Difference Between MariaDB and MySQL

The MariaDB database system is a fork of the MySQL database system. Data processing capabilities are provided by the RDBMS for both minor and large jobs.

One of the first open-source databases to hit the market was MySQL. There are several MySQL versions available nowadays.

Comparison Table between MariaDB and MySQL

Parameters of Difference MariaDBMySQL
Initial release date MariaDB was released in 2009.MySQL was released way before, in 1995.
Storage engines There are 12 new storage engines in MariaDB.There are fewer storage options in MySQL.
PerformanceMariaDB has improved replication and is faster than MySQL.MySQL is slower as compared to MariaDB.
Proprietary codeMariaDB is a closed source and does not give access to this.MySQL enterprise gives access to proprietary code.
Companies Companies like Google, Ubuntu, Wikipedia, Redhat and Ingenico use MariaDB Companies like Facebook, Github use MySQL

What is MariaDB?

MariaDB is an open-source relational database management system (DBMS) that may be used as a drop-in successor for the popular MySQL database.

MariaDB is an enhanced version of MySQL. It has a lot of strong capabilities built-in, as well as a lot of usabilities, security, and speed enhancements that MySQL doesn't have.

MariaDB is a SQL-based database that allows for ACID-style data processing with assured consistency, integrity, confinement, and durability.

MariaDB has a well-known and widely used querying language. It comes with a variety of storage engines, including high-performance storage engines that may be used with other relational databases.

 Open-source databases are increasingly being used in web and cloud applications; in particular, MariaDB has gained a following among users of other components in various open-source software combinations, notably the OpenStack architecture.  

What is MySQL?

In the contemporary big data environment, MySQL is one of the most well-known technologies. MySQL is often referred to as the most common database, and it is now in broad, effective usage across many industries.

Even individuals who are unfamiliar with relational systems may create quick, powerful, and secure data storage systems with MySQL.

Though MySQL's relational nature and the resulting inflexible storage structures may appear to be constraining, the tabular paradigm is arguably the most natural and, as a result, provides for improved usability.

Other systems only offer a single storage engine, but MySQL supports many storage engines, each with its own set of characteristics.

Main Differences Between MariaDB and MySQL

  1. MariaDB has a wider connection pool, which can accommodate up to 200,000 connections, whereas MySQL's connection pool is narrower.
  2. Companies like Facebook, Github use MySQL whereas MariaDB is used by companies like Google and Wikipedia.


Both the database management systems are compatible. The MariaDB team is working to ensure that MariaDB may replace MySQL in existing applications without causing any issues.

However because the engine is still relatively new, there's no assurance that future upgrades and versions will be released in MariaDB.

MySQL is ranked second among relational databases and second overall (the Oracle database ranks first). MariaDB, on the other hand, is somewhat behind, ranking 9 among relational databases and 14 overall.


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