Difference Between Replica Jeans and Original Jeans

The market sells a number of products ranging from food packages to clothing items. These markets sell either original clothing items or replica clothing items.


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One of the most popular clothing items is jeans. They are sold as an original copy or as a replica of the original form.

Replica Jeans vs Original Jeans

The difference between Replica Jeans and Original jeans is that the former is quite cheap/ low cost and has a poor fabric quality while on the other hand the latter is quite rich in the quality of the fabric used in the jeans and has a higher cost price/ selling price.

Replica Jeans vs Original Jeans

Replica jeans refer to the copies of original jeans. They are quite similar to the original jeans clothing of different brands.

The replica jeans are indistinguishable from the original products but they are cheaper and have a poor quality compared to the original copies. They have a low fabric quality and quantity.

Original jeans are originally produced and styled by different brands. They are mostly sold at high prices (compared to replica jeans) and have a rich quality fabric in their jeans.

Jeans of different brands are different from each other in some of the other aspects. All original jeans carry the brand’s label with them.

Comparison Table

Parameters Of ComparisonReplica Jeans Original Jeans
SignificanceReplica jeans are duplicates or copies of the original jeans sold by a variety of popular brands.Original jeans are styled and designed by a number of famous brands. 
QualityReplica jeans are often made with low-quality resources and poor fabric.Original jeans are styled with premium quality items and fabric.
Cost PriceReplica jeans are sold at low/ cheap rates.Original jeans are sold at moderate to high prices that are decided by the brand.
Also CalledReplica jeans are also referred to as duplicate jeans or copies or fake jeans.Inaugural jeans is another name for original jeans.
ExamplesThere are certain markets like Levis shop, Pepe jeans mall, Central Plaza, etc. Brands that sell original jeans are Levi, Wrangler, Pepe Jeans, Denim Jeans, etc. 

What are Replica Jeans?

Replica jeans or duplicate jeans are copies of the original jeans product that are designed by enormous brands. These jeans are quite indistinguishable from the original product yet differ in certain measures.

These measures are related to the price and quality of the jeans.

Replica jeans have a low-quality fabric material. They are not perfect in their designs as compared to the original jeans. This is one of the main reasons why these jeans are cheaper than original jeans.

Replica jeans can be bought from a variety of shops across the globe. Some of these shops are:

  • Central Plaza 
  • Lee
  • Levis Exclusive Store 
  • FashionReps Community
  • Maison Margiela Official Store

Replica jeans are often copies of famous brands. These brands include Calvin Klein, Wrangler, Diesel, Guess, Paige, Gucci, Nudie Jeans, FRAME, Levi Strauss & co, Jack & Jones, Mufti, 7 for all mankind.

These brands carry a label of their own which is very unlike the replica jeans. These jeans don’t carry any such brand labels with them.

There are several companies that make copies of their own branded original jeans. The reason is that this way they can sell the replicas at low cost and make them affordable to the common people. 

What are Original Jeans?

Original jeans or inaugural jeans are styled by branded firms/ factories. They have a unique design and a perfect work of art. They carry the label of the brand.

Renowned brands sell rich-quality original jeans. They are quite high priced and have a magnificent style. Excellent quality fabric is used to prepare original jeans. 

Original jeans are often copied by local market sellers and factories. The branded original jeans fall easy prey to the “replica jeans” factories. These factories often copy the design and work of original jeans without the brand’s consent.

Here’s a list of a few well-established brands that produce styled and original jeans:

  • Bare Denim
  • Diesel 
  • Jack and Jones 
  • Being Human
  • Burberry 
  • Levi’s
  • Lee Jeans 
  • Wrangler
  • Spykar

One can buy original and branded jeans from the following places:

  • Gap
  • Everlane 
  • Frank and Oak
  • Duer
  • H&M
  • American Eagle 

Original jeans can also be bought from online stores. They are delivered in the best form and packaged very well to the customer.

A few of the well-known online stores to buy original jeans are Amazon, myntra, AJIO, limeroad, shoppersstop, nykaafashion, shopclues, faballey, forever21, Urban fitters, mango, Nordstrom, nasty gal, miss guided, etc.

These online stores sell a number of original jeans which are bought by many customers. 

Main Differences Between Replica Jeans and Original Jeans 

  1. Replica jeans are also called or named “copies” while on the other hand original jeans are referred to as “inaugural jeans”
  2. Replica jeans are designed in local factories while on the other hand original jeans are styled in branded firms/ industries.
  3. The fabric used is of poor quality in replica jeans whereas there is the usage of high-quality fabric in original jeans.
  4. Replica jeans are comparatively cheaper than original jeans (sold at quite moderate or high prices).
  5. Replica jeans don’t carry the brands’ labels while on the other hand original jeans carry the labels of different and popular brands.


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