Dell Precision vs Latitude: Difference and Comparison

Usually, while selecting a laptop, a person has many things going on in his mind about what kind of laptop he should go for and which features, such as durability and specifications in a laptop, would suit his purpose and needs. The Dell Latitude and Dell Precision have many features, including additional features such as extra GB (RAM), screen sizes, fast connection to a Wi-Fi signal and various improvised technological features found in only a few other competitors.

Dell Precision and Dell Latitude are both Dell company-invented laptops. Like choosing any other laptop of a different brand, choosing between these two laptops also works similarly.

Key Takeaways

  1. Dell Precision and Latitude are two lines of laptops designed for different user needs.
  2. Dell Precision laptops are designed for professionals in engineering and design, while Dell Latitude laptops are geared towards business users.
  3. Precision laptops offer higher performance, better graphics capabilities, and customization options, while Latitude laptops prioritize portability, security, and longer battery life.

Dell Precision vs Latitude

Dell Precision is a series of computer workstations with an Intel Core i7-4810MQ made by Dell Technologies and is mostly used by small-scale businesses or architecture. Dell Latitude is a line of laptops that was first invented in the year 1994 and comes in three variations. It makes use of an Intel Core i7-5600U.

Dell Precision vs Latitude

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The Dell Precision is a series of computer workstations for CG professional architecture or small-scale business services. This computer has over 20 years of innovation for power users, designers, and creators.

The Dell precision laptop was first invented in the year 1997. The Dell Latitude has evolved over the years but surely has fewer features than the Dell Precision.

There are three types of variations in Dell latitude. The Dell latitude was invented first in the year 1994.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonDell PrecisionLatitude
Processor (CPU)Intel Core i7-4810MQIntel Core i7-5600U
Memory (RAM) It provides memory with two variations of 16 GB and 32 GB.It provides memory with two variations of 8 GB and 16 GB.
Screen SizeIts screen size varies depending on the type, but the average is around 16 inches.All three variations of the Dell latitude have an average screen size of 14.3 inches.
Operating System (OS)Windows 10 system of Pro version is incorporated.Windows 10 system of Home version is incorporated.
Hard Drives250 GB SSD500 GB SSD

What is Dell Precision?

According to recent statistics, dell precision works smoothly and fast compared to other workstations present as competitors. The base model of Dell Precision has a quo-core i5 CPU.

Its display size is 15.60 inches with 16 GB RAM. It has the most updated software of Windows 10.

The weight of this entire model is around 2.13 kg.

The Dell Precision has an improved feature with a smaller footprint and redesigned cooling systems than the previous generation laptops. More ram is within the DELL Precision 7540 with up to 32 GB configurable.

Looking at the Dell precision screen, it’s worth noting the thick bezel around the display — it’s almost a reminder that this laptop is formed for work. If you’re staring at the screen long enough to care about the thick frame, chances are you’re not doing the thing this laptop was surely made for working.

This laptop invented by Dell is certified for smooth working and ensures an enduring and high performance based on applications that a person can surely rely on every day to run smoothly. These workstations are the foundation of effective and amplified reality content creation, having a very advanced commercial visualisation.

Dell Precision is a productive, efficient innovation for every professional user. The expert system present in Dell Precision, which has helped intelligent retrieval, helps businesses solve difficult situations in a business and gain multiplicative insights into their data.

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What is Latitude?

The Dell Latitude laptop was oriented mainly for business, produced and made out for sale, aimed at corporate institutions, hospitals, schools, and Government-related sources. The Dell Latitude laptops are highly variant due to their features set on a business focus.

They also feature in Dell latitude, a system inside a system. There is a lot to like about the Dell Latitude, but the standout feature to this reviewer, whose biggest fear is a drained battery on his device, is the outstanding battery life.

This is the battery life we’ve been waiting for. It’s an actual “all-day” machine. The Dell Precision laptop was created for abundant users present in large numbers.

The Dell Latitude is a fantastic laptop that is efficiently and systematically well-built and looks very classy from the exterior point of view. A Dell Latitude’s variations have amazing battery life and an amazing screen display.

Despite all these features, the major drawbacks of a Dell Latitude are that they do not have an SD card slot incorporated. Instead, only a micro SD card can be fitted.

Also, the second drawback is that this laptop cannot be used as a tablet.

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Main Differences Between Dell Precision and Latitude

  1. The Dell Precision has a better processor, whereas the performance is a bit low in the Dell Latitude due to its not-so-good processor compared to Dell Precision.
  2. The Dell Precision has much more memory space, whereas the Dell Latitude also has good memory space, but not much compared to Dell Precision.
  3. The Dell Precision has limited SSD storage, whereas the Dell Latitude has more SSD storage.
  4. The Dell Precision is costly, whereas the Dell Latitude is cheaper.
  5. The Dell Precision has Windows 10 Pro, which is safer, while the Dell Latitude has Windows 10 Home.
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Last Updated : 20 June, 2023

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