Difference Between Toyota Dakar and Legend 50

Toyota is a reputed car brand from Japan and is an automobile manufacturer and sells commercial vehicles. Toyota Dakar and Legend 50 are car models that belong to Toyota.

Toyota Dakar is an off-road competition car that belongs to the Hilux class and the Legend 50 marked 50 years of Hilux.

Toyota Dakar vs Legend 50

The main difference between Toyota Dakar and Legend 50 is that Toyota Dakar cars marked the entry of super-hit Hilux Dakar models whereas the Legend 50 includes the Hilux models to celebrate the victory of becoming a super-hit automobile company in South African markets after 50 years of Hilux class.

Toyota Dakar vs Legend 50

Toyota Dakar automobiles are built for off-road use. It’s a big car. The Toyota Dakar won the FIA World Cup for Cross-Country Rally in both 2016 and 2017.

It has also won the Dakar Rally on several occasions. It’s a tough-looking vehicle that’s been dubbed “ultra-tough,” “rugged,” and “stout.”

The Legend 50 models of Toyota have launched after limited edition Legend 45 and Legend 35 cars and they also belong to the class of cars for off-roading purposes.

They marked the 50 years of the Toyota Hilux Dakar cars. Legend 50 is an upgrade to the Dakar models mostly on exterior sides. 

Comparison Table Between Toyota Dakar and Legend 50

Parameters of ComparisonToyota DakarLegend 50
Basic identityToyota Dakar belongs to off-roading cars by Toyota and is super reliable, rugged, and tough cars.The Legend 50 by Toyota is an upgrade to the Hilux Dakar cars having massive increments in features. 
SpecificationsThe diesel options support a 2.4-liter turbo-diesel four-cylinder engine with 110 kW power and 400 Nm torque.The Toyota Legend 50 has a 2.8 GD Turbo Diesel engine with 130kW power and 420 Nm of torque. 
WheelsIt comes as manual or automatic starting with steel 16-inch rims for 4×2 models and goes up.Toyota Hilux Legend 50 offers alloy wheels of 18 inches size and has complex tire specifications. 
Fuel economyIt gives fuel consumption of 7.9 liters per hundred kilometers.They give a fuel economy of 7.6 liters per hundred kilometers. 
ModelsToyota Dakar cars have received plenty of model patents since the year 2012. The Toyota Hilux Legend 50 is a limited edition class and has only 13 model patents. 

What is Toyota Dakar?

Since 2012, the Toyota Hilux Dakar has competed in off-road events. It measures 206.9 inches in length, 72.2 inches in breadth, and 71.3 inches in height, respectively.

It has a long history dating back to the Dakar Rally.

Private installations Imperial and Overdrive Racing were the biggest users of Toyota Dakar vehicles. Its curb weight is around 1850 kilos.

Dakar automobiles have a reputation for being extremely durable and reliable, even when subjected to repeated rigorous use or even abuse.

In terms of not just a driving sensation, the oddest thing about the Hilux Dakar automobile is that, unlike its competitors, it offers certain advanced features.

The car’s operating engine noise is audible, and there is a distinct shuffling between gears. The steering of the automobile is maintained light and leisurely.

Despite being a hefty vehicle, Toyota Dakar automobiles are highly comfortable at higher speeds and do not encounter lag. Both 4×2 and 4×4 versions are available with a six-speed manual or automatic transmission.

They have vinyl flooring and standard auto halogen headlights. It also includes a 4.2-inch digital display on the inside.

Toyota Dakar vehicles have been regarded as unreliable. 

What is Legend 50?

The Toyota Hilux Legend 50 is an upgraded model of the Dakar cars. The Legend 50 car marks the 50 years of the Toyota Dakar cars and is launched to give honor to the Dakar Rally cars.

After Dakar cars gained popularity and became a major hit in the South African market, the Legend 50 marks an upgrade to it. There are several more advancements in the Dakar cars especially in the exterior look of the cars.

The Legend 50 includes only 13 model patents of the car and marks it a more exclusive offering by Toyota. These cars also come in single cab options, extra cabs, and double cabs.

Legend 50 has the same car dimensions as the Dakar models have. The Legend 50 weighs more than the Dakar models, approximately 1994 kilograms.

This is because of the more features that are packed in the Legend 50.

It has a more powerful engine and the power and torque are also more than Dakar models. The exterior of the car has got unique styling elements to meet the requirement of a stylish car.

The grills and vents are more advanced and the interior is made more luxurious and classy. 

Main Differences Between Toyota Dakar and Legend 50

  1. The torque, engine, and power of the Toyota Dakar are less whereas Legend 50 is more advanced in these aspects. 
  2. The cars of the Dakar range of Toyota weigh less whereas Legend 50 is heavier and bulkier than Dakar. 
  3. Toyota Dakar cars have a basic and advanced interior with a short multimedia screen whereas the Legend 50 has a massive multimedia screen and a more luxurious interior feel. 
  4. Toyota Dakar is a normal class of cars whereas Legend 50 is exclusive and limited.
  5. Toyota Dakar comes at a cheaper rate whereas the Legend 50 starts from double the price of Dakar.


When the evaluations and characteristics of both vehicles are examined, the Dakar automobiles are frequently deemed to have a more stable package.

The Legend 50 is unquestionably pricey, but it only makes sense for those with a large income and a refined taste. For a long time, Toyota Dakar vehicles have been regarded as unreliable.

Toyota Dakar automobiles are inferior to the Legend 50 not just because of their worse fuel efficiency, but also because of their less packed engines.

Aside from that, limited edition automobiles are only suitable for high-class individuals with sufficient means.

A six-speed manual or automatic transmission is available in both 4×2 and 4×4 models. Vinyl flooring and standard auto halogen lighting are included.

On the interior, there’s a 4.2-inch digital display.


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