Difference Between Gaming Glasses and Flux

Gaming glasses are important for every gamer, as it protects one’s eye from harmful rays coming out of the play screen.

To be a great and influential gamer, one has to safeguard their eyes as long as possible, and moreover, it prevents other issues too, such as headache.

Gaming Glasses vs Flux

The main difference between Gaming glasses and f.lux is that the gaming glasses don’t change any perception of colour and clarity of the game on the screen, but with the accessories of the yellow or amber lens, they do. Whereas f.lux is a program that diminishes the blue colour and has a measure of how much should be abated on the screen by arbitrating from the original colour. 

Gaming Glasses vs

Gaming glasses are the production of safety glasses that prevent eyes from computer vision syndrome. Gunnar Optiks is the founder of Gaming glasses in 2007, intending to help games from harmful visual lights.

On the other hand, f.lux is a cross-pattern computer screen program that automatically adjusts the display’s colour temperance depending upon the atmosphere.

Comparison Table Between Gaming Glasses and Flux

Parameters of Comparison Gaming Glasses Flux
Meaning It is a protection glass as it impedes burning or irritating eyes while gaming with its yellow lens. The gaming glasses eliminate blue light shade and reduce digital eye strain against the high-frequency brightness screen. f.lux is a cross-platform computer program, which automatically controls the brightness of the computer according to the user’s vision. 
Appearance The gaming Glass seems like a normal computer glass, which has blue shades with an amber lens that supports the brightness of the computer screen.  The glass is a lightweight frame that comes along with a case and a microfibre cleaning cloth. This colour temperature-programmed on the gadgets, which is available on Microsoft Windows, Linux, macOS, Android and ioS users. 
Benefits Reduce digital eye strain, eye irritation, dry eye, blurry eye, cataracts and macular degeneration. It helps to overcome hyperpigmentation as the glass stymie black circle. F.lux is effective to young people of this generation as it induces soporific effect because of the blue light exposure adjustments on the gadgets.  
History Gaming Glasses were initially found by Gunnar Optiks in 2007 to meet the health issues faced by the gamers.Michael Herf and Lorna Herf programmed f.lux. In 2009 which is developed by f.lux. Software LLC
Working Principle The glass comes with a Blue light lens which is coated on the frame that works against the brightness of the computer. The brightness adjusts according to the user’s vision, in the daytime the brightness intensify whereas at the night the light dim. 

What are Gaming Glasses?

Gaming Glasses were initially found by Gunnar Optiks in 2007 to meet the health issues faced by the gamers. Gunnar Optiks is a fashion, manufacturing, and retail industry with headquarters at Carlsbad, California, US.

Moreover, as per the reports submitted by Pacific University researchers, in 2007, the glasses have really aided the gamers’ health by improving the contrast of the screen with its yellow or amber lens. 

Furthermore, a gamer who plays 24/7 can be benefited, as gaming glasses protect from digital eye strain, blue light, dry eyes, colour distortion, and eye fatigue.

The amber-tinted glasses are said to filter and balance the screen by capturing 65% of the harmful blue light coming out from the screen.

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What is Flux?

On the contrary, f.lux is a cross-platform computer program invented to help users with eye issues by sitting in front of digital gadgets for hours. It automatically adjusts the colour of the screen, as per the atmosphere’s light.

The f.lux program is only available for Microsoft Windows, Linux, macOS users. Besides, it is also available in android and IOS but provided by certain terms and conditions.

Moreover, in addition to its features, it has modes including vignette, grayscale, soft white, blue sky, macular pigment, emerald city, Himalayan salt lamp, and civil twilight, as per the users’ interest.

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Main Differences Between Gaming Glasses and Flux

  1. Gaming glasses work against the blue light shade with an amber lens of the computer screen, whereas f.lux. Works- in the daytime, the brightness intensifies, whereas at night, the light dim. 
  2. Gaming glasses reduce digital eye strain, eye irritation, dry eye, blurry eye, cataracts and macular degeneration.


Gaming glasses help gamers to avoid blue light against the resilient computer brightness, which is framed with Yellow or amber lens.

The glass reduces computer strain, light dry eye, blurry eye, cataracts and macular degeneration. f.lux. It is a computer-based program that automatically adjusts the screen light against the blue-shade light. f.lux.

Improvise good sleep and also avoid eye irritation gadgets. Both the Glasses aim to forestall the damage of eye infections from the blue light shade of the computer or gadgets screen.


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