Compressor vs Turbine: Difference and Comparison

The turbine is attached to fans in thick iron sheets. The compressor is a kind of mechanical device which is used for expanding the pressure of the gas by diminishing its volume. It looks the same as a pump.

The turbine is used mostly for wind power, heat engines, hydropower, propulsion, etc. On the other hand, the compressor is used for engines, manufacturing, construction, agriculture, and many more.

Key Takeaways

  1. Compressors increase gas pressure by decreasing volume, while turbines extract energy from a fluid to produce mechanical work.
  2. Compressors are used in various applications like refrigeration and air conditioning, whereas turbines find use in power generation and propulsion systems.
  3. Compressors consume energy to perform their function, while turbines generate energy from the fluid passing through them.

Compressor vs Turbine

A compressor is a mechanical device that is used to increase the pressure of a gas by reducing its volume. A turbine is a mechanical device that converts the energy of a moving fluid, like water or steam, into rotational motion. Turbines are used in a variety of applications like power generation.

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.The main function of a compressor is to divert the low-pressure gas into high-pressure gas. It is derived as a good device that can be used in different ways. Now, we should look at the uses of the compressor.

A compressor is used in many types of devices such as refrigerators, agriculture, manufacturing, engines, etc. It is the source of energy.

The turbine is a useful and popular device that takes part in converting energy. It can be said as a terminating agent. It is a medium of transforming kinetic energy into mechanical energy. Turbines are used in many types of engines.

It is classified into several ways that are first hydraulic machine, gas turbine, and steam engine. It works as a source of electric power. It is the conversion of fluid to mechanical energy whether it is air, steam, or water. This process follows the rules of Newton’s second law.

Comparison Table

Parameter of ComparisonCompressorTurbine
TransformThe compressor transforms mechanical energy into heat energy.The turbine is interchanging hydraulic energy into mechanical energy.
MoverIt moves with the help of a prime mover.A turbine has its prime mover.
EnergyThe compressor gets energy by increasing the pressure.On the other hand, the turbine gains energy by decreasing the pressure.
FluidCompressor mainly works for compressing fluids.The turbine works in amplifying the fluids.
GeneratesIts main function is to absorb the power.The turbine is a means of generating electrical energy.

What is Compressor?

Compressor means a conversion of energy that converts mechanical energy into heat energy. It is the most important device to attach to almost every appliance to make it useful. It works just opposite the turbine.

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It is the main agent of the engines. We know that without the help of a compressor the engines, air-conditioners, refrigerators cannot work.

The compressor gains energy by increasing the pressure. It also involves the increasing temperature.Now, we take the most suitable example to explain the compressor and discuss how it works properly.

The best example of the compressor is an air -conditioner which is the necessary part of it that helps in releasing air out of the home and intake cool air inside the home.

It also requires maintenance but doesn’t try to maintain it in your home. You can send it for a service appointment to check it. It is a specific product that includes good features. It is used in almost every part of applications.

It is a rare product that involves every background. After research, it becomes part of a device.

Compressors are rotated with a prime mover. It is divided into four types. The first is, a rotary screw compressor, the second is a reciprocating air compressor, the third is an axial compressor and the last one is the centrifugal compressor.

You can easily identify the good quality of the compressor by checking its higher PSI.  It is a long durable product. It is a major source to circulate the AC and refrigerators.

The main aim of the compressor is to gain energy to work on the different types of devices. In the compressor, the blades are attached to it which takes part in increasing, the pressure.


What is Turbine?

It’s considered as the best device which is used in different kinds of sources. It is a medium of converting the kinetic energy of air, gas, water, or steam into mechanical energy. It rotates in rounded which is a prime mover.

It is also recognized as a major source of generating electricity. Turbines are classified into three types, which is a hydraulic turbine, gas turbine,  and steam turbine.

All of these are a source of energy. But the point should be noted that they get energy by decreasing the pressure. Now, we take the explanation of the types of the turbine which follows Newton’s second law of motion.

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It mostly participates in the conversion of hydraulic energy into mechanical energy. The second one is the gas turbine which is a conversion of natural gas to mechanical energy.

Its other name is the combustion engine. And, the last one is a steam engine which is invented in 1884 by Charles Parsons. It is directed to the conversion of thermal energy into mechanical energy.

The turbine has more power to circulate the energy. As we know that it is the best product for electrical appliances. Above given every line are crucial for the turbine.

After that, we discuss its features like it has perfect power and it has included efficiency to produce energy. The moving part of turbine the is the blades,  which is attached to it.

After a great discussion, it is clear that the turbine is a pack of energy to use in different kinds of appliances. Turbines are invented by Charles Parsons. After great research, he made the best quality of the product.


Main Difference Between Compressor and Turbine

  1. The compressor is the medium of gaining energy by increasing the pressure, and the turbine extracts energy by decreasing the pressure.
  2. The compressor is a conversion of mechanical energy into heat energy but the turbine converts hydraulic energy into mechanical energy.
  3. The compressor is known as work consuming device, on the other hand, the turbine is a delivering work.
  4. It rotates with a prime mover but the turbine has its mover.
  5. The function of the compressor is to compress the fluids and absorb the power but the turbine includes amplifying the fluids.
Difference Between Compressor and Turbine

Last Updated : 18 July, 2023

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