Difference Between Facebook and Hi5

A global village refers to a world connected as a single community. It is safe to say that earth is a global village. Social media platforms such as Facebook have played a major role in linking people from all parts of the world.


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Telecommunications has revolutionized the way of living. Be it a lost friend or a friend living in another part of the world, one can easily communicate with him online.

Facebook vs Hi5

The difference between Facebook and Hi5 is that Facebook is used to interact with people they already know while Hi5 is mainly used to meet new people.

Hi5 is similar to Tinder in this regard and even has a VIP package to connect with new people at a faster rate. However, in terms of market share, Facebook has a much higher number of consumers compared to Hi5.

Facebook vs Hi5

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Founded in 2004, Facebook is an American social media network owned by Meta Platforms. It is the largest social media network having more active users than any other social media platform.

A free platform, Facebook, enables users to upload photos, create profiles, start or become a part of a new group. Users can even share a timeline or chat with each other online.

Hi5 is also a social networking platform used by people to make new friends, flirt, or date each other. It is similar to Tagged in many aspects.

It is also a free website that has been in this industry since 2007. One can create custom profiles on the app to make new friends and can even chat with them.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonFacebookHi5
Profile pageFacebook has a standardized profile page in which one adds the information they want to shareUsers can choose from a variety of profile skins and customize them to suit their needs
Security settingsFacebook provides more security settings in terms of the information people want to share with the worldFewer security settings compared to Facebook
LanguagesAvailable in 111 languagesAvailable in 50 languages
OwnerIt is owned by Meta PlatformsIt is owned by ‘The Meet Group’
HeadquartersMenlo Park, CaliforniaSan Francisco, California

What is Facebook?

Facebook is a constantly growing social networking website with a customer base of over 2.23 billion active users. Since 2004, it has been helping its users to connect with work colleagues, friends or make new connections for free with the help of a profile.

Users can share their opinions about events or simply share pictures and videos on their profiles.

Users meet new people or their old lost friends by sending a friend request to the person of their choice. If the other person accepts it, you can see all the updates he makes to his Facebook profile.

Users can post all sorts of information ranging from a timeline to their details. One can also start a private chat with their friends.

A major reason for its popularity is the easy-to-use interface of Facebook combined with an attractive profile page. Users can add the information they like and transform their page into a virtual version of themselves.

Another reason is the Facebook ads, a major source of revenue for Facebook. It is used by sellers all over the world to sell their products on Facebook.

In addition to this, sellers advertise their product on their Facebook page minimizing the distance between the product and the buyer.

What is Hi5?

Hi5 is another social networking website. Though it isn’t as popular as Facebook, Hi5 used to be among the most popular social network websites in 2007 primarily due to its new virtual high five feature.

This was the peak of Hi5’s popularity. It is now used mainly as a dating website by people. Users use it to discover new people online, connect with them and eventually meet them.

Hi5 is free to use. After setting up a profile, you are good to go. You can write in a journal, share photo galleries or create an online scrapbook.

You can use Hi5 to meet new people or even discover old friends with the filters available and invite them to connect with you.

It even has a feature of arranging people similar to Linkedin in which it arranges people as 1st degree, 2nd degree, and 3rd-degree friends.

It has the interesting feature of allowing your friends to know what you’ve been up to on that day. By using the Flirt feature, one can browse through a plethora of potential options.

By sending the Flirt request, you can reach out to potential partners. Other noteworthy features include TopFriends, RockYou Pets, the addition of music to the profiles, video greetings, etc.

Main Differences Between Facebook and Hi5

  1. Facebook does not offer a lot of customizations in terms of the profile page. One can only add information to one standard template. On the other hand, Hi5 users can choose from a variety of profile skins to select one of their choices.
  2. In terms of security, Facebook is much more secure compared to Hi5.
  3. Though both Facebook and Hi5 are multilingual, Facebook is available in 111 languages while Hi5 is available in only 50 languages.
  4. Facebook is owned by Meta Platforms. On the other hand, Hi5 is owned by ‘The Meet Group’.
  5. Facebook is headquartered in Menlo Park, California while Hi5 has headquarters in San Francisco, California.
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