Nest vs SimpliSafe: Difference and Comparison

House has been an essential part of human civilization for millions of years. It is a private area where one feels relaxed and safe. But some people, or sometimes animals, can Break into the house.

To avoid such attacks, alarm systems are used by people. Nest and Simplisafe are also types of alarm systems.

Key Takeaways

  1. Nest is a smart home security system with integrated smart devices, while SimpliSafe is a traditional DIY home security system.
  2. Nest offers home automation features, whereas SimpliSafe focuses on basic home security.
  3. SimpliSafe has no long-term contracts and offers flexible monitoring plans, while Nest requires a subscription for advanced features.

Nest vs Simplisafe

Nest products are more expensive than SimpliSafe products, and their professional monitoring services are also more expensive. SimpliSafe offers more affordable options and a wider range of sensors and devices to choose from. Their systems are also easy to install and can be customized.

Nest vs Simplisafe

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Nest is an alarm system that falls in the category of a Home Security system. Even though it provides many innovative features, it is said that Nest is not a perfect alarm system.

Wireless equipment, home automation, DIY installation, Wi-Fi alerts, and 3g cell alerts are some of the main features of Nest.

SimpliSafe is an American company headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts. It was founded almost 15 years ago, in 2006. The areas served by Simplisafe are the United Kingdom and the United States.

SimpliSafe is a very well-known name in the field of home security systems. It sells wireless home security systems that anyone can install.

Comparison Table

Parameters Of ComparisonNestSimplisafe
Trial periodThe trial period provided by Nest is short compared to others.The trial period provided by Simplisafe is longer than Nest.
Smart devicesNest does not provide external hardware, the users have to buy them additionally.Simplisafe provides all hardware and devices in one package. Users don’t have to pay extra bucks.
Outdoor cameraThe feature of the outdoor camera is not given by Nest.Simplisafe is the only alarm system that comes within the feature of the outdoor camera.
CompatibilityNest is not that compatible because it shares technological features with other similar products.Simplisafe is the only product in the market that is compatible with Alexa.
Video recordingThe video recording quality in which Nest records video is 1600*1200.The video recording quality in which Simplisafe records video is 1080p and HDR.

What is Nest?

The Nest was launched by Google in 2017 and provides a home security system to millions of users around the world. Nest comes with features similar to Google Assistant.

The door and window sensor are given in the Nest’s Yale keypad, and it is unique and able to detect motion in every condition. Google Assistants assist the Nest to work properly.

The Biggest disadvantage of buying a Nest security alarm system is that it doesn’t come with a pre-built package. Users have to pay extra fees to get the whole system.

Additional security and safety products offered by Google with Nest alarm systems are cameras and smart devices. Many other smart features in Nest include Home automation features.

The type of Nest security system is a command centre device. To arm and disarm the system, several keys are provided already. There is a sensor in combined motion to detect various types of motion and also entry sensors that can be placed on doors and windows.

The other name for Nest is the Hello doorbell camera. Two cameras can be installed outside and inside. Nest uses 1600*1200 HDR. It also has a facial recognition feature.

There are no plans like Pro Premium, and it is a bit difficult to install. Also, Nest is no longer in the market. But the features provided by Nest were undoubtedly remarkable.

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What is SimpliSafe?

SimpliSafe is also another system that provides home security to millions of users. SimpliSafe, as its name suggests, is very easy to set up and can be used by anyone.

The main feature of it is a very flexible system. There are 5 pre-configured packages of Simplisafe, and they can be small or large according to the size of the house.

A SimpliSafe package comes with almost 14 hardware components, such as a smoke and carbon detector, four entry sensors, water and freeze sensors, a panic button, etc.

A base system powers the system of SimpliSafe. The height of the base station is 8.5-inch the diameter of the station is 4 inches.

SimpliSafe offers three cameras that are indoor cameras, outdoor cameras, and a Pro video doorbell. These 3 cameras are for visual verification by the system so it can get a quick response from the authorities when there’s any problem.

For turning the alarm on and off, this security system is equipped with a keypad that also helps to control settings manually.

SimpliSafe is an affordable and quite attractive alarm system. The capability of remote monitoring is very impressive and provides good customer service.

In the Pro Premium version plan, Simplisafe provides visual verification, which is a useful feature if any issue arises. The best service of SimpliSafe is that there is no middleman because anyone can install it.

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Main Differences Between Nest and SimpliSafe

  1. The charges collected by Nest are around $6 to $12, and it depends on the storage preference while it is included in the interactive plan of Simplisafe.
  2. Night vision is the most essential part that is given in both terms. Both Nest and SimpliSafe come with a night vision feature.
  3. The range of motion is 160 degrees in Nest. On the other hand, the range of motion in Simplisafe is 162 degrees.
  4. Nest provides 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz connectivity options, while SimpliSafe’s connectivity option is based on WiFi.
  5. Nest uses pre pre-recorded message audio features, while Simplisafe uses a door chime.

Last Updated : 11 June, 2023

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