Christmas Recipes – List of Detailed Recipes from Around the World

Christmas around the world is incomplete without food, gifts, and songs. In this article, I list the food recipes from around the world.

These recipes are ready for you on our website.

The important thing to note about these that these are traditional and authentic recipes as used in these countries every year at Christmas.

The best advice I can give is to keep them handy when you are cooking them. That way, if you are stuck, you can quickly refer to it.


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Germany (Europe)

Stollen Bread: Stollen is a delicacy from Germany. Its a bread made with fruits and also decorated with fruits.

This delicious recipe is a must if you want to try food from around the world.

The Netherlands/Holland

Christmas Tree Cookies / Pepernoot: When it comes to Christmas cookies, these are on top of the list.

These are good looking because of the way they are decorated after baking.

We first eat food with eyes and these cookies are quite inviting. You can also decorate your Xmas trees with these cookies.

Kerstkrans (Dutch Christmas Ring): During Christmas night, you would be placing some food items on the dinner table and offering them to the Almighty. This special and good looking cake is a good option to add to your list.


Panettone: This one can be stored and can go on for quite a number of days. It is sweet in taste. This is a traditional cake in Italy which the citizens of Italy make during Christmas.


Akoho sy voanio – Chicken with Coconut and Rice: The name of the recipe is very popular around the world. Madagascar has given us this Chicken recipe which is full of flavors.
Akoho misy Sakamalao – Chicken with Garlic and Ginger: Another specialty from Madagascar. This one like Akoho sy voanio is also flavored with ginger and garlic

New Zealand

Pavlova: This pudding is easy to make. It is also lightweight which you can serve to guests with other things like cream or fruits.


Hole Cake: This cake is named as a hole cake because it has a hole in the center. This means that you can also use it for so many unique ways to decorate food and your plates too. Creativity is key when serving food in unique ways.

South Africa

Malva Pudding / Lekker Pudding: Another pudding recipe from South Africa for our pudding lover readers.

United Kingdom (UK)

Christmas Cake: This cake recipe is super famous across the globe. If you are not from the UK then I highly recommend you try it out.
Christmas Pudding: The queen of the pudding is here. The best thing I like about this pudding is that it can be served with cream and fruits any time of the day.
Mince Pies: If Christmas is here then don’t forget about mince pies.
Tunis Cake: Another cake from the UK. But this one is a sponge cake which means it’s very soft.
Mincemeat: Meat is served on Christmas and mincemeat is a good way to delight your friends and family.
Wassail: Wassail is a hot mulled cider drink that is traditional in the UK for Christmas night.


Shortbread: A lot of butter goes into this. Short here doesn’t mean it is short in size but its the process of adding fat to pastries and cookies that is called shortening.

From the word shortening, it got its name as shortbread.

Very Old Christmas Recipes

I also have some centuries-old recipes to share with you. Since they are quite old and not popular these days, I would recommend your due diligence.

Plumm Pottage from 1707
Victorian Mince Pies

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