Toyota Qualis vs Innova: Difference and Comparison

MPVs, or Multi-Purpose Vehicles, have long been in demand. Customers may enjoy luxury and thrills in one car owing to their ultimate toughness, multi-purpose usage, and capabilities.

MPVs continue to be the more practical choice, providing greater value for money in more functional packages. With the segment’s popularity, automakers have been attempting to wow customers with their offers.

Toyota Qualis and Innova are two examples of automobiles in this category.

Key Takeaways

  1. Toyota Qualis is an older model of the MPV, discontinued in 2005, while the Innova is a more modern and upgraded version.
  2. Innova offers better styling, comfort, and advanced features than Qualis.
  3. The Toyota Innova has improved fuel efficiency and performance compared to the Qualis.

Toyota Qualis vs Innova

The difference between Toyota Qualis and Innova is their body type. Toyota Qualis is a SUV and Innova is a MUV. Toyota Qualis ’displacement of the engine is 2446cc, and Innova’s engine displacement is 1998.

Toyota Qualis vs Innova

Toyota Qualis is essentially a third-generation Toyota Kijang. It is a plain, hardworking, incredibly dependable, completely trustworthy, and highly efficient car.

It appears to be a van designed to transport a large family. There is enough room for 8 people to sit comfortably.

The top-of-the-line versions had bucket seats in the front and back rows, while cheaper models had a flat bench in the middle row and separate side seats in the last row.

Toyota Innova is built on Toyota’s IMV (International Innovative Multipurpose Vehicle) chassis, which is also utilized in the Fortuner and Hilux pickup trucks. With its large clear lens headlights and recessed bonnet treatment, the Innova looks quite car-like from the front.

Furthermore, the Innova was offered as a successor for both the Kijang and its rebadged variants in international countries, notably the Qualis in India.

Comparison Table

Parameters of comparisonToyota QualisInnova
ARAI mileage13.2 kmpl11.4 kmpl
Fuel tank capacity5355.0
Max torque (nm@rpm)151 Nn @ 2400 rpm181 Nm @ 4000 rpm
Max power (bhp@rpm)75 PS @ 4200 rpm130.1 bhp @ 5600 rpm
Seating capacity108
Body typeSUVMUV
Fuel typeDieselPetrol
Engine displacement (cc)24461998
Width (mm)16201760
Height (mm)18801760
Length (mm)44254585

What is Toyota Qualis?

Toyota Kijang/ Qualis is a multi-purpose vehicle pickup truck and lightweight commercial truck sold mostly in Southeast Asia and India. The “Kijang” made its debut in 1977 and immediately became the most popular vehicle in the country.

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When compared to four-wheel drive cars (the Kijang/ Qualis is a rear-wheel-drive vehicle), it was comparatively inexpensive in the markets where it was offered, and it had a large seating capacity, high ground clearance, and a robust suspension.

The Toyota Qualis is powered by a 2.5-litre diesel engine that produces 75PS at 4200rpm and 150Nm at 2400rpm. The four-cylinder engine is smooth and polished, providing enough acceleration.

With a peak speed of 130kmph, 100kmph was attained in 25 seconds.

The dashboard is modest, but the quality is considerably greater than other utility cars. The ergonomics were straight off, and the more costly models also had air conditioning vents for the middle row.

You can turn the steering with your finger since it is so light. It’s more direct and gives you more feel and input than other automobiles.

The ride quality was superb, and the Qualis did not crash like other MPVs at the time.

toyota qualis

What is Innova?

Toyota’s Innova is a small MPV produced by the Japanese manufacturer Toyota. Since 2004, it has been built in Indonesia under the supervision of Toyota-Astra Motor, and it has also been made in other countries.

The Innova, like the Kijang it succeeded, is manufactured in Indonesia and was initially launched in 2004.

It appears to be a smart utility vehicle. When viewed from the side, it seems to be a procession of windows over an extremely high waistline

. The makeover included a new chrome-plated slated grille as well as redesigned front and back bumpers. The dashboard design is straightforward and practical.

The steering wheel, which has integrated audio controls, and the dashboard are identical to those seen in the Fortuner. The seats are quite comfy, and there are also third-row seats available.

The 2.5-litre double-overhead-cam diesel engine is one of India’s most refined and quiet diesel engines. One reason for the Innova’s success is the engine’s dependability; it generates 102PS at 3600 rpm and 200Nm of torque between 1400 and 3400 rpm.

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Toyota’s 2-litre petrol variable valve timing (VVT-i) engine generates 132PS at 5600rpm and 181Nm of torque at 4000rpm. The 4 cylinders double overhead camshaft engine accelerates to 100kmph in about 13 seconds.

toyota innova scaled

Main Differences Between Toyota Qualis And Innova

  1. The difference between Toyota Qualis and Innova is that Qualis has an ARAI mileage of 13.2 kmpl whereas Innova has 11.4 kmpl.
  2. Qualis has a fuel tank capacity of 53, and Innova has 55.
  3. The max torque of Innova is 181 nm@4000 pm, and of Qualis is 151 nm@2400 rpm.
  4. The max power of Innova is 130.1 bhp@5600 rpm, and of Qualis is 75 ps@4200 rpm.
  5. The Toyota Qualis is larger, with a seating capacity of 10, whereas Innova has a seating capacity of 8.
  6. The Toyota Qualis is also more spacious, with its dimensions being 1620 mm (width), 1880 mm (height), and 4425 mm (length). The dimensions of Innova are 1760 mm (width), 1760 mm (height), and 4585 mm (length).
  7. Toyota Qualis is a SUV and Innova is a MUV.
  8. Innova runs on petrol whereas the Qualis runs on diesel.
  9. The engine displacement of Qualis is 2446 cc, and the engine displacement of Innova is 1998.

Last Updated : 11 June, 2023

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