Difference Between Art and Craft

Most often, than not, you will hear people using the terms art and craft interchangeably. It will not be wrong if you say that the majority of the people fail to understand the basic difference between the two forms of creativity.

Art vs Craft

The main difference between Art and Craft is that art is the use of imaginative skills for sculpture, painting, and architecture. Craft refers to the creation of handicraft items and involves the use of paper, metal, wood, and glass. Art mainly expresses emotions, craft is in the form of tangible output, such as a carving or even a molding.

Art vs Craft

When it comes to art, it is a series of expressions without any limitations, like an open-ended or an unstructured form of painting. However, a craft has a specific structure that makes it visible with a definite form.

Both art and craft and creative results of an imaginative mind. Thus, it is important for you to note that any form of creativity can easily be expressed in both forms.

Comparison Table Between Art and Craft

Parameter of ComparisonArtCraft
DefinitionIt is a lovely way of expressing a person’s desires and emotions in an artistically visual manner.It is a creative way of coming up with creative things by way of hand.
Possibility Of Getting ReproducedIt is almost impossible to duplicate or reproduce as it is more personal and unique by nature.It can easily be duplicated by another person with similar talent and by use of similar style of a specific craft.
RequirementA person needs natural or god gifted talent to make an art.A person with skill and talent, who has been properly groomed and has some level of experience can make a craft.
CoreThe core of an art is the expression of various emotions.The core of a craft is the creative result that has been designed by hand.
ValueAn art has an emotional value.A craft has a creative value.

What is Art?

When you talk about art, it mainly refers to a wide array of human activities that involve the creation of auditory, performing, or visual artifacts that primarily express an artist’s conceptual and imaginative ideas that are mainly intended for appreciation for the sheer beauty.

If it sounds a bit gibberish for you, in a simple language, art is a type of work that helps to express the expressions and emotions of an artist.

Art can be classified into 3 distinct branches, namely sculpture, painting, and architecture. It is true that the general definition of art has often proved to be a topic of dispute.

This has resulted in multiple changes in the definition over time. Nonetheless, the basic meaning of art remains the same.

It will not be entirely wrong if you say that theater, dance, film, and music are also types of art. Even works of literature are considered to be forms of art in this modern era.


What is Craft?

Most of you must have heard people referring to certain objects or things as crafts. When you talk about a craft, it basically means a profession or even a pastime that requires a certain degree of knowledge and skill.

You may say that a craft is a type of skilled work. During the good old days, around the Middle-Ages, the term craft was mainly used for people who dealt with the production of goods and even their maintenance.

In this modern era, the term craft is mainly used to refer to artisans. Craft is used in terms of handicrafts, any type of decorative art, studio craft that includes metal work, studio pottery, woodturning, and weaving.

Glass art, woodworking, and glass blowing are also other forms of crafts.


Main Differences Between Art and Craft

  1. Art is basically a type of work that mainly helps to express the expressions and emotions of an artist. However, when it comes to a craft, it is, more or less, a type of work that has a physical form quite similar to carving or molding.
  2. It is not possible to quantify art in any manner. On the other hand, it is possible to quantify craft pretty easily.
  3. It is very simple to come up with a duplicate form of a given piece of craft. When it comes to art, duplicating it is not at all simple.
  4. A good art form will easily attract the emotional side of people. Craft, on the other hand, will attract people in a general manner.
  5. An artist makes art that comes out straight from his soul and heart. Whereas, the craft is a result of talent, skill, and proper training. It is more a result of the mind.
  6. When you look at a form of art carefully, you will understand the inner feelings and emotions that have been going through in the artist’s heart. On the other hand, if you look at a craft carefully, you will not feel such emotions involved at all.
  7. Art is the result of the natural and inborn talent of a person, whereas, a craft is the result of skill, experience, and training.
Difference Between Art and Craft

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Art and Craft

Is writing an art or a craft?

Craft is something that requires skills like creativity, the ability to modify things into something artistic and also giving a new viewpoint to the existing things. Art is something that is learned. It comes to an individual with experience and the passage of time.
Writing is a blend of both as it can be fiction which requires the craft part and also nonfiction which covers the art portion.

What are the types of craft?

Craft has many types and covers a huge variety of products under it.
They are as follows:
Wood Craft – Making furniture, modified sculptures, wood carving, wood embossing, etc.
Textiles – Embroidery, knitting, quilt making, lace making, weaving, etc.
Paper Craft – making a collage, paper games, Paper Mache, paper printing, etc.
Pottery – pots, sculptures, etc.
Jewelry – designer necklaces, rings, hairpins, etc.

What are the types of art?

Everything which is being manufactured in this world is a form of art in one way or the other. But the art is basically classified into 7 types.
They are as follows:
Sculpture – making human or animal sculptures.
Painting – includes different styles of making photos and paintwork.
Social Sculpture

How does art help creativity?

Art is something that requires the combination of different motor skills and the ability of the mind to think beyond its limit. When a person is involved in doing something artistic, he/she is developing hand-eye coordination, improving their thinking capability and at the same time tries to generate more output from the given input.
Thus, art definitely helps creativity.

What skills does art develop?

Art helps in the overall development of the individual as the individual is involved in performing the task with the oneness of his mind, body, and soul.
The list of the skills that art helps in developing are as follows:
Observation capability

What can art teach us?

Art is a creative technique that teaches us an ample amount of things. Art teaches us the way of being happy and to understand true self-value. It helps us to express our emotions in a more powerful way. It opens up our minds and the way we look towards different things in the world.
It helps us to see the counterpart of the world using our own imagination.

How does art affect society?

Art is affecting society in many ways. Art teaches people the true value of an individual and the power they possess in their minds.
Art helps the society to understand the ethnic and the pious values of historic influencers and helps in imbibing the same values in the society for the betterment of all.


All these years you probably thought that art and craft are one and similar terms that can easily be used interchangeably. However, after this discussion on their differences, your perception of these terms must have changed a lot.

Art is a term that portrays something that comes from the heart of an artist. It speaks about the emotions and feelings of an artist. It is also the result of natural talent in a person.

However, when it comes to craft, a person with proper skills, talent, and training can easily come up with a craft. Take the example of the painting of Mona Lisa made by Leonardo da Vinci. It is almost impossible to duplicate the work.

However, if you take the example of the sculpture of David made by Michelangelo, it can easily be duplicated since it is a piece of craft.

Key Differences Between Art and Craft (PDF Format)

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Difference Between Art and Craft
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