Difference Between Milk and Lactaid (With Table)

The whole world is becoming health conscious and it is necessary that you must keep your health at the best. Now, foods like vegetables, meat, eggs, and other nutritious items are a must on your daily routine or your daily diet. Milk is considered to be one of the highest nutritional foods among these. This is why babies are fed mild after they are born for several months so that they grow.

Food like milk can come in variants too as not all people can tolerate the components that are present in milk. Say suppose some people who are suffering from a disease cannot have the regular milk but they can have Lactaid. It is because certain components from the regular milk have been removed to make another milk type for those people.

Milk vs Lactaid

The difference between milk and Lactaid is that Lactaid milk does not contain any lactose whereas in regular milk lactose is found. Lactaid milk is suitable for those who suffer from diabetes because lactose is a sugar form that is present in regular milk which is not suitable for people suffering from diabetes.

Comparison Table Between Milk and Lactaid

Parameters of ComparisonMilkLactaid
LactoseMilk has a lactose component.Lactaid do not have lactose.
Vitamin D3Milk have vitamin D3 but less as compared to Lactaid.Lactaid have a high amount of vitamin D3.
Fat  ComponentMilk will have much higher fat.Lactaid will have less fat as compared to the regular milk.
Not Suitable ForMilk is suitable for all types of people but not suitable for those who suffer diabetes.Lactaid can be consumed by everyone especially for  those people suffering from diabetes.
Nutritional ValueCalcium, phosphorous, Vitamins B, Vitamin DIn a cup there will be about 160 calories, 8g fat, 35g cholesterol, 125mg sodium, and 350mg potassium.

What is Milk?

Milk is a dairy product and there can be various types of milk like cow, goat, buffalo milk for consumption for humans. Milk is one of the most common sources of most types of nutrients and it is a must-consuming food item for most people on a daily basis.

Milk is considered to have the most nutritional value than most of the other food items. This is the reason why babies are fed with milk after their birth so that they grow healthy. Milk can be consumed by most people but there are people who cannot tolerate lactose content in it.

You will also find people who are allergic to milk and do not drink milk. There are some people who loves to consume milk but they suffer from diseases like diabetes. People suffering from diabetes must not consume all types of milk because cow milk will have less fat than buffalo milk.

So, several dairy products manufacturing companies have come up with a solution for those people suffering from diseases like diabetes. They introduced a Lactaid product that is diabetes-friendly. Certain harmful contents are removed so that people suffering from diabetes can consume them and also get the nutritional value out of it.

However, one must drink milk every day and it must be included in your breakfast routine. One glass of pure milk will give you enough energy for the whole day especially if you are a gym freak. Not only kids you will notice that several doctors also recommend adults to drink milk because after certain age some people lack calcium in their body.

What is Lactaid?

Lactaid is a type of milk where certain components are removed like lactose for diabetic people to consume. In other words, people who have a problem digesting normal milk can also have Lactaid in place of them.

Lactose is a type of sugar found in regular milk that is harmful to diabetic patients and thus they must consume Lactaid instead of regular milk. Lactaid milk should be present on your daily diet just like normal milk for normal people.

Lactaid milk has got high-packed nutritional value because a cup of Lactaid will give you 160 calories, 8g fat, 35mg cholesterol, 125mg sodium, and 350mg potassium. The fat is much less in Lactaid milk as compared to the regular milk and this is why they can be digested by people and can be consumed by diabetic patients.

Main Differences Between Milk and Lactaid

  1. Regular milk contains lactose while Lactaid does not contain lactose.
  2. The regular milk has a high nutritional value but Lactaid milk has got a high amount of vitamin D3.
  3. Lactaid milk is made suitable for those people who cannot digest lactose.
  4. Lactaid milk is also suitable for people suffering from diseases like diabetes.
  5. The carbohydrate level in Lactaid milk is much higher than the normal milk.


Milk is an important source of most nutrition and it must be consumed on a daily basis by most people. But, if you are lactose intolerant then it would be better for you to stop the consumption of milk under the direction of a physician.

Lactaid milk, on the other hand, is made for people who suffer digestion problems in drinking the regular milk but it can be consumed by normal people too. Lactaid milk comes with a high amount of vitamin D3 and this milk can also be on your daily diet.

 So, in the end, it is health that matters because you need to keep yourself healthy no matter how much milk you consume.


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