Difference Between Dell Frye and Hulk

The counterpart of the TV show immortal hulk has created a history in young kids as it is found to be super interesting for them.

It is a very curious question that how Dell Frye become Hulk through a chemical reaction in his lab.

Immortal Hulk is a most loved series of youth which rose the question that how Frye and Hulk are not similar though they are the same individual.

Moving ahead some fascinating points are driving a lot more about Frye and Hulk.

Dell Frye vs Hulk

The main difference between Dell Frye and Hulk is that Dell Frye is the antagonist of the Hulk 2 part series Through gamma radiation Frye has been transformed into Hulk. The human creature is Dell Frye and the aminated character transformed is Hulk. Dell Frye is the Previous version whereas Hulk is the new version of an imaginary character. 

Dell Frye vs Hulk

Dell Frye is the main character of the 2 seasons of Incredible hulk as cast for the episode namely “First”. A comic character based on the comic book immortal hulk is a similar person Dell Frye.

He was represented by the late Harry Towns. He assisted scientists namely Jeffrey Clive in the village Vissaria.

Dell Frye was suffering from a disease in his blood which was a matter of laugh in village people.

Hulk is an animated character being published in the American comic magazine namely Marvel. Featured in “Incredible Hulk” as written by Stan Lee and created by Jack Kirby in the year 1962.

A muscular green giant man appeared in the ancient comic book captain marvel. This giant human was fiction through a chemical reaction in a lab.

Comparison Table Between Dell Frye and Hulk

Parameters of Comparison                    Dell Frye                    Hulk
IntroductionDell Frye is the name of a human character in the Incredible Hulk series. Hulk is the name of a Fictional character in The Incredible Hulk series. 
Origin. Dell Frye’s character was launched through a Tv show.Hulk’s character was launched through a Comic book.
Year of DebutDell Frye started his career in the year 1978-82.Hulk started his career in the year 1962 via paper media.
PowersDell Frye’s role doesn’t have any kind of superpowers.Hulk’s Character was portrayed as a superpower man.
lifestyleDell Frye being an individual has a normal lifestyle like other humans.Hulk being an animated character was living life like a superhero which is not usual.

What is Dell Frye?

The term Dell Frye is the individual character of an animated TV series who has the disease of the blood and is the main antagonist in the show.

He was represented as an old man who hardly has power or stamina, could not walk efficiently, and was gradually infected.

This infection was making his center of attraction between people who laugh a lot at him and make him feel inferior. 

His role is featured as a poor old assistant who is working under a scientist for his livelihood and this character gave him name and fame in the year 1979.

When the show went on air and gatherer people for Incredible hulk the Tv Show. He also is featured in a recent broadcast of Immortal hulk as the script written by Al Ewing and the creator joe Bennett.

Dell Frye is also known prominently as Del Frye.

As described in the series Dell is immortal and the moment he died, he was able to fetch the green door.

He was the lab assistant and had some psychological problems due to which he was suffering a lot and to cure the same he took the help of some scientific radiation called gamma. 

What is Hulk?

The Hulk is an abnormal living creature output of some failed radiation. One of the most iconic youth characters and popular among kids for being an animated giant green color creature.

It was a creation inspired by Frankenstein and Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde who first featured in an American publishing comic book namely Marvel. 

An uncontrollable green color monster was invented by a soft-spoken scientist and captured the life of Mr. Banner.

This green rage giant creature has also termed a machine formed by Dr. Bruce Banner. Experiment with gamma radiation this story has turned out to be interesting for kids of all-season generation.

Hulk is a superhero for toddlers and the publication that launched the comic book Incredible Hulk is a wholly subsidiary company of Walt Disney. 

The more angry Hulk becomes the stronger Hulk, a manifestation of scientist Dr. Robert Bruce Banner’s rage. Youth believes that Hulk is the most powerful creature on the earth.

Whenever Banner finds himself emotionally weak he transforms himself into the green color hulk. An experiment in his lab gives an incredible result that altered his DNA and gave him superpowers.

All this happened to save a teenager namely  Rick Jones.

Main Differences Between Dell Frye and Hulk

  1. Role Stability:  Dell Frye was a stable character in the Incredible Hulk whereas Hulk can transform himself at any time.
  2. Body Colour: The Body Color of Dell Frye is similar to normal human skin or cream and the body color of Hulk is Green.
  3. Strength: Dell Frye is an immortal old pale doctor on the other side Hulk is a powerful giant character who can run very fast and cover huge distances.
  4. Pros and Cons: Dell Frye cannot control his emotions and transform into Hulk on the contrary Hulk is an emotionless character who is free from all emotions.
  5. Birth: Dell Frye was born like a normal person through a maternity process whereas Hulk is the output of gamma radiation that comes out of a blast.


Though both Dell Frye and Hulk are the same people in reality this fictional story has created a space in the heart of youth with Immortal Hulk.

In the Era of 1962 when the comic book was popular among kids throughout the world which has created a benchmark through Incredible Hulk.

There is a problem with Banner that Hulk only comes out from him when he is not able to control his painful emotions rather in night or day though he should transform himself into hulk only when he gets hurt.

Dell Frye can protect himself if he transforms him at the time of hurt instead of at the time of pain.

The American superhero from the year 2008, concept and script was taken from the ancient comic produced by Marvel production.

Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) got their second production through Incredible Hulk in the late ’20s.


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