Difference Between Toyota Noah and Nissan Serena

The automobile world is overtaken by the introduction of Multipurpose or Multi-Passenger Vehicles (MPV). Along with introducing umpteen MPVs, there is confusion about which one is a perfect choice, considering almost all MPVs carry the same features.


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One such example is the Toyota Noah and Nissan Serena. They appear to have the same features, but certainly, subtle differences go unnoticed.   

Key Takeaways

  1. The Toyota Noah is more fuel-efficient than the Nissan Serena, making it a better choice for those looking for a fuel-efficient vehicle.
  2. The Toyota Noah has a more spacious interior than the Nissan Serena, making it a better choice for families or those who require more cargo space.
  3. The Nissan Serena has more advanced safety features than the Toyota Noah, making it a better choice for those who prioritize vehicle safety.

Toyota Noah vs Nissan Serena  

The difference between Toyota Noah and Nissan Serena is that Toyota Noah‚Äôs exterior looks certainly different from other car models due to its sharp bonnet. In contrast, the Nissan Serena‚Äės exterior has an extremely smooth finish that makes it appealing and attractive even from the exterior. Nissan Serena looks sportier and classier as compared to other car models.¬†¬†¬†

Toyota Noah vs Nissan Serena

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Toyota Noah is designed peculiarly for those focusing on family and passenger space especially driving comfort. It is aerodynamically designed to reduce air resistance while driving.

It is almost designed and manufactured to provide the feeling of travelling in a luxury car with amazing features and comfort.   

On the other hand, Nissan Serena exteriorly is a treat to the eyes, beautifully designed especially to attract every other car lover, with top load roof, large windscreens that ensure that blind spots stay low so that you can enjoy the magnificent view, a good coffee cup holder, central console and many other features that make it a perfect lifestyle, sporty car.   

Comparison Table  

Parameters of Comparison    Toyota Noah    Nissan Serena  
Launched in    2001  1991  
Engine Efficiency    158 Horsepower  135 Horsepower    
Seating Capacity    Maximum 8 passengers    Maximum 7-8 passengers  
Price    Slightly Expensive    Comparatively less priced  
Fuel Economy    14.2 km/litre  12.2 km/litre  
Features    Huge Cabin Space    Keyless Entry    

What is Toyota Noah?  

As aforementioned, Toyota Noah is an MPV- Multi-Purpose Vehicle designed specifically for a family outing with the perfect cargo space, driving comfort, spacious interior, etc.

It has a perfectly designed interior that provides a driver-centric feel. The interior of Toyota Noah is designed such that the controls are within reach of hand/ easily accessible.  

Interiorly the Toyota Noah has a steering wheel wrapped in leather with a gear shifter located just next to the steering wheel and hand brakes just underneath so that you don’t have to look away from the magnificent view provided by the huge windscreens to operate the vehicle.

The steering wheel also carries audio control devices with buttons so you can access and tune your music without looking away from the road.   

In terms of steering and handling issues, Toyota Noah is one of the best of all MPVs, as you can drift and turn on any road without losing any control.

The engine efficiency of the Toyota Noah can go up to 158 Horsepower which is better than most MPVs. With an amazing fuel economy of 14.2 km/litre, the Toyota Noah ensures a no-interruption drive.   

Considering passenger comfort, the Toyota Noah is the best of all MPVs as they have perfect and huge passenger seats, huge windows to enjoy the view, and one-touch dual sliding doors so you can easily access the seating area.

With a capacity of 8 passengers, it is the ideal MPV for family outdoors. Additional features include a huge cabin area, woodgrain trim, etc. Owing to these features, the Toyota Noah is slightly more expensive than other MPVs.  

What is Nissan Serena?

As mentioned above, Nissan Serena is a type of MPV that looks extremely attractive as the exterior of a Nissan Serena is perfectly designed with a smooth finish giving it a classy and sporty look.

Many designers have inculcated new chrome decorations on the large front grille. A large windscreen is a cherry-on-cake feature of the already attractive MPV.   

Interiorly, the seats of the Nissan Serena are perfectly designed with high-quality materials to ensure they last for a few years. They also have a coffee cup holder and central console to store things like diaries, keys, etc.

The engine efficiency of the Nissan Serena is 135 Horsepower with a fuel economy of 12.2 km/litre, making this an ideal MPV.

In technical terms, the Nissan Serena is built with Idling Stop System with an ECO mode so that the engine switches off automatically when the vehicle is not in use.

This ECO mode ultimately saves fuel economy and works efficiently while the vehicle accelerates.  

Safety-wise, the Nissan Serena is one of the safest MPVs ever. It has a VDC- Vehicle Dynamic Control System that activates the brake and engine system to ensure the vehicle does not slip during horrible weather or terrain conditions.

Along with this, they also come with ABS- Anti-Lock Braking System that ensures the vehicle does not skid when brakes are applied.   

Apart from these features, the Nissan Serena has huge cabin space with perfect aluminium trims so that you can interact hassle-free with the other passengers. The Nissan Serena is slightly cheaper than other MPVs.  

Main Differences Between Toyota Noah and Nissan Serena

  1. The Toyota Noah exterior has a sharp bonnet. On the other hand, the Nissan Serena has a smooth aerodynamic finish.  
  2. The Toyota Noah has an engine efficiency of 158 Horsepower. In contrast, the Nissan Serena has an engine efficiency of 135 Horsepower.  
  3. The fuel economy of the Toyota Noah is approximately 14.2 km/litre, whereas the fuel economy of the Nissan Serena is about 12.2 km/litre.  
  4. The Toyota Noah has features like leather-wrapped steering, large cabin space, etc.. On the other hand, the Nissan Serena has features like keyless entry, central console, top load roof, coffee holder, etc.  
  5. The Toyota Noah has been modified for up to four generations. In contrast, the Nissan Serena has been modified up to six generations.   


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