Difference Between Dell MDS14 and MDS19

Dell is a computer, laptop monitor stands, and other electronic equipment manufacturer based in the United States that was formed in 1984 amid the technological revolution.

Micheal Dell established the corporation, which is today one of the most well-known in the world.

Apart from hardware services, it has software and storage services too. Dell MDS14 and Dell MDS19 are two well-known monitor stands of the Dell company which are launched into the market for the comfort of the users.

Dell MDS14 vs MDS19

The main difference between Dell MDS14 and MDS19 is that MDS14 supports dual screens of up to 24 inches or 60cm. On the other hand, Dell MDS19 can accommodate two screens of larger size up to 27 inches or 68.6 cm. Moreover, Dell MDS14 can hold slightly more weight when compared to Dell MDS19.

Dell MDS14 vs MDS19

Dell MDS14 is a monitor stand that supports two monitor screens of 24 inches each. It has a warranty period of 3 years, and screen size may vary.

It provides multiple adjusting of the screens ( to adjust the height, swivel, and tilting of the screen). It can hold weight up to 14.3 lb or 6.5 kg.

Dell MDS14 is also a monitor positioning stand that can hold two monitors. It is beneficial to place two monitors in a compact place without any difficulty.

The weight of both the screens should not exceed 6 kg. Otherwise, monitors could be of varying size, ranging up to 27 inches.

Comparison Table Between Dell MDS14 and MDS19

Parameters of ComparisonDell MDS14Dell MDS19
Types of Screen Adjustment Dell MDS14 can adjust the monitor by tilting, swiveling, and rising in height.Dell MDS19 can adjust the monitor by pivoting, tilting, rising in height, and swiveling.
Tilting RangeThe tilting range of Dell MDS14 is between -4 and -20 degrees.The tilting range of Dell MDS19 is between -5 and -24 degrees.
Product WeightThe weight of Dell MDS14 is 15 pounds.The weight of Dell MDS19 is 18.5 pounds.
Swivel Angle RangeThe swivel angle range of Dell MDS14 lies between -15 and 15 degrees. The swivel angle range of Dell MDS19 lies between -10 and 15 degrees.
Maximum Monitor SizeThe maximum monitor size supported by Dell MDS14 is 24 inches. The maximum monitor size supported by Dell MDS19 is 27 inches.

What is Dell MDS14?

Dell MDS14 was designed to place two monitors on a single stand adjacent to each other. It is an excellent choice for those who want to avail good services even in less space.

The U-shaped stand allows fixing the screens that have a maximum of 21 inches of width and occupies lesser space on the desk.

It provides multiple adjusting of the screen as one can adjust it height-wise, swivel-wise, and even tilt the screen as per the user’s comfort in landscape mode.

Moreover, one cannot adjust the screen in portrait mode. It consists of two adaptors that can be attached to the monitors of Dell and others that are built according to the Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA) and weigh up to 6.5 kg.

It provides a good cabling system by hiding all the cables. The weight of the stand is 27.5 pounds, the width is 20.08 inches, and the height is 8.46 inches.

The range of swiveling and pivoting of the screen on this stand is considerably less when compared with MDS19.

The most common misperception about dual monitor stands is that to place two monitors, they must first be connected to one other. However, rather than affixing the displays to each other, we must install the monitors in the designated area.

What is Dell MDS19?

Dell MDS19 is upgraded equipment of MDS14. It is also a dual monitor stand that can mount in screens of a maximum width of 27 inches. It is being produced in different countries (Ireland, USA, Brazil, China).

It is available in two classical hues (Aluminum and Black) to add a professional look to our workplace. It is more compact than its predecessor and provides a greater viewing distance allowing the user to work in the appropriate position.

Moreover, It is made eco-friendly, it has a smaller carbon footprint than MDS14. It also maintains our workspace clean by carefully organizing the cords for both displays as it consists of cable clips to hide them.

One can adjust their screen in multiple ways by swiveling, pivoting, tilting, and adjusting the monitor’s height up to 13 cm as well.

Users can adjust the screen in both landscape (horizontal) and portrait(vertical) modes as per convenience. It is installed easily without any professional’s assistance.

It can handle weight up to 6 kg weight and is compatible with Dell’s P series and U series monitors which have a screen size between 19 inches and 27 inches. Since the product is heavy, it handles the screen well without causing the shaking effect.

Main Differences Between Dell MDS14 and MDS19

  1. Dell MDS14 does not let the pivoting rotation of the screen. On the other hand, Dell MDS19 provides pivoting adjusting as well.
  2. Dell MDS14 dual monitor stand has more footprint when compared to its successor device Dell MDS19.
  3. Dell MDS14 can handle weight up to 6.5 kg. However, MDS19 handles slightly lesser weight (6kg).
  4. Dell MDS14 supports only landscape adjustment of screen. However, Dell MDS19 supports both landscape and portrait adjusting.
  5. The Dell MDS14 is a monitor stand that can accommodate monitors up to 24 inches in size. On the other hand, Dell MDS19 is for mounting screening having a size between 19 inches and 27 inches.


Dell, an American company, produces several hardware products (including laptops, computers, and monitor mounting stands). Dell’s MDS14 and MDS19 are two monitor stands that can accommodate two monitors on a single stand.

Both are better at handling screens without causing any shacking effect due to the weight of the monitors.

Dell MDS19 is a successor and upgraded version of the stand MDS14. Therefore, Dell MDS19 is a more compact and better product for the workplace to add an elegant look.

Furthermore, the Dell MDS 19 can mount in larger displays than the MDS 14, has superior cable management, and takes up less space.


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