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Difference Between Toyota Voxy and Nissan Serena

While on the road, your car provides you with comfort, so it is critical to purchase a vehicle that meets all of your requirements.


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Here, we’ll look at two MPVs: the Toyota Voxy and the Nissan Serena. MPVs are multi-purpose vehicles that are ideal for a traveling group and have enough space for all of your belongings.

We’ll look at the features that distinguish both MPVs in this article.

Toyota Voxy vs Nissan Serena

The difference between Toyota Voxy and Nissan Serena is that Toyota Voxy’s infrastructure differs from Nissan Serena’s. Apart from that, they are from various brands or manufacturers. Both of them have characteristics that are distinct from one another. When compared to the Nissan Serena, the Toyota Voxy is the more cost-effective option. The other distinctions are discussed in greater depth below.

Toyota Voxy vs Nissan Serena

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Toyota Voxy is a brand of Toyota. The MPV has a spacious and secure driving environment. It’s perfect for a family. Because of its durability, the car is ideal for regular travel.

It has a four-cylinder in-line DOHC engine. The engine produces 151 horsepower and 193 Nm of torque. Aside from that, the steering wheel is stable, giving you the ultimate safety and accommodating eight people with ample cargo space.

Nissan‘s Serena is a multi-purpose vehicle. The car does not prioritize appearances because its primary purpose is to provide comfortable transportation for your family.

So, if you judge a car solely on its appearance, you may be underestimating its potential. Aside from that, the powerful engine, as well as features such as sliding doors and ample space, make for an incredible drive.

We’ll talk about the main features in the future.

Comparison Table

Parameters of comparisonToyota VoxyNissan Serena
The engine’s displacement1987 cc1997 cc
Power 150 HP148 HP
Torque 193 Nm199 Nm
Height 1835 mm1865 mm
The capacity of the fuel tankFifty-five litersSixty liters

What is Toyota Voxy?

In November of 2001, the first Voxy was released on the market. The car’s name is derived from the Latin language. The ‘vox’ in Voxy stands for ‘voice,’ and the ‘y’ at the end stands for the car’s structure.

The MPV is named after its massive boxy structure. MPVs, or Multi-Purpose Vehicles, are designed to transport groups of people along the road and are most commonly referred to as family cars.

It even allows you to carry luggage and thus it has enough space.

Here are some characteristics of the cars that may assist you in determining whether you are looking for them or not.

The Toyota Voxy is significantly less expensive than the Nissan Serena.

When it comes to the car’s exterior appearance, it’s boxy and doesn’t give you enough to appreciate it, but once you see the interior, you’ll be blown away by the amount of space and comfort it provides.

In Toyota Voxy another thing that differs from Nissan Serena is that different models of the Voxy group have different headlights, it can either be LEDs or halogen.

It also has a fuel tank capacity of 55 liters and is powered by a 150 horsepower engine with a torque of 193 Nm.

What is Nissan Serena?

Nissan has been producing the Serena since 1991. It is a travel-friendly MPV that is both compact and comfortable.

In 2016, the Nissan Serena received a significant upgrade or evolution with the addition of pro pilot technology, as well as advanced driver assistance for highway use.

The goal was to keep the lane position while keeping a safe distance from the car in front of you. Nissan has been evolving with the environment, engine power, and infrastructure since its first model.

This car is great for groups and families and is ideal for long distances due to its rugged finish.

The vehicle has seven seats and five sliding doors. The only significant difference between the two is that the latter has dual slide open doors. This feature makes it easier to vacate the car in congested parking lots.

It stands 1865 mm tall and has a fuel tank capacity of sixty liters. A two-liter petrol engine with four-cylinder six valves powers it. The steering column in the Toyota Voxy is adjustable, whereas the steering column in the Nissan Serena is not.

The steering column is telescopic and tilted. Aside from that, it has 148 horsepower and a torque of 199 Nm.

Main Differences Between Toyota Voxy and Nissan Serena

  1. The Toyota Voxy has been on the market since 2001, while the Nissan Serena has been around since 1991.
  2. Toyota Voxy consists of 1987 cc engine displacement whereas Nissan Serena consists of 1997 cc.
  3. The fuel tank capacity of the Toyota Voxy is 55 liters, while the Nissan Serena’s is 60 liters.
  4. The Toyota Voxy is less expensive than the Nissan Serena.
  5. For different models of Toyota Voxy, halogen or LED headlights are used, whereas every Nissan Serena model has led headlights.
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