Difference Between PayPal Generosity Campaign and Money Pool

There are many fundraising programs offered by the company- PayPal. The Generosity Campaigns and Money Pools are tools for the same.


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Money Pools were introduced first as a method for collecting for a common cause with a limited number of people. The fundraising program intends to collect donations from more contributors in a short period. 

PayPal Generosity Campaign vs Money Pool

The difference between PayPal Generosity Campaigns and Money Pool is that the former is still in use while the latter is inactive. No new Money Pools can be created as the company stopped the service. The generosity campaigns aim at a massive audience and gather money from worldwide contributors. But Money Pools are relatively small and shared in close circles of the users for a general purpose like for going on a tour.

PayPal Generosity Campaign vs Money Pool

The PayPal Generosity Campaigns launched in 2020 is a crowdsourced fundraiser initiative through which people can support charities, people, or businesses with donations.

This fundraising enables customers to raise funds for their preferred charity. This service is available in the USA, the UK, and Germany.

Anyone can raise funds for the intended cause. The Generosity Network for Charity makes the transfer of money easier. Instead of transferring it to an account, the fundraised for charity is donated directly to the Giving Fund.

Money Pools are a social payment method. When a user creates a pool for a specific purpose, a unique link is given. The creator can share the link with people who they want to. This ensures privacy. This program is small-scale.

It can be used for charity as well. The details of the contributor are available. The Money Pool creator can control the pool using the systems. They can set an end date, add details, and select contributors.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonPayPal Generosity CampaignMoney Pool
Launch 20202017
End Active2021
PurposeFundraising primarily for people or organizations and charityPooling money from relatives, friends, or other people in contact for a specific goal
Limit$20000No limit
Time Period30 daysThe creator decides the end date

What is PayPal Generosity Campaign?

PayPal expanded its fundraising options with the Generosity campaigns. This enables individuals to raise money for anyone.

Users can raise funds for themselves, other people, organizations, or for charity. During the launch, the campaign was open only for US-based PayPal users.

The company decided to incorporate this feature after the outbreak of the coronavirus. Due to the difficulties in raising funds, charitable organizations had a rough time.

The fundraisers are created from the website, and one can use the donations according to their needs. It also helps the campaigns give more reach than expected using social media handles.

The fundraiser creators must follow the terms of the company. There are two types of fundraising: Personal or Business fundraiser and Fundraiser for charity.

Personal fundraisers can only be created one at a time. But for charity, multiple fundraisers can be established.

Up to $20,000 can be collected using this fundraising program for personal or business purposes. There is no such limit in charity fundraising campaigns.

Throughout the fundraising campaign, the user’s account must be in good standing. The fundraisers will only last for 30 days. One must verify their identity before any such campaigns.

Users who do the fundraising for someone else must deliver all the donations soon enough. All the funds raised are transferred directly to the fundraiser’s account.

What is Money Pool?

Money Pool is a service that is aimed at providing PayPal users to collect money for various activities. It is a transparent service.

The contributors can know how much money is in the fund, who all gave the fund, and analyze how close you are to reaching the target. Family members, friends, or colleagues can pool their money for a general purpose. 

Users can create a money pool within a few clicks. Give the reason for creating the money pool and then name it.

The goal amount and end date make it easier for the contributors to collect the money efficiently. A minimum amount can be set for the contributors or allow them to contribute as much as they intend to.

 Users can customize the Money Pool using cover images and providing details in the about section. After creating the Money Pool, a link is given.

By sharing the link with the targeted contributor, money is collected. There are options for contributors to give without revealing their names and details. 

This Money Pool system is also used for charity purposes. The link for such must be shared on public platforms for crowdfunding purposes. When the required amount is gathered, it can be transferred into the account.

Main Differences Between PayPal Generosity Campaign and Money Pool

  1. PayPal generosity campaigns aim at huge fundraising programs. But Money Pool is for collecting money from friends, relatives, co-workers, or other contacts.
  2. Generosity campaigns were launched in 2020 and are still active. While Money Pools were introduced in 2017 and ended in September 2021.
  3. There were no limitations in Money Pools in terms of the money collected. But in PayPal Generosity campaigns, there is a set limit for personal or business campaigns.
  4. Generosity campaigns are public, while Money Pools are more private.
  5. Fundraisers in Generosity campaigns can only last for 30 days. There is a time limit. But in Money Pools, the creator can set an end date. Till then, it is valid.


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