4. Rolled oats contains fats and proteins in a high range, which may be filling but hard to masticate because of the uncooked manner. Contradict to that, Overnight oats have less proteins compared to rolled oats- but considered as a healthy breakfast.
  5. Having Rolled oats may cause indigestion problem, whereas Overnight oats doesn’t cause any troubles to your stomach as well as reduce weight too.
Difference Between Rolled Oats and Overnight Oats


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