Difference Between Tomato Sauce and Pizza Sauce

Sauces are an important part of cuisines all over the world. They enhance the flavor, taste, and also visual appearance of the dish.

There are different types of sauces used in different types of dishes and cuisines and two of such sauces are tomato sauce and pizza sauce.

Tomato Sauce vs Pizza Sauce

The difference between Tomato Sauce and Pizza Sauce is that Tomato sauce is primarily made of tomatoes along with some herbs and spices and it isn’t made for any specific dish whereas Pizza sauce is not always made of tomatoes it can have cream and pesto instead of tomatoes and it is specifically made to put on the pizza. 

Tomato sauce vs Pizza sauce

Comparison Table

Parameter of Comparison Tomato SaucePizza Sauce
Basic IngredientThe basic ingredient used is always tomato.The basic ingredient used is not always tomato, it could be cream and pesto as well.
OriginThis sauce is originated from Mexico.This sauce is originated from Italy.
ColourThe color of this sauce is mostly deep red.The color of this sauce is tangy red or creamy orange.
FlavorThe flavor of this sauce is like tomatoes mixed with some herbs.The flavor of this sauce is less tomato-like and more cream-like.
UsesIt can be used in any dish.It is used for pizza dishes only.
Cooking Time30 mins – 60 mins15 mins – 25 mins

What is Tomato Sauce?

Tomato sauce is a type of sauce that is prepared with tomatoes. Tomatoes are a good option for sauces because it has liquid inside it and the outside layer is ideal for the required thickness as well.

It was originated from Mexico.

It is prepared by squashing tomatoes like a paste and then adding herbs, spices, and garlic for flavor.

It is mainly used as a side dish and is also mixed with certain dishes to enhance its taste, texture, and appearance.

It is also used in mostly all the cuisines all around the world. 

The reason why tomato sauce is so popular and is used so commonly is that it can be prepared easily with minimal ingredients like tomatoes and some herbs.

The availability of tomatoes is also a big factor here. Also, the preparation time is less for this sauce and one can even buy it from any shop easily.

There are many varieties of tomato sauce, they are:

  1. Mexican – Tomato sauce originated from Mexico itself. So the basic Mexican tomato sauce, also known as salsa de tomaterojo o jitomate was traditionally prepared with a molcajete to puree the tomatoes, and the food cooked in this sauce is known as entomatada. 
  2. Italian – Tomato-Garlic sauce is a common sauce that is used in Italian cuisine and it is called as alla pizzaiola.
  3. French – Tomato sauce is called sauce tomate in French cuisines and it consists of the salt belly of pork, onions, bay leaves, thyme, tomato puree, roux, garlic, sugar, and pepper. 
  4. New Zealand and South Africa – The most common use of the tomato sauce in these countries is as table sauce which is similar to ketchup but it doesn’t contain vinegar.
  5. United Kingdom – The tomato is served here in two ways, either by mixing it in the pasta or as a table sauce.
  6. Australia – In this country, the tomato sauce is used as table sauce like American ketchup but with a different mixture and it doesn’t contain onions.
  7. United States – In this country, the tomato sauce is served in two distinct ways, one is a tomato concentrate with salt and minimal herbs is half-cooked, and is used for cooking. The other one is the American ketchup which has thick consistency of tomato and is fully cooked already and is used as a table sauce.
  8. Indian – In Indian cuisine, tomato sauce is used in the form of tomato gravy, which is a sauce mixed with onions, flour, and Indian spices in many Indian curries and vegetables.

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What is Pasta Sauce?

Pizza is an Italian dish that is popular all over the world because of its perfect combination of creaminess, cheesiness, and special herbs and spices which are present in the sauce spread on the pizza, known as the pizza sauce.

Most of the pizza sauces are tomato-based which also has a lot of spices, herbs, and garlic but not all of them. Some have their basic ingredient as cream depending on the toppings and such white sauces are known as bechamel.

Bechamel is not so common but is also used in many countries.

The typical tomato-based pizza sauce is prepared by squashing tomatoes well and converting into a thin consistency and then adding spiced herbs and garlic which enhances the flavor of the sauce.

The white one is prepared by replacing tomatoes with cream and pesto. 

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Main Differences Between Tomato Sauce and Pizza Sauce

  1. The basic ingredient used to prepare tomato sauce is always tomato whereas the basic ingredient for pizza sauce isn’t always tomato, it can also be cream and pesto, depending on the toppings.
  2. The tomato sauce is an all-rounder, that is, it can be used in many dishes whereas pizza sauce is only used in pizzas as spreads.
  3. The tomato sauce is originated from Mexico whereas the pizza sauce is originated from Italy.
  4. The color of tomato sauce is pure red and the texture is paste-like whereas the color of pizza sauce is orange-like and its texture is thinner and sometimes creamy as well.
  5. The cooking time for tomato sauce is 30 minutes – 60 minutes and the cooking time for pizza sauce is 15 minutes – 25 minutes.
Difference Between Tomato Sauce and Pizza Sauce


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